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North Africa/Rommel versus Montgomery

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1 North Africa/Rommel versus Montgomery
Operation torch North Africa/Rommel versus Montgomery Beth Herchick

2 overview What the war was about The sides that were fighting
The war in North Africa was all across North Africa from coast to coast

3 who Edwin Rommel Bernard Law Montgomery

4 what Operation Torch

5 when Operation torch started on November 7, 1942 and ended November 11, 1942 with an armistice agreement.

6 where North Africa

7 why The Allies were fighting against the Axis Powers

8 how The troops from both sides got to North Africa by boat and plane.

9 Significance to the war
Rommel was an officer from Germany and was very good at implementing strategies Montgomery was an officer from England and was very encouraging to his troops

10 comparison Rommel Both Montgomery Fought on the Axis side
Was born and raised in Germany At first he supported Hitler’s campaign but at the end, he said that Hitler should be put on trial. Command leaders Were fighting for North Africa Were very good strategical thinkers Fought on the Allied side Was born in England and ranked up in the military there Wore a trademark black beret.




14 Fun facts Erwin Rommel’s nickname was “Desert Fox”
Bernard Montgomery's dad was a bishop in Tasmania for twelve years One of the pranks that Montgomery pulled while in military academy was to light the shirt of a fellow classmate on fire

15 highlights Rommel Montgomery German British
Lost operation Torch because his supplies for the troops never came Helped command the landing for D-Day

16 bibliography Collier, Richard. The War in the Desert. Time-Life Books 1997. Howes, Kelly King. World War II: Biographies. Detroit 1999.

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