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Welcome to Year 4 Teacher: Gareth Edwards Support Assistants: Mr Bell / Mrs Bates (Tues/Thurs)

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1 Welcome to Year 4 Teacher: Gareth Edwards Support Assistants: Mr Bell / Mrs Bates (Tues/Thurs)

2 The School Day 8.55am Registration 10.40am Break time 12.10 Lunch time 1.00pm Afternoon lessons 3.15pm Home time If you are late or absent please telephone the school office beforehand and follow up an absence with a written letter or email.

3 Sports Equipment PE will be on ?????? and Fridays. Children will need:- white t-shirt and dark blue shorts trainers/plimsolls. also good to have a tracksuit for the winter months. Please ensure that PE kits are in school all week. Swimming will be on Wednesdays during December and January. Boys will need speedo or tightish longer shorts. Please no knee length or baggy shorts. All must wear a swimming hat. Goggles optional but a towel is not!

4 Classroom Equipment The school provide all the equipment that your child could ever need, but if they wish to have a pencil case then coloured pencils and pens can be useful. Note: Marking of Equipment Their ONE pencil case should be small enough to fit in their tray and please no electric pencil sharpeners as a.they drive me up the wall & b.cost you and the school a small fortune in pencils as the whole class find the need to sharpen every pencil at least 5 times a day!

5 Uniform At Trinity St Stephen First School:  Please see the website for details of the uniform, but:-  We are always smart.  We know that we tuck our shirts in.  Our hair is tied up or clipped back using brown, black or school colours hair accessories.

6 Writing When we are writing:  We always use a pencil  We always use a cursive script  We draw a dotted line below words when we are unsure of the spelling  Every sentence starts with a capital letter and finishes with a full stop  We write the date in full at the top of the page  The title is written underneath  Both are underlined  We put a single line through work we have done wrong  Pen licences will be presented and celebrated

7 Maths When we are doing maths:  We always use a pencil  We write the date in the short, numeric way  We write the title and/or learning objective underneath the date  Both are underlined  We draw pictures and diagrams using a pencil  We use one square for each digit  Fold the page in half and work in two columns  We put a single line through work we have done wrong

8 Our Learning- Maths We will be learning to:- Work with place value Mental calculation strategies Column methods for calculations (+/-/x/ /) Measuring and reading scales Area and perimeter 2D/3D shapes Co-ordinates and symmetry

9 Our learning - writing We will initially be focussing on sentence construction and extending vocabulary choices. (Speech, similes, superlatives etc) The Iron Man by Ted Hughes has great descriptive writing, so we will be using that to help us. We will then look at writing instructions and persuasive writing.

10 Our Learning - Reading Guided Reading - the children will read as a group, independently and with adults; discussing the book in small groups, focusing on how the text and story is constructed. Mrs Sanders will work on comprehension, writing and dictation skills. Children will continue and complete the reading scheme and free readers will be able to choose their own books from the library.

11 Our Learning - IT Online safety Internet searches Powerpoint Presentations Controlling devices

12 Our learning - Science States of Matter -Liquids, Solids & Gases -Condensation & Evaporation -Heating & Cooling Electricity -Construct circuits -Explore Conductivity

13 Our Learning – topics RE – Harvest - ’Apple Pickers’ by Julio Gonzales Sikhism History – Anglo Saxons Geography – Rivers French – Counting and conversation PE – Tag Rugby & Sportshall Athletics DT - Cooking

14 Homework Weekly Maths and Literacy homework will be specific to the current topic being studied. In addition the children will have weekly times tables and spellings to learn (tested on a Friday) Reading chapters of their guided reading books. Occasionally, additional topic based work. Homework will be set on a Thursday and should be handed in on the following Monday. Mrs Sanders will set work on a Monday, which is to be handed in the following Monday

15 Helping at home It is important that children complete their homework as this is truly independent working. Let your child do their homework and only help if they are struggling. In maths please help them with the process we have taught them rather than your own method. Listen to them read and question them about what they have read. Try to offer them different genres eg newspapers Using and applying their knowledge is important so if out shopping for instance talk to them about money and measures.

16 Visitors in School At Trinity St Stephen we welcome your support in school. If you would like to help us in the classroom please ensure: You have seen the safeguarding information and you understand that working with the children is both a privilege and a responsibility. You are dressed appropriately – this is a professional environment. You listen and follow the instructions given to you by the member of staff you are working with.

17 Communication with school There may be occasions when you need to talk to the class teacher. Please understand that this is not always possible before school, unless by prior arrangement. Messages may be left with Mrs Hickley on the playground before school. Teachers can be more flexible at the end of the school day. For the safety of all children in our school only come into school in exceptional circumstances. Please only use the front door.

18 The Class News Please check the class news on the school website. It is published on a Tuesday.

19 Communication with Year 4 Please feel free to Contact me via email

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