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Albert Einstein Selena Baca Pre AP English 1 2 nd Period.

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1 Albert Einstein Selena Baca Pre AP English 1 2 nd Period

2 Albert Einstein was born in Germany, at 11:30 A.M. on March 14 th,1879. He become a U.S. citizen in 1940 While in America he received the Nobel Prize. Sadly, he died in 1955 from heart failure. Over view of his life… This is him receiving the Nobel Prize

3 A new era Einstein brought us into a new era with  His inventions  Discoveries  Theories  &Knowledge

4 His inventions (: He provided us with the everyday necessity; the light bulb :D Einstein also helped make improvements on the phonograph and the telephone.

5 His inventions have helped… Researchers answer their questions. Geologists study the earth. Teenagers also are affected by… -cell phones -laptops -exe. Since Einstein created light, anything with light can be traces back to him.

6 NUCLEAR WEAPONS  In 1939, President D. Roosevelt had to call for Einstein to help keep Uranium out of Hitler’s hands.  This was the time where Einstein brought up the idea of inventing nuclear weapons.  Although he thought of them, Einstein did not want them used like that because he wanted world peace.

7 World Peace “He was a forceful writer and speaker, who pushed for world peace…when few other scientists even bothered ”

8 Russell-Einstein Manifesto o This was the movement to try to get nuclear weapons destroyed. o This was not accomplished, but they managed to get nuclear weapons projects moved under ground.

9 Albert Einstein has helped shaped our political stance by… o Assisting President D. Roosevelt with the idea of nuclear bombs. o By bringing us into a new atomic age o & by encouraging the destruction of nuclear weapons by signing the Russell-Einstein Manifesto

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