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The Haunted Mansion By Sarah P. “Hurray! Hurray!” You exclaim when your mom tells you you’re going to live in a mansion for a week because you won a contest.

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1 The Haunted Mansion By Sarah P. “Hurray! Hurray!” You exclaim when your mom tells you you’re going to live in a mansion for a week because you won a contest. You call James and Angelica to ask if they can come too. What should you pack? Should your clothing be warm or cold, light or dark? Drive on over to the mansion on page 2. Back to Main Menu

2 “Wow! It even looks good on the outside,” James exclaims, “I can’t imagine it inside!” “Mom says they even have an indoor pool, a Jacuzzi, and even a weight room.” Angelica tells you she feels like she’s standing in front of the White House and about to meet the president. To go to the door, go to page 3. To go in the back yard, go to page 18.

3 Before you even touch the doorbell, a lady answers the door wearing old worn-out clothing. To you she looks kind of scary. You also notice she has carved dragons head on top of her cane. James whispers, “Run”. Then the lady says, “ Hang on. I barely got to meet you,” in a nice voice. To run, go to page 7. To go in and meet the lady, go to page 9.

4 You walk down the hall, and every so often you hear a dripping sound coming from ahead. “Finally!” you shout when you see a door. You suddenly hear two voices arguing …… Go to page 5.

5 You creep down the hall and open the door the door a tiny bit. You trip on a board and kick James so hard that he falls with you. You keep falling down, and down, and down, and down…………… The End! Start Over Go back

6 “ Sorry James,” you say, “ but it’s too dangerous down there. First I have to find Angelica. I’ll be right back.” Then you carefully set off to the door in search of a lost friend. Go to page 23!page 23!

7 You and your friends then run down the street, and James looks back. The lady pounds her cane on the ground and disappears into dust clouds, sweeping on the ground. But you’re still running. Something appears in front of you. It’s the witch (lady). She grabs you and takes you back to the mansion. (More like a dungeon, you think). Go to page 11.


9 You and your friends then walk in and introduce yourselves. The lady doesn’t even talk to you until James says. “Who are you”? She’s so busy dusting that she doesn’t hear you. Angelica then walks down the hall and meets another lady dressed just like the one you just saw at the door. Of course she doesn’t talk either. Angelica keeps walking. You call for her, but there was no answer. Go to page 16.

10 As soon as you take one-step forward a piece of the bridge falls in front of you. To yourself you exclaim, “ It’s ok! You’ll be fine!” All of the creaking coming from underneath you makes you very nervous, so you decide to think abut happy things. Before you know it, the cement is beneath you. “Cool!” you say. Go to page 4

11 “ Ahhhhhhhh! Help me,” you and Angelica yell. Suddenly before your eyes, a dark hole appears in front of you, and the witch troughs you in…… The End Start Over Go back

12 You suddenly think of a plan. All you have to do is step on the ground, then jump immediately. Go to page 17.

13 “Ouch, ouch, ouch,” James yells, as the fire burns his fingers. Then he falls, but the floor reapers with half of his body underneath it and half of it on top. You are very worried and you want to rescue him but the floor might fall again when you step on it. On the other hand, if you don’t save him, you’ll have to go through the mansion on your own. To leave James and look for Angelica, go to page 20. To run for the door, go to page 6 Or to risk your life and help James, go to page 12page 12

14 ” Here goes nothing,” you scream, (You take a deep breath.) You climb on the rope and push off with your feet. Just as your hands are about to slip, you feel the ground your feet. “Yes!” you exclaim with excitement. But just as you think you’re safe, you hear a loud rumbling sound. Looking ahead you see a big boulder rolling your way……… The End! Start Over Go back

15 You see two shadows on the wall. One of them reaches out and grabs the other. You see the door close with the shadows beyond it, and again you call out for her. Again, there’s no answer. To risk your life and try to save James, go to page 5. If you go in the door next go to page 25.

16 “ Cool, it worked,” you say Now you just have to get James out. After pulling and pulling on his arm, he yells, “ You’d better stop before my arms fall off!” All of a sudden the floor starts to shake. “ Oh no, it’s falling,” you yell over all the noise. You pull once more on James, but still he won’t budge. you bolt for the door in safety. When you turn around, James is gone. The End! Start Over Go back

17 As you’re walking, everything turns foggy. You can’t see anything except black vampire bats. It’s too late! The End! Start Over Go back

18 As you almost have the door handle but it broke and fell into the hole and pulled you with it. The End! Start Over Go back

19 You turn around to find a place to step down then all of a sudden your hand slip and you fall head first on the ground……… The End! Start Over Go back


21 Around the corner you and James run, but the door isn’t there. It is just a long hallway with a wall at the end. You speed down looking for some sort of secret passage or something. Suddenly from behind you a brick door fly’s open. It’s Angelica, but behind her is the shadow. The End! Start Over Go back

22 “ Whoa!” you exclaim. You walk out the door and see nothing but lava and a rickety old bridge leading to a dark and narrow walk way. Also on the ceiling is a rope that looks like it’s been to the war and back. It has so many places that looked like they are just about to break. To go on the bridge, tip toe to page 10. If you decide to take the rope, swing on over to page 15. page 15


24 Past the door is a room full of candles. Each one is glowing with brightness. Suddenly a piece of floor falls out from underneath you. You jump back, and another piece falls. Now you’re smashed against 2 walls with cups flaming fire hanging above you. With only a one hand grip, and the floor is disappearing beneath you in to pure darkness. You suddenly notice that on the other side there’s a ledge that say’s “ step ledge,” on it. To try and get over there, carefully tip toe over to page 13. page 13. Or to go back outside, go to page 19.


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