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Visual Image Speech By Sam Bloodworth.

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1 Visual Image Speech By Sam Bloodworth

2 Cristiano Ronaldo Ronaldo is standing slightly left from the middle of the picture in the midground. He is on a football field ready to take a free kick in his trade mark pose. He is a statue which relate to the text. He is wearing Portugal home football uniform. He has a soccer ball ready to take the free kick. He has a light shinning upon him to place emphasis on him.

3 Foreground/Background
In the foreground it shows 3 Brazilian players in the wall to block Ronaldo’s shot on goal, they look as if there intimidated and scared by Ronaldo and being hit by the ball. In the background it shows a Portugal player wearing the home uniform so we know he is playing home for Portugal. In the background it has an advertisement for Nike it helps us remember who’s commercial it is. It also shows the crowds who are blurred so no attention is drawn away from the focus point.

4 Print Text In the top left hand it says “ The moment last a second the legend lasts forever” all in capitals and is signed underneath by Cristiano Ronaldo which suggest it is Ronaldo’s quote. This text explains why Ronaldo is a statue because it is suggest the he is a legend and is lasting forever by being commemorated with a statue . Underneath the first texts it say “Write the future” all in capitals and has the Nike logo underneath which shows you it’s Nike quote. This quote relates to the first and the picture because Ronaldo has already written the future and is being remembered, it also encourages us to write our own future like Cristiano Ronaldo. Finally there is text on the barriers which say “Nike” this remind us that it’s Nike advertisement.

5 Target Audience I think the target audience for this picture are people mostly boys who want to be like Cristiano Ronaldo to become professional footballers and to be able get the lifestyle that goes with it. I think the age group is 7-20 years old because little kids idolize Ronaldo and what to be like him and the older age group want to have his lifestyle.

6 Purpose Of The Text The purpose of the text is to persuade people to endorse Nike. They do this by using celebrity endorsement which attract buyers especially younger kids who want to be like their hero’s. By using a renound player like Ronaldo it appeals to more people because more people know Ronaldo .

7 Stereotypes The focus of the picture Cristiano Ronldo has the stereotype of a professional footballer which is Wealth, Success and fame. This stereotype I the major selling point for Nike because everyone wants this lifestyle and they think by using Nike products you will achieve this which is not true.

8 Symbols Colour- The red and green of the Portugal player which is unique to a few nations gives us an idea who Ronaldo plays for. The black and white of the barriers which help us remember Nike. The yellow and blue tells immediately who the men in the foreground play for, Brazil. Finally the colour silver which is on Ronaldo represents cool, calm, sleek etc these traits are shown by Ronaldo in this pictures. Sign/Logo’s- There is a Nike logo which shows you who’s add this is and gives you an idea on what they are selling.

9 Physical Appearance Clothing- Portugal uniform: Sport shirt #7 and pants, long socks and soccer boots these are all grey because he is a statue. These cloths help give the viewer quick clues about Ronaldo such as occupation and what he is doing.

10 Body Language Facial expression- Ronaldo’s facial expression is serious and determined. He has this expression because he is taking a free kick on goal. This facial expression is part of his trademark pose on free kicks. Posture- Ronaldo is standing upright with his hands by his sides and his legs in an open stance. This shows that he is ready and prepared to take the free kick and is again part of his trademark pose.

11 Underlying Message Since Nike is so well known they shows a field that they sell products in (Soccer). They then use celebrity endorsement from someone famous in this field and associate them and their ability with their products. This encourages people who want to be like them to buy these products and to become like them.

12 Nike Campaign The Nike campaign “Write the Future” came out on May 20th 2010 with a action packed 3 minute film with some of the world best footballers. It captures how a second can bring a nation to complete happiness or to it’s knee’s.

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