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WORLD WAR II 1939-1945. Axis vs. Allies (pre-war) AXIS POWERS (1937) ▫Italy ▫Germany ▫Japan ALLIED POWERS ▫GB (1939) ▫France (1939) ▫USSR (1941)

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Presentation on theme: "WORLD WAR II 1939-1945. Axis vs. Allies (pre-war) AXIS POWERS (1937) ▫Italy ▫Germany ▫Japan ALLIED POWERS ▫GB (1939) ▫France (1939) ▫USSR (1941)"— Presentation transcript:

1 WORLD WAR II 1939-1945

2 Axis vs. Allies (pre-war) AXIS POWERS (1937) ▫Italy ▫Germany ▫Japan ALLIED POWERS ▫GB (1939) ▫France (1939) ▫USSR (1941)

3 Failure of League of Nations League of Nations used policy of APPEASEMENT ▫What is appeasement? ▫Giving in in hopes that the aggressor will stop Examples: ▫Allowing Japan’s invasion of China to go unpunished ▫Allowing Italy’s colonization of Ethiopia to go unpunished… and…

4 Annexation of Austria

5 Japanese Expansionism In 1931 Japan invaded Manchuria for raw materials; breaking Treaty of Versailles and treaty with the US The same year, Japan began to attack China, with full-scale war breaking out in 1937 in the Sino-Japanese War.

6 Munich Conference Hitler wants Sudetenland but takes all of Czechoslovakia. He was given permission to take Sudetenland through the Munich Agreement orchestrated by GB Prime Minister Chamberlain…known as the APPEASEMENT POLICY Stalin not invited…not trusted by westerners…he was annoyed

7 Munich Agreement “To the East!”

8 Appeasement Who is sitting in a circle? Who seems to be left out? How do you think the one left out feels?

9 Hitler wants Poland Hitler wants to unite all German people displaced by Treaty of Versailles ▫Therefore wants to take the Polish Corridor GB and France pledge to defend Poland…so Hitler seeks an ally…Stalin

10 Non-Aggression Pact Hitler seeks friendly agreement with Stalin 1.Not to fight one another 2.Split Poland Stalin agrees…due to USSR slighted by the Munich Conference

11 Non-Aggression Pact

12 Germany Invades Poland-Sept 1939 Germans use BLITZKRIEG ▫“Lightening Attack” 1.Air Raids 2.Tank Invasions 3.Ground Troops ▫Initial targets are:  Military bases  Industrial sites; factories  Communication centers Influenced by Napoleon’s strategies of bomb first…

13 Hitler in Scandinavia

14 Hitler Invades France Through BELGIUM…sound familiar Pushes through the Maginot Line with not problem…it was a trench system French pushed to the Atlantic coast … many saved by British naval aid; Battle of Dunkirk, but not enough France eventually falls to Germany

15 France Surrenders


17 Battle of Britain-July 1940-Jan 1941 Hitler needs to take GB to win the war GOAL: air raids to eventual amphibious invasion Air raids never weaken GB enough…Hitler’s plan ruined ▫Ultra ▫Radar Winston Churchill states, “Never was so much owed by so many to so few”

18 Battle of Britain

19 “V for Victory”

20 Hitler Invades Soviet Union Hitler breaks Non-aggression Pact in June, 1941 and invades USSR Invades and controls Balkan States and most of Eastern Europe before invading USSR Hitler wants USSR to create more living space or “lebensraum” for his Aryan race…and wanted to eradicate more Jews


22 US and Japan President Roosevelt’s embargo on Japan put tremendous stress on the Japanese war machine Japan decides to seek revenge on US…thus the bombing of Pearl Harbor Early Sunday, Dec 7, 1941 Japanese successfully attack the US Naval Base at Pearl Harbor, Hawaii US declares war on Japan and its Axis Allies ▫“…a date which will live in infamy”


24 Allies vs. Axis Powers-Dec 1941 Great Britain Soviet Union United States France Germany Italy Japan

25 Axis Lose in North Africa The German tank commander Erwin Rommel, “Desert Fox” meets his match in El Alamein in North Africa. Allies win North Africa gaining control of important oil supplies Allies also have easier access into Italy

26 Battle of Stalingrad – August 1942 Germans losing in USSR and try to take industrial city of Stalingrad Germans lured into city and then surrounded by Soviet army…Germans forced to surrender due to lack of supplies and the RUSSIAN WINTER Soviet begin to push the Germans out of USSR


28 Italy Falls to Allies Mussolini slowing losing control of Italy ▫People question his role in WWII ▫Economy weakening ▫People losing faith in fascist ruler Allies invade through Sicily, Mussolini flees to the hills, and people quickly surrender to Allies-Sept 1943 & join Allies Mussolini will be later be executed by his own people


30 Execution of Mussolini Caught by Italians he was shot and then hung in the Piazza in Milan

31 D-Day –June 6, 1944 Operation Overlord GOAL: Liberate France ▫August 25, 1944 US, GB, Canadian troops Landed on the beaches of Normandy, France-fooled Germans…expected them to land in Calais. Included: ▫3000 landing crafts ▫2500 other ships ▫500 naval vessels ▫13,000 air craft 2500 Allies lost 20,000 Germans lost by August



34 Germany Falls With the Allies moving in on Germany from East and West…Germany in another 2 front war. Russia invades Berlin in April 20, 1945 Hitler commits suicide April 30 Germany surrenders May 7, 1945 V-E Day!!

35 Hitler’s Suicide

36 Victory in Europe – May 8, 1945

37 Pacific Theater Kicked off by bombing of Pearl Harbor By end of 1942 ▫ Japan conquered 1+ million sq miles of Pacific ▫controlled 150+ million people

38 Battle of Midway – June 1942 Turning point in Pacific US destroys most of Japanese Fleet Japanese begin to retreat

39 Island Hopping US begins strategy called “island hopping” ▫ take Japanese controlled islands one at a time pushing them toward Japan US pushed Japanese back to Japan but they would not surrender…

40 Hiroshima-August 6, 1945 After a warning to …“surrender or face prompt and utter destruction” the Japanese do not heed the warning. United States drops “little boy” on the city of Hiroshima


42 Nagasaki- August 9, 1945 After Hiroshima, Japan still did not surrender… So US dropped “fat man” on the city of Nagasaki


44 Before After

45 V-J Day- September 2, 1945 Japan finally surrenders to the United States August 15, 1845 Signs treaty September 2, 1945 World War II – officially over

46 Surrender ceremony aboard the USS Missouri



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