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J E OPA R D Y SIGNALS OF SPRING - ACES Animals in Curriculum-based Ecosystem Studies.

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2 J E OPA R D Y SIGNALS OF SPRING - ACES Animals in Curriculum-based Ecosystem Studies

3 Directions: Divide the class into two teams: Team A and Team B. Then divide the teams into groups of 3-4 students. The first group from Team A will choose a category and an amount from slide 3. After the group agrees on an appropriate “question” to ask in response to the statement, one student asks the question. Teams have 45 seconds to formulate their “question.” If correct, the team wins the dollar amount. If incorrect, they receive no “money.” The turn now goes to Team B. Play continues until the board is clear. The team with the most money wins.

4 Sea Turtles Sea Birds Seals Sea Lions Walruses Whales Dolphins Porpoises 300 500 400 100 300 100 200 100 300 200 300 400 500 400 500 400 100 200 100 300 200 500 400 200 National Marine Sanctuary

5 These sea turtles never return to land after they are born.

6 What are the male sea turtles? 100 Credit:AIMS mages/Sea%20turtle%201_Jo% 20Browne.JPG

7 Animals described as this must remain in warm waters to maintain the correct body temperature.

8 What is “cold-blooded” or ectothermic? 200

9 Unlike most sea turtles that have a hard shell, this species has no shell.

10 What is the Leatherback Turtle? 300 Credit: NOAA stone-uglasgow.jpg

11 The number of sea turtle species that are considered threatened or endangered.

12 What is six? (Note: There are actually 7 sea turtle species, but we know very little about one species that does not live in U.S. waters.) 400

13 This is the only sea turtle species that does NOT live in U.S. waters.

14 What is the Flatback Turtle? 500 Credit: DEWHA s/tsd05flatback-turtle.jpg

15 This animal is distinguished by its long tusks.

16 What is the walrus? 100 Credit: NOAA htm

17 In the 1700’s, elephant seals were commercially hunted for their blubber, which was then used for this household necessity.

18 What is lamp oil. 200 Credit: NOAA hantseal_rolfream-nmml.jpg

19 Seals, sea lions, and walruses belong to this taxonomic order.

20 What is pinniped? 300 Credit: NOAA nnipeds/ nnipeds/

21 The back flippers on these animals rotate underneath their body, which enables them to walk on all four flippers when on land.

22 What are sea lions? 400 Credit: NOAA ons_yawn.jpg

23 These animals have ear holes, but no ear flaps.

24 What are seals? 500 Credit: NOAA pinnipeds/mediterraneanmonkseal.htm

25 These birds are famous for traveling in groups of thousands across the open ocean. They are known to skim the surface of the water.

26 What are Sooty Shearwater? 100 Credit: NOAA 070712_CMA_SNGH_SOSH.jpg 070712_CMA_SNGH_SOSH.jpg

27 Adélie penguins often find food in the open areas of sea ice. They feed mostly on this type of animal.

28 What are krill? 200 Credit: NOAA /02quest/background/krill/media/krill1_60 0.jpg

29 South Africa’s Tristan da Cunha volcanic islands are the breeding grounds of this Shearwater species.

30 What is the Greater Shearwater? 300

31 Black-footed albatross are surface feeders, and they often eat these man-made items that float on the ocean’s surface.

32 What are plastics/marine debris? 400 Credit: NOAA s/debris2.jpg

33 Most seabirds have webbed feet, waterproof feathers, and glands that get rid of this.

34 What is extra salt? 500

35 Some marine animals breathe through this special hole at the top of their heads.

36 What is a blowhole? 100 Credit: NOAA es/right-whale-gulfcoast-blowhole-02-27- 2006.jpg es/right-whale-gulfcoast-blowhole-02-27- 2006.jpg

37 Whales, dolphins, and porpoises belong to this order.

38 What is cetacean? 200 Credit: NOAA ns/

39 These “toothbrush-like” plates allow whales to strain their food out of the water.

40 What is baleen? 300 Credit: NOAA /stylized_baleen.jpg

41 This animal’s dorsal fin is shaped like a triangle and sometimes mistaken for a shark’s fin.

42 What is a porpoise? 400 Credit: NOAA cetaceans/harborporpoise.htm cetaceans/harborporpoise.htm

43 These animals have long, sleek bodies and conical-shaped teeth.

44 What are dolphins? 500 Credit: NOAA s/cetaceans/bottlenosedolphin.htm

45 There are currently this many National Marine Sanctuaries.

46 What is 13, or 14 including Papahãnaumokuãkea Marine National Monument. 100 Credit: NOAA ustee_maps.html

47 Fagatele Bay National Marine Santuary is located on this South Pacific island.

48 What is American Somoa? 200 Credit: NOAA theb0013.htm

49 Gray’s Reef National Marine Sanctuary is named after this Georgia Marine Institute curator.

50 Who is Milton “Sam” Gray? 300

51 This Sanctuary is entirely off the shore of California, and it does not include any land.

52 What is Cordell Bank National Marine Sanctuary? 400 Credit:

53 The only living barrier coral reef lives in this National Marine Sanctuary.

54 What is the Florida Keys NMS? 500 Credit: y/pgflorida/human/grounding_300.jpg



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