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Bell Work: Answer the questions below after the HWQ

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1 Bell Work: Answer the questions below after the HWQ
*What does the snake represent? *What does the rabbit represent? *What is the snake going to do to the rabbit? *Why?

2 The Futile Search for Stability
Chapter 17 Section 1

3 Objective Explain how peace was temporary after WWI League of Nations
Inflation in Germany Failed attempts for peace

4 Problem with Peace: League of Nations
Wilson knew problems would arise hoped League of Nations would help settle problems Problem with the plan US did not join to avoid involvement in European affairs Germany did not join No real power

5 French Demands Treaty called for Reparations France is furious
Determined Germany owes 132 billion German marks $33 billion US First payment was in 1921 2nd payment never came Germany could not pay more France is furious Occupied Ruhr Valley Germany’s industrial and mining center collect by taking profits

6 Inflation in Germany Government adopted policy of passive resistance
Workers went on strike Government prints more money to pay workers Caused an inflation Mark becomes worthless 1914: 4.2 marks = $1 1923: 130 billion marks = $1 Intensified: 4.2 TRILLION marks = $1

7 German Inflation

8 Solution: Dawes Plan France and Germany want solution to the disaster
In 8/1924 Dawes Plan is introduced 1. Reduced reparations 2. Coordinated Germany’s ability to pay with payments 3. US Granted $200 million loan for Germany recovery American investment begins in Europe Alleviated problems for 5 years, until WHEN?

9 Dawes Plan Flow Chart What would happen if one of the parts “fell” out of the flow?

10 Kellogg-Briand Pact Originally between France & the United states
American Sec of State Kellogg Foreign minister Briand 63 nations signed Pledged to “renounce war as an instrument of national policy” no consequences if they broke pact

11 Video Clip The People’s Century
Lost Peace: 11 minutes (after 2 min of commercial) Answer the following while watching the clip: Describe how Europe was affected by WWI & the Treaty of Versailles. Changes, events, etc.

12 Describe how Europe was affected by WWI & the Treaty of Versailles
Germany almost completely disarmed Other countries fail to comply with disarmament Self-determination Plebiscites (elections) are held Refugees from land changing hands Germany angered Land taken Reparations Inflation unemployment no pity from France/GB Anti-War ~ Literature & movies Right at the end: People were happy/hopeful Generation was traumatized by the warfare/trenches Wilson’s hope / League of Nations Treaty of Versailles – Germans were in dismay Austria-Hungarian Empire is destroyed New nations were created Czech, Poland, Yugoslavia League of Nations meets’ US, Russia & Germany don’t attend

13 Bell Work Pair share ideas from Video Be ready to
Describe how Europe was affected by WWI & the Treaty of Versailles. Changes, events, etc. Share 3 ideas with 3 different people Be ready to Share with the class Positive or negative??

14 Global Depression: Democracy is on the defensive

15 Objectives Explain the causes of the Global Depression
Discuss the responses to the depression Government responses Explain Keynes’ theory

16 The Great Depression Depression: A period characterized by low economic activity (production & spending) and rising unemployment

17 Causes of the Great Depression
1st Factor downturns in economies of individual nations 2nd Factor U.S. Stock Market Crash European stability was due to US bank loans to Germany (see Dawes) US stopped investing in Europe & other areas Caused depression around the world

18 Global Depression: What is happening?
The Great Depression had devastating effects in virtually every country, rich and poor. Unemployment in the United States rose to 25%, some countries rose as high as 33%. Massive inflation Cities all around the world were hit hard, especially those dependent on industry. Farming and rural areas suffered as crop prices fell by approximately 60 percent

19 First response to the Depression
Governments did not know how to react Lowered wages Decreased production Governments didn’t want to spend too much $ Decreased trade Made the depression worse. Why?

20 To Do: Depression Reading – in pairs Finish for homework
Read each section out loud or to yourselves Write the main idea of each section in the right column Circle or star anything that you do not understand Finish for homework

21 Bell Work: Use your notes from the reading to create a Web (graphic organizer) for one of the following: Fascist Dictatorship Communist Dictatorship Welfare Capitalism

22 Ultimate Responses Dictatorship Welfare Capitalism
Germany, Italy, Japan & Central America Prices dropped Countries lost money Social unrest = military dictators promising order For control Welfare Capitalism Canada, GB, France & US Government assumed responsibility not control Provided security against bankruptcy & unemployment

23 Keynes: Had a different idea
John Maynard Keynes - British economist depressions: Government must step in – increase spending Unemployment came from decline in demand Demand can be increased Put money back into the system If necessary: governments may have to go into deficit spending

24 To Do: Reading Totalitarianism Homework:
Read the first section: Totalitarianism Fill in the Totalitarian Concept Map Homework: Finish Concept map Finish Reading Be able to answer questions in class tomorrow

25 Bell Work: Think Pair Share!
Get together with a partner Share characteristics of Totalitarianism Use Concept map

26 Rise of Dictators Chapter 17 Section 2

27 Objectives Explain why many countries had adopted totalitarian dictatorial regimes   Why did people accept it? Explain how those regimes aimed to control their citizens for state goals.

28 Rise of Dictators Current State in Europe - 1939
France and Great Britain were democratic other states turned to totalitarian dictators Totalitarian Ideology – (ideas from concept map) Rejects the existing society Corrupt or immoral Current gov’t is the cause of all the country’s problems Totalitarianism: Government aims to control all aspects of the lives of citizens political, economic, social, intellectual, and cultural

29 Totalitarian State: Characteristics
Demand conformity control citizens use propaganda techniques Had single leader and single party Glorifies the state above the individual Individual was subordinate to the collective will No individual freedoms

30 Types of Totalitarianism
Right-Wing Left-Wing Nazi / Fascist Hitler Mussolini Middle Class seeking to maintain power Keep the class system Appeals to the elite class Communist Mao Tse tung Stalin Working class seeking equality Eliminate the classes Appeals to the workers Usually a revolution

31 Fascism in Italy Example of Totalitarianism
Suffered economic problems after WWI Strikes & protests became common Created pathway for   

32 Benito Mussolini - Il Duce The 1st Fascist

33 Benito Mussolini - Il Duce The 1st Fascist
Fascist Ideology – Emphasized Totalitarianism Subordination of the individual to the state Control all aspects of society Even if violence is necessary So why follow him? Nationalism We are the best, we deserve to rule Need for a strong leader Your government is not working I can help you … Give me power


35 To Do: Video Clip The People’s Century
Lost Peace: 10 minutes (more if needed) Answer the following while watching the clip: What promises were made by Hitler & Mussolini? What were the problems with the League of Nations? What were the feelings in the US & Britain? What was the reaction of France & GB when Hitler annexed Austria?

36 Answers What promises were made by Hitler? Mussolini?
Remove burdens of the Treaty of Versailles Promised work & bread for all, eliminate unemployment Mussolini? A new Roman Empire What were the problems with the League of Nations? Failed to stop invasion of Ethiopia or Manchuria US still not a member, Hitler takes Germany out What were the feelings in the US? Isolationism, no more war, no part. in foreign wars Britain? Fear war is inevitable Demand peace, pacifist movements What was the reaction of France & GB when Hitler annexed Austria? They do nothing

37 To Do Read Chapter 17 Section 3 Hitler wks (Due Monday)

38 Bell Work: page 557 Political effects of the Great Depression
Government has a greater role Extremist political parties Why would people accept extremist rulers? Promised a better life, equality Simple solutions in exchange for power Promise greatness Why would these leaders go to war? Likely seek more power by conquering other nations

39 Bell Work What do you know about Hitler? Objective
Discuss in class Objective Explain Hitler’s ideas and where they came from Video: Portrait of a Tyrant To Do Finish Hitler worksheet for Monday

40 Bell Work Homework Quiz
“We must develop organizations in which an individual’s entire life can take place. …every activity and every need of every individual will be regulated by the collectivity represented by the party…there is no free will…the time of personal happiness is over” - Hitler

41 Hitler and Nazi Germany

42 Objectives Examine Hitler and his beliefs Describe the rise of Hitler
Explain how they appealed to the German nation Describe the rise of Hitler Understand Hitler’s goal for Germany Explain how he tries to achieve this goal

43 Background: Who was Hitler?
His ideas Racism & anti-Semitism Extreme nationalist After WWI service, wanted to enter politics military injury with mustard gas gave him a vision to save Germany

44 Beer Hall Putsch In 1919 joined extremist group in Munich
German-Workers’ Party became known as the Nazi Party Hitler planned an uprising the Beer Hall Putsch (coup) Munich in 1923 Hitler’s uprising was crushed Hitler was arrested for high treason

45 Mein Kampf In prison Content
he wrote Mein Kampf (My Struggle) Content Nationalism, anti-Semitism, anti-communism Links with Social Darwinism Emphasized right of superior nations to lebensraum (“living space”) through expansion

46 The Rise of the Party Hitler gains power Legal means, not violence
Followed the rules of the Weimar Republic Nazi party must have enough votes to gain control Uses propaganda attack on the failures of the "Weimar system” By 1931, it was the largest party in Reichstag Hindenburg allowed Hitler to become chancellor

47 The Nazis Take Control Demand conformity
“Enabling Act passed by Reichstag gave government power to ignore the constitution for 4 years No longer needed President Hindenburg Within 7 months totalitarian state was established Demand conformity concentration camps for any opposition Had single leader and single party Hitler became sole ruler Hindenburg died All political parties except Nazi party were eliminated Glorifies the state above the individual all institutions under state control

48 The Nazi State Goal: Hitler’s Success??
Wanted the development of the Aryan race to dominate Europe create an empire like Rome The Third Reich Hitler’s Success?? economic policies & terror

49 Reasons for Success Economic difficulties
Unemployment has risen 4.4 million to 5.5 million in 1 year Hitler promised a new Germany Appealed to nationalism and militarism They saw him as a savior Hitler used public work projects to employ people A massive rearmament program Took credit for drop in unemployment

50 Use of Terror Used “Guard Squadrons” or SS to maintain order
The main purpose enforcement of Nazi racial doctrine and anti-Semitic policies Heinrich Himmler Controlled the SS AND regular police forces Opened the first concentration camps One of the main architects of the Holocaust

51 To Do: Reading: Stalin Book – pages Answer questions

52 Bell Work: Read the 1st & 2nd Columns of the Reading: A new Era in Russia Answer the following questions Explain the NEP. Compare and contrast the two parties that resulted from Lenin’s death.

53 A New Era in the USSR: Stalin

54 Objectives Describe the divide in leadership after Lenin’s death

55 During the Civil War After the Civil War Lenin followed war communism
Government controlled most industries Peasants retaliated by hoarding their food Drought followed = famine Then -- the industry suffered End result Peasants blame Lenin

56 Lenin’s New Economic Policy
To save Russia forgets war communism focuses on NEP NEP: was a modified version of the capitalistic system some small privately owned and operated stores Large industry & banking remained government owned

57 Rise of the Soviet Union
Lenin and Communists formally create USSR Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (Soviet Union) By this time: Things were better Revived market production rose No more famine Credit given to NEP for saving the USSR temporary ????? return to a communist state??? Lenin Dies

58 Trotsky and Stalin have problems
Joseph Stalin and Leon Trotsky struggle for control when Lenin dies in 1924 Stalin was party secretary  Appointed party officials Thousands of officials he appointed supported him Gained complete control of the Communist Party Trotsky was in charge of the military

59 Stalin wins the power struggle and Trotsky is exiled and later murdered
Most believe that his rival Stalin had him murdered

60 To Do: Finish reading and answer questions.

61 Did not get along with sons or daughter
Son tried committing suicide but was unsuccessful, which only led to Stalin continuing to harass him. Left son in German concentration camp where he killed himself by running into an electric fence 1st wife died of illness and 2nd wife killed herself Daughter’s relationship with father tense, and she emigrated to America Other son died of alcoholism

62 Bell Work Who are the two men in the cartoon?
What was their relationship? How do they feel about each other now? What are they accusing each other of doing?

63 Joseph Stalin Lenin

64 Objectives Explain how Stalin gained power in Russia
Explain Stalin’s rule in the Soviet Union Describe the affects of his rule on the people

65 Stalin’s Impact: Five Year Plan
Goal: transform Russia into a modern state Agriculture to industrial Ended NEP Replaced with Five Year Plan Set economic goals for five years

66 Five Year Plan 1st Five Year Plan focused on maximum production of military equipment Increase industry as fast as possible Make money for the state Make the state powerful Remember the Industrial Revolution in England?

67 Costs of Industrialization: Just like England, but worse
Collectivism private farms were eliminated Government owned all land and made the peasants work the land Led to: devastating effects Livestock slaughtering hoarding food led to widespread famine 10 million peasant deaths (says Stalin) Stalin “gave” each farm worker one tiny, privately owned lot

68 Price of resistence Anyone who resisted Stalin was isolated to Siberia
Removed from power (Bolsheviks) Eliminated: army officials, diplomats, union officials, intellectuals, and citizens Millions sent to concentration camps (Gulag) Never returned Some Executed

69 To Do Video: Red Terror (Start about 10 minutes in)
Fill out the video guide

70 Exit Slip What do you think of Stalin?
I never knew… I was shocked … What one word best describes Stalin? “Ideas are more powerful than guns. We would not let our enemies have guns, why should we let them have ideas.”

71 Go over . . . . What do you think of Stalin?
I never knew… I was shocked … What one word best describes Stalin? “Ideas are more powerful than guns. We would not let our enemies have guns, why should we let them have ideas.”

72 To Do Read Gulag introduction Finish Gulag Web quest Answer questions
Discuss as a class Finish Gulag Web quest For tomorrow

73 Gulag discussion???

74 Depression and dictator test
Swing kid introduction questions Hitler youth questions????

75 Swing Kids Day One Go over Swing Kid questions Explain the HJ
Start Movie Minutes 1-33 Peter gets arrested Start 34 min (Knopp talks to Peter) End 100 min ( TV scenes of Hitler in Austria) Start 110 min (Swing Club – Arvid plays) End 147 – Go over examples – Examples of Totalitarianism

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