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I am redeemed 7th Annual Camp Caleb 2013 October 25th–27th Playbook 1.

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1 i am redeemed 7th Annual Camp Caleb 2013 October 25th–27th Playbook 1

2 Camp Weight-In 1. What are three (3) expectations you have for this weekend? 2. What are three (3) things that you as a man have struggled with this past year? 3. Choose one thing you want to change in your life? 2

3 Mini-Camp Camp Scripture Old Testament Camp Scripture Isaiah 44:22 22 I have swept away your transgressions like a cloud, and your sins like a mist. Return to Me, for I have redeemed you. Camp Scripture New Testament Camp Scripture 1 Corinthians 15:57 57 But thanks be to God, who gives us the victory through our Lord Jesus Christ! 3

4 Definition of re·deemed redeemed _____________________________________________ _____________________________________________ _____________________________________________ _____________________________________________ _____________________________________________ _____________________________________________ ________________________ saved _____________________________________________ _____________________________________________ _____________________________________________ _____________________________________________ _____________________________________________ _____________________________________________ ________________________ ransomed _____________________________________________ _____________________________________________ _____________________________________________ _____________________________________________ _____________________________________________ ____________________ 4

5 God is so cool. We are a backsliding bunch, and we keep doing things that we know are wrong... lose our tempers, judge other people…steal candy from children...! Seriously, we make mistakes all the time, and have a tendency to give up on ourselves, and wonder if God is going to give up on us as well... but he never never will. He looks at our history of disobedience just as he looked at the history of the Israelites right before this scripture... and he says… messed up. Let's start again. I'll wipe the slate clean... please, please come back... I love you…and he does…more than anyone can possibly love us on the earth, and He knows us better than anyone else can know us. He knows, in fact, that underneath all the sin, all the disobedience, and all the resistance…there is a man in training…someone with the capacity to be like He is, to guide and love and give the way that He does. Just as he told the woman taken in adultery... neither do I condemn thee... go, and sin no more... he says the same thing to us. Come Home!! 5

6 He knows that we aren't going to be perfect... that's why we have the sacrament, so that we can renew the remission of our sins… And He knows that He might have to wipe the slate clean more than once. *Every time we repent, with sincerity, and with a desire to do better…He forgives us. That is the gift that Christ gave us, who suffered for all our mistakes, for all of our evil choices…so that we don't have to suffer for them. All we have to do is turn around, face the right direction…and no matter how bad it was, how deep the wounds, how complicated the circumstances…He pulls us out of the pit that we have dug for ourselves, takes away the eternal consequences of our sin, and sets us back on level ground to try again. He is our Father... he wants us to come home! 1 John 3:16 By this we know love, that he laid down his life for us, and we ought to lay down our lives for the brothers. 6

7 1 God Loves You! The Bible says, "God so loved the world that He gave His one and only Son, that whoever believes in Him shall not perish, but have eternal life" The problem is that... 2 All of us have done, said or thought things that are wrong. This is called sin, and our sins have separated us from God. The Bible says “All have sinned and fall short of the glory of God.” God is perfect and holy, and our sins separate us from God forever. The Bible says “The wages of sin is death.” The good news is that, about 2,000 years ago, 7

8 3 God sent His only Son Jesus Christ to die for our sins. Jesus is the Son of God. He lived a sinless life and then died on the cross to pay the penalty for our sins. “God demonstrates His own love for us in that while we were yet sinners Christ died for us.” Jesus rose from the dead and now He lives in heaven with God His Father. He offers us the gift of eternal life -- of living forever with Him in heaven if we accept Him as our Lord and Savior. Jesus said "I am the way, the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father except by Me." God reaches out in love to you and wants you to be His child. "As many as received Him, to them He gave the right to become children of God, even to those who believe on His name." 4 If you want to accept Christ as your Savior and turn from your sins, you can ask Him to be your Savior and Lord by praying a prayer like this: "Lord Jesus, I believe you are the Son of God. Thank you for dying on the cross for my sins.Please forgive my sins and give me the gift of eternal life.I ask you in to my life and heart to be my Lord and Savior. I want to serve you always." Have you prayed this prayer? 8

9 Coaches Round Table _____________________________________ _____________________________________ _____________________________________ _____________________________________ _____________________________________ _____________________________________ _____________________________________ _____________________________________ -- What resonates with me? 9

10 Mini Camp Notes: “I am Redeemed” _____________________________________ _____________________________________ _____________________________________ _____________________________________ _____________________________________ _____________________________________ _____________________________________ _____________________________________ NOTE S 10

11 QUESTIONS…? What is the meaning of Christian redemption? What are the benefits of redemption? Have you ever felt Christ’s redemption? When and where did you first receive God into your life? Why do you think it is so hard to accept God’s redemption and come home? 11

12 1 V 1 1 Peter 1:18-19 Knowing that you were ransomed from the futile ways inherited from your forefathers, not with perishable things such as silver or gold, but with the precious blood of Christ, like that of a lamb without blemish or spot. 12

13 Huddle Group Mini-Camp Activity Scouting Report 1.What did I hear? 2. What did I learn? 3. What am I going to do about it? II.PAT (Personal Action Task) Best Offense: Best Defense: 13

14 DAVID: “A man after God’s own heart” 1 S AMUEL 17:37 David continued: “The same LORD who delivered me from the claws of the lion and the bear will deliver me from the hand of this Philistine.” Saul answered David, “Go! the LORD will be with you.” 14

15 PRACTICE SESSION #1 King David was a man of contrasts. He was single-mindedly committed to God, yet guilty of some of the most serious sins recorded in the Old Testament.sins David lived a frustrating life, first in the shadow of his brothers, then constantly on the run from vengeful King Saul.King Saul Even after he became king of Israel, David was engaged in almost constant warfare to defend the kingdom. King David was a great military conqueror, but he could not conquer himself. He allowed one night of lust with Bathsheba, and it had disastrous consequences in his life.Bathsheba Galatians 2:20 I have been crucified with Christ. It is no longer I who live, but Christ who lives in me. And the life I now live in the flesh I live by faith in the Son of God, who loved me and gave himself for me. 15

16 Although King David fathered Solomon, one of Israel's greatest kings, he was also the father of Absalom, whose rebellion brought bloodshed and grief.Solomon King David's life was a roller coaster of emotional highs and lows. He left us an example of passionate love of God and dozens of psalms, some of the most touching, beautiful poetry ever written.psalms 16

17 King David's Accomplishments: David killed Goliath, champion of the Philistines, when David was only a youth and Goliath a giant and veteran warrior. David was victorious because he trusted in God for the victory, not himself. He killed many of Israel's enemies in battle.Goliath Despite several opportunities, David refused to kill King Saul, God's first anointed king, who was pursuing David out of mad jealousy. He became friends, like brothers, with Saul's son Jonathan, setting a model of friendship that everyone can learn from. King David is included in the "Faith Hall of Fame" in Hebrews 11.Faith Hall of Fame David was an ancestor of Jesus Christ. Jesus was often called "Son of David."Jesus Christ God called David a man after his own heart. 17

18 King David's Strengths: David was courageous and strong in battle, trusting in God for protection. He was loyal to Saul, despite Saul's crazed pursuit of him. David loved God deeply throughout his entire life. King David's Weaknesses: King David committed adultery with Bathsheba.adultery He then tried to cover up her pregnancy, and when he failed with that, he had her husband Uriah the Hittite killed. He took a census of the people, willfully violating God's command not to do that.census King David was sometimes lax, or absent as a father, not disciplining his children when they needed it.father 18

19 Life Lessons: Honest self-examination is necessary to recognize our own sin, then we must repent of it.self-examination We may try to fool ourselves or others, but we cannot hide our sin from God. God always offers forgiveness for our sins, but we cannot escape the consequences.forgiveness God highly values our faith in Despite life's ups and downs, God is ever-present to give us comfort and help. 19

20 Practice Session I: “A man after God’s own heart” _____________________________________ _____________________________________ _____________________________________ _____________________________________ _____________________________________ _____________________________________ _____________________________________ _____________________________________ NOTE S 20

21 QUESTIONS…? How could David be considered a man after God's own heart? How is your heart condition? What do you place your faith in? What things are you truly thankful for? Do you love God’s laws? What areas of your live do you need to repent? 21

22 1 V 1 Ephesians 1:7 In him we have redemption through his blood, the forgiveness of our trespasses, according to the riches of his grace, 22

23 Huddle Group Activity #1 Scouting Report 1.What did I hear? 2. What did I learn? 3. What am I going to do about it? II.PAT (Personal Action Task) Best Offense: Best Defense: 23

24 PETER: “On this Rock” John 21:17 He said to him the third time, “Simon, son of John, do you love me?” Peter was distressed that he had said to him a third time, “Do you love me?” and he said to him, “Lord, you know everything; you know that I love you.” Jesus said to him, “Feed my sheep. 24

25 PRACTICE SESSION #2 Peter’s Life Before Christ The Apostle Peter may have been the most outspoken of the twelve apostles in Jesus’ ministry on earth. He certainly became one of the boldest witnesses for the faith. His beginnings were certainly humble in origin. He was born about 1 B.C. and died sometime around A.D. 67. Peter was originally named Simon. Jesus was the One Who changed Peter’s name. Peter means “rock” or literally Petra. He was a Galilean fisherman and was the brother of Andrew. The brothers came from the village of Bethsaida (John 1:43, 12:21). Peter was married. He was also a follower of John the Baptist. Peter, like all humans before their calling, was a sinful man. In fact he was ashamed of his sinfulness in the presence of Jesus Christ (Luke 5:6-8). Peter was perhaps the very first disciple that Jesus called along with His brother Andrew.Luke 5:6-8 Colossians 1:14 In whom we have redemption, the forgiveness of sins. 25

26 Fishermen at that time were gruff, unkempt, vile, shabbily dressed, and often used vulgar language. The fishermen of the first century were a man’s man. They were full of vigor and had boisterous tempers. This is perhaps why James and his brother John were called the Sons of Thunder (Mark 3:17). Theirs was a rough life since fishing was a very physically demanding job. They must have been somewhat fearless too because some of the storms that came quickly upon the Sea of Galilee were fierce and furious. They often caught the fishermen by surprise and could easily capsize the 20 to 30 foot boats they used. 26

27 Peter was always putting his foot in his mouth but one thing you could say about Peter was that when Jesus told them (Peter and Andrew) to “follow me” they simply walked away and left everything they had without a second thought (Luke 5:9-1). Jesus Consider the fact that this meant that they left everything – all of their fishing boats, their fishing nets, and all the accessories that came with their trade. How many today would be willing to leave their own business to follow Someone that had simply asked them to follow Him? 27

28 Peter’s Life with Christ As mentioned earlier, Peter was among the first disciples called by Jesus and he was frequently their spokesman – for good or bad. One thing that he is credited with is the special insight that he had concerning Jesus’ identity. Peter was the first to call Jesus the Son of the Living God – the Messiah (Mark 8:29, Luke 9:20, Matt. 16:16-17). When Jesus called him, Peter knew that He was of God and felt unworthy to be in Jesus presence (Luke 5:6-8). Even so, Jesus did not hesitate and told Peter and Andrew that He would make them “fishers of men” (Mark 1:17). Peter was bold but often times in the wrong. Once he even rebuked the Lord and said that he was willing to die for Jesus even though at the arrest and trial of Jesus he denied Him three times (Matt. 16:21-22). Psalm 111:9 He sent redemption to his people; he has commanded his covenant forever. Holy and awesome is his name! 28

29 J esus loved the disciples and knew which of those whom would remain loyal to Him and those who would betray Him (Judas Iscariot). Peter was an eyewitness to the many miracles that Jesus did and also witnessed the Glory along with John and James in the Transfiguration. This was where Jesus’ humanity was peeled back to reveal the glory of His Divinity (Matt. 17:1-9). 29

30 Peter’s Glorious Ending In the days leading up to Peter’s death, almost all of the apostles had been martyred. Did Jesus actually predict Peter’s death by crucifixion when He said that “when you are old you will stretch out your hands, and another will dress you and take you where you do not want to go” (John 21:18-19)? The church historian Tertullian, Origen, and Eusebius state that Peter’s was stretched out by his hands, he was dressed in prison garb, he was taken where no one wanted to go (a crucifixion), and was crucified. He was said to be crucified upside down because he felt unworthy to be crucified in the way that the Lord Jesus Christ had been. From an arrogant, cocky, man of thunder, he became a humble, willing, obedient servant of the Lord even to death. He rejoiced in that day of his death, knowing that he would be reunited with his beloved Savior. 30

31 This was a lifetime of 65 years – of which his last forty would be devoted to proclaiming the gospel of Jesus Christ. In the Old Testament the number 40 was always a number of testing – and tested Peter was. Peter passed in glorious colors and will be one of only 12 apostles that will rule with Jesus Christ in the Kingdom of Heaven. The lowly fisherman became a mighty fisher of men – and one that changed and shaped the world forever and is still proclaiming the Gospel of Jesus Christ through his gospel (written by Mark), the book of Acts, and through the epistles of 1 and II Peter. 31

32 NOTE S Practice Session II: “On this Rock” _____________________________________ _____________________________________ _____________________________________ _____________________________________ _____________________________________ _____________________________________ _____________________________________ _____________________________________ 32

33 QUESTIONS…? In what ways can you relate to Peter? In what areas of your life do you continue to deny Christ? What things in your life have you not done what you said you would do? What does God see in Peter? 33

34 1 V 1 Romans 6:4 We were buried therefore with him by baptism into death, in order that, just as Christ was raised from the dead by the glory of the Father, we too might walk in newness of life. 34

35 Huddle Group Activity #2 Scouting Report 1.What did I hear? 2. What did I learn? 3. What am I going to do about it? II.PAT (Personal Action Task) Best Offense: Best Defense: 35

36 PAUL: “Greatest Sinner of All” Acts 9:21 All who heard him were astounded and said, “Is not this the man who in Jerusalem ravaged those who call upon this name, and came here expressly to take them back in chains to the chief priests?” 36

37 PRACTICE SESSION #3 Acts 9:3-9 3 As he traveled and was nearing Damascus, a light from heaven suddenly flashed around him. 4 Falling to the ground, he heard a voice saying to him, “Saul, Saul, why are you persecuting Me?” 5 “Who are You, Lord?” he said. “I am Jesus, the One you are persecuting,” He replied. 6 “But get up and go into the city, and you will be told what you must do.” 7 The men who were traveling with him stood speechless, hearing the sound but seeing no one. 8 Then Saul got up from the ground, and though his eyes were open, he could see nothing. So they took him by the hand and led him into Damascus. 9 He was unable to see for three days and did not eat or drink. 37

38 Saul – The Persecutor of the Church ___________________________________ ___________________________________ ___________________________________ ___________________________________ ___________________________________ ____________________ ___________________________________ ____ Saul Meets Christ and the Christians ___________________________________ ___________________________________ ___________________________________ ___________________________________ ___________________________________ ___________________________________ ________________________ Barnabas and Paul – Paul and Barnabas ___________________________________ ___________________________________ ___________________________________ ___________________________________ ___________________________________ ____________________ 38

39 Missionary Journeys ____________________________________ ____________________________________ ____________________________________ ____________________________________ ____________________________________ _______________ Writings of Paul ____________________________________ ____________________________________ ____________________________________ ____________________________________ ____________________________________ ____________________________________ __________________ Paul’s Last Days ____________________________________ ____________________________________ ____________________________________ ____________________________________ ____________________________________ _______________ 39

40 NOTE S Practice Session III: “Greatest Sinner of All” _____________________________________ _____________________________________ _____________________________________ _____________________________________ _____________________________________ _____________________________________ _____________________________________ _____________________________________ 40

41 QUESTIONS…? "What can we learn from the life of Paul?“ Can you relate to the “Saul to Paul” transformational experience? Is there still an area(s) in your life that needs God’s healing? What things in Paul’s life gives you hope for yours ? 41

42 1 V 1 Ephesians 4:1-32 I therefore, a prisoner for the Lord, urge you to walk in a manner worthy of the calling to which you have been called, with all humility and gentleness, with patience, bearing with one another in love, eager to maintain the unity of the Spirit in the bond of peace. There is one body and one Spirit—just as you were called to the one hope that belongs to your call— one Lord, one faith, one baptism,... 42

43 Huddle Group Activity #3 Scouting Report 1.What did I hear? 2. What did I learn? 3. What am I going to do about it? II.PAT (Personal Action Task) Best Offense: Best Defense: 43

44 THE “WINNING DRIVE ” QUESTIONS 1. What have I gained from camp? 2. What am I going to do with what I have learned? 44

45 HUDDLE GROUP CONTACTS NAME EMAIL __________________________________ __________________________________ __________________________________ __________________________________ __________________________________ __________________________________ __________________________________ __________________________________ __________________________________ ___________________________ 45 Proverbs 27:17 17 Iron sharpens iron, and one man sharpens another.

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