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Rhetorical Analysis Mersadies Hasul.

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1 Rhetorical Analysis Mersadies Hasul


3 Background Info BurJurman Centre, United Arab Emirates shopping centre, has been running its “Beat Cancer” campaign since The Safe and Sound campaign is aimed at the general public, local government bodies, health care professionals, and women of all ages and ethnicities. The primary goal of this campaign, according to senior BurJuman officials is to break the stigma attached to breast cancer and encourage more Emirati women to get involved in the fight against this deadly disease.

4 Who is the audience of this advertisement?

5 Audience The audience of this advertisement is Women. It is also aimed at the general public, trying to get people more aware of cancer, and to watch for signs.

6 What is the purpose of this advertisement?

7 Purpose The purpose of this ad is trying to raise awareness of breast cancer, and encourage women to do more self checkups. In a sense, it can also cover other types of cancer, and being aware in order to “Beat Cancer.”

8 How does this advertisement appeal to the rhetorical triangle?

9 Ethos The advertisement appeals to ethos because it comes from The American Cancer Society. This is a credible source. It is a National campaign, and therefore, it isn’t as if just anyone created it.

10 Logos The advertisement appeals to logos because it has been shown that being aware of the signs of cancer has helped the recovery and treatment times.

11 Pathos The ad appeals to pathos because of the emotions involved with cancer. It is a scary thought, and by raising awareness, more people can save lives. This gives women hope that everything will be better.

12 What techniques were used in this advertisement?

13 Techniques The ad reveals the words Breast Cancer, typed on a white background. There is a hand, with the index finger covering the “r” in Breast, and the middle finger covering the “s” in breast. This reveals the message, “Beat Cancer.”

14 Techniques (Continued)
Underneath the words “Beat Cancer” there is a caption that says “Beat Breast Cancer, do regular self exams. Be aware.” In the bottom right corner of the ad, there is the traditional pink breast cancer ribbon, and the name of the campaign “Safe and sound”

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