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Dermis & Accessory Structures ( Hair, Glands, Nails)

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1 Dermis & Accessory Structures ( Hair, Glands, Nails)

2 Dermis  Beneath epidermis  The location for blood vessels, nerves, glands, hair follicles, and arrector pili (smooth muscle; contractions produce “goose bumps”)

3 Fig. 5.2

4 Dermis - Structure  Papillary region - upper layer - 20%  Areolar connective tissue  Reticular region - 80%  Underneath the papillary layer  Dense irregular connective tissue  Fibers tolerate limited stretching; “stretch marks” can appear

5 Hair Functions:  Protection  Insulation  Sensation  Secondary sexual characteristic to attract mates

6 Hair Cont. Hair Follicle – site of hair origin Hair:  Shaft (above skin surface)  Root & bulb (underneath skin surface)  Bulb contains matrix – dividing layer; builds hair  Hair is made out of keratin


8 Nails  tightly packed, hard, keratinized cells  nail matrix - site of nail growth; under root of nail


10 Sebaceous (Oil) Glands  connected to hair follicles in the dermis  secrete sebum (oil)  keeps hair from drying  prevents water evaporation from skin  keeps skin soft, supple  inhibits growth of many bacteria busy at puberty

11 Sudoriferous (Sweat) Glands  Eccrine (merocrine) glands:  In the skin that covers most parts of our bodies  Produce a thin, watery liquid that contains salt and small amounts of other bodily wastes  Help cool the body through the process of evaporation  Apocrine glands:  In the skin of the armpits, around nipples, and in the groin  Produce a thicker salty and acidic solution  Produce “body odor” (in contact with bacteria)  Become active when a person reaches puberty  Secrete more during emotional stress & sexual arousal

12 Apocrine & Eccrine Sweat Glands

13 Other Specialized Integumentary Glands Ceruminous glands – together with oil glands produce ear wax  protect against foreign particles & small insects

14 Burns

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