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German Children's Literature Jaennetzi Reyes Diana Sanchez Liz Laboy.

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1 German Children's Literature Jaennetzi Reyes Diana Sanchez Liz Laboy

2 History The concept of children's literature is very old in some countries while in others it’s a recent discovery. Children have not always been the center

3 History The first children’s picture book was published in 1658 by John Cormenius. The title of the book was, The World of Things Obvious to the Senses drawn in Pictures. The book contained 150 pictures that demonstrated everyday activities. The book was first available in the following languages: Latin and German.

4 History Contemporary children's literature Victorian children’s literature 19 th Century

5 Children Literature Characterization Involves the reader Provides Liberation Tell history

6 Contemporary Children’s Literature The literary genre helps the child to free themselves from adult oppression and find themselves. An important factor in children literatures is the respect demonstrates towards the audience. Children's literature has grown increasingly, a lot of authors have emerge. The authors seek to create stories that are of daily living.

7 Developmental Stages Like the concept of childhood,children’s literatures is very much a cultural construct that continues to evolve over time. Children's Literature compromises those texts that have been written specifically for children and those texts that children have selected to read on their own.

8 Developmental Stages In Germany, groups of seven to eight year old children who were learning to read are given different continuous reading tasks. Numerical Reading Task Number word reading task Nonsense word Reading task

9 Developmental Stages The German children showed a big adventure in reading the nonsense words. This pattern of results is interpreted as evidence strategies for word recognition in two orthographies.

10 Differences Between German and English Children. German Children German children appear to rely on assembling pronunciation via grapheme phoneme conversion. English Children English children appear to rely more on some kind of direct recognition strategy.

11 “Books loved anyone who opened them, they give you security and friendship and do not ask for anything in return; they never go away, never, not even when you treat them badly. ” ― Cornelia Funke

12 Reference Cavirse-Silva, F. (2009, November 5). Literatura infantil y juvenil alemana contemporánea. Retrieved October, 2014, from revistababar website: literatura- infantil-y-juvenil-alemana-contemporanea/ in-the-image-of-god-john-comenius-and-the-first- childrens-picture-book. (n.d.). Retrieved October, 2014, from The Public DOmina review website: in-the-image-of-god-john-comenius-and-the-first- childrens-picture-book LijAlemana. (2013, August 13). Literatura Infantil y Juvenil Alemana. Retrieved from http://lijalemanablog.wordpr

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