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Make two lists: Things that would excite you

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1 Your parents have just told you your family is leaving Britain to go live in a new, foreign country…
Make two lists: Things that would excite you Things that would worry you/make you sad

2 Objectives and outcomes
Examine the stories of some of the people who left their own country to come and live in England Identify reasons why they left and discover what it was like once they got to Britain Write a letter ‘home’ as an immigrant, to describe what your new life in Britain is like

3 Look carefully at the 2 pictures In pairs come up with as many questions as you can that you want answered

4 Date Coming to Britain: Windrush Passengers
What are your questions? We are now going to try to answer as many of these questions as we can, starting with...

5 Background: What was The Empire Windrush?
The Empire Windrush was a ship It brought immigrants from the Caribbean to Tilbury in Britain The voyage took place in 1948

6 That’s a couple of our questions answered, what about the rest?
Read through the account of the Windrush passenger you will be given. Then put their name as a subtitle in your book. Underneath try to bullet point the answers to as many of our questions as you can for that person. Focus on: Where are they from? Why have they left their country? Where did they end up? What did they do/jobs once they got here? How were they treated/have they found Britain? Vince Reid, passenger on the Windrush Try to complete 3 passengers!

7 My new life in Britain… Imagine you are one of the passengers who came to live in England. Write a letter to your family back home to describe your new life Include: How you got to England Good things about your new life Bad things about your new life EXTENSION: If you have time also include what you think would make your new life in England better

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