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History of Łódź Weronika Grabar Malwina Wilczek. Legend.

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1 History of Łódź Weronika Grabar Malwina Wilczek

2 Legend

3 At the source of the Bzura river......On Corners and cones, There was a lot of mud and puddles. Only a narrow, wild forest dukt separate them then from new sources and other river that starts its run already in the later Pits and Sikawa. It was a today Łódka, centuries ago called simply Old Struga.

4 Łódź- a princely village. Ate the 15th of July 1423, Łódź was given the city rights by King Wladyslaw Jagiello. Since then, you can now freely talk about the history of the city of Lodz.

5 Łódź during partitions. As a result of the partitions Łódź was on the territory annexed by Prussia.

6 The development of the city.

7 The city of smoke Dark, dense, suffocating smoke, floating like a cloud over the city, was a symbol of growling and ceaseless struggle for capital, for millions and was a determinant of human labor of many of people in working clothes.


9 Culture in the 20th Century Great holders imparted city specific character nurturing its cultural development for example theaters. Many hotels were built too. Łódź as a city, where many cultures and religious denominations met, ensures everyone good living condition

10 Łódź The city of many languages.

11 The First World War

12 The Second World War Łódz, before the whole country, came into contact with the realities of the Nazi assault. It was incorporated by the occupant to the District of Poznan in the Third Reich. It was given the name Litzmannstadt and Piotrowska Street was called Adolf Hitler Strasse.

13 The postwar years The postwar years brought development. A cultural flowering was significant.

14 Thank you for your attention.

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