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Smartphone Apps Development Team Weiqing Li Lijun Zhu Man Li.

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1 Smartphone Apps Development Team Weiqing Li Lijun Zhu Man Li

2 2 Why we need a Smartphone app Web browser on phoneSmartphone apps

3 3 Our Long Term Goal Design and implement a better user interface on Smartphone app Allow users to access, check scores, review and answer problem easily on their Smartphone

4 4 Design Road Map

5 5


7 7 Webview Displays webpage Includes methods of zooming in and out, navigating forward and backward through history, performing text messages Can be embedded in activities

8 8 Achievements Embed webview into a java interface

9 9 Achievements Using webview to display ITS webpage. Being able to show images and latex.

10 10 Future goal Have an interface showing chapters, so users can access questions by selecting which chapter they want to go to Manipulate the layout of the webpage, so it fits more on smart phone If possible, create an easier login page


12 12 What Is the Plan Create an app on the iOS device that connects to the ITS database. The database should send questions to the device to be displayed. The device should send answer back to the database to get feedbacks. The app should give user easy access to the functions necessary.

13 13 What We Have Done We have successfully created a database that the iPhone emulator can connect to. The iPhone emulator is able to get information from the database and write into the database.

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17 17 The Process for the Current Setup iOS device The iOS device sends a request to the PHP file. PHP file The PHP file then makes the mysql connection to fetch the data. Feedback Then the data is send back to the iOS device and is stored in the request variable.

18 18 What is Underneath What We Have Done in Database We created a new database in the server

19 19 What is Underneath What We Have Done in xcode The code used to specify the database: –NSURL *url = [NSURL URLWithString:@" p"]; The Code used to create the request from the PHP file –ASIFormDataRequest *request = [ASIFormDataRequest requestWithURL:url];

20 20 Using the Feedback From the Database to do Comparisons

21 21 Future Work Change to connect the ITS database instead of the testing database. Able to fetch data from the ITS database and display it on the app. Able to send answer from the app into the database to get a feedback. Creates the interface for the app with user-friendly controls.

22 22 Conclusion Android and IOS systems are treated as two parallel systems Testing Webview framework and direction connecting separately on Android and IOS Choose one solution based on further testing or embed some useful functions of these two system together.

23 23 Question?


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