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Anne Frank and the Holocaust. The purpose of this virtual field trip is to learn about the Nazis, the Holocaust, and the life of Anne Frank. The students.

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1 Anne Frank and the Holocaust

2 The purpose of this virtual field trip is to learn about the Nazis, the Holocaust, and the life of Anne Frank. The students will compare Anne Frank’s story with the Freedom Writers and with themselves.

3 The Holocaust Click on the website of the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum Click on Holocaust Encyclopedia (under Holocaust History on the left) Under “The Holocaust”, click on “The Holocaust”. 1. Give a definition of the Holocaust. Prewar photograph of three Jewish children with their babysitter. Two of the children perished in Warsaw, Poland,

4 Hitler and the Nazis

5 Hitler rose to power in the 1930s and became a dictator in Germany. Germans lost their civil rights. Later, Hitler invaded Poland and started WWII. World War II in Europe On September 1, 1939, Germany invaded Poland, initiating World War II. Britain and France responded by declaring war on Germany on September 3.

6 Nazi Propaganda Click on the exhibit on Nazi propaganda Hitler and the Nazis used propaganda to sway millions of people to agree with their vision.

7 Nazi Propoganda On this same website on propaganda, go to “Timeline”. 2. What happened on January 30 th, 1933? 3. What happened on May 10 th, 1933? 4. What happened on September 20 th, 1939? 5. What happened on May 20 th, 1940? 6. What happened from July 22 nd –Sept. 12 th, 1942? 7. What happened on Sept. 2 nd, 1945?

8 Nazi Propaganda Click on “Themes” 8. What are the seven themes of propaganda to explore? List each one and give one fact about each one.

9 Nazi Propaganda Click on “Gallery” and look at the pictures. 9.Describe five of the photos. 10. What are the Nazis trying to do by showing these photos?

10 Jewish Ghettos Click on this website: g=en&ModuleId= &MediaId=356 and learn about the Jewish Ghettos. The Germans forced the Jewish people to live in designated areas. Their living conditions were horrible. g=en&ModuleId= &MediaId= When were the ghettos established? 12. What happened to the Jewish people when the ghettos were destroyed? Moving into the Krakow ghetto

11 Concentration Camps Go to en&ModuleId= en&ModuleId= What were the concentration camps? 14. How many were there? 15. How many victims were there? Deportation from the Westerbork transit camp. The Netherlands,

12 Forced Labor Millions of people were forced to work under horrific conditions. Many of the prisoners were sick and starving.

13 Gassing Operations Go to en&ModuleId= en&ModuleId= What did the Nazis do with gas? Casting of Majdanek gas chamber door

14 Killing Centers 17. What were killing centers called? Hairbrushes of victims, found soon after the liberation of Auschwitz. Poland, after January 27, 1945.

15 Victims of the Nazis The victims were not just Jewish people. They were: The Roma (Gypsies) People with disabilities Poles Soviet prisoners of war Afro-Germans Jehovah’s Witnesses Homosexuals Non-conformists Racial threats Anyone who spoke against them Soviet prisoners of war in the Mauthausen concentration camp. Austria, January 1942.

16 Victims Romani (Gypsy) prisoners line up for roll call in the Dachau concentration camp. Germany, June 20, 1938.

17 Victims An author and actor who was imprisoned in 1937 for 27 months for homosexuality. In 1942, he was deported to Sachsenhausen concentration camp where he was a prisoner for three years. Berlin, Germany, before 1937.

18 Victims Two young brothers, seated for a family photograph in the Kovno ghetto. One month later, they were deported to the Majdanek camp. Kovno, Lithuania, February 1944.

19 Victims Go to en&ModuleId= en&ModuleId= Why did the Nazis kill children? Give at least two reasons. Two young cousins shortly before they were smuggled out of the Kovno ghetto. A Lithuanian family hid the children and both girls survived the war. Kovno, Lithuania, August 1943.

20 Liberation of Concentration Camps Go to wlc/article.php?lang=en &ModuleId= wlc/article.php?lang=en &ModuleId= What was the name of the largest concentration camp? 20. Who freed the prisoners in the concentration camps?

21 Anne Frank’s Life

22 Anne Frank Go to this Website titled the Anne Frank House id=2 id=2 Click on “Childhood 1. Where and when was she born?

23 Anne Frank In Hiding Click on “In Hiding” on the same website 2. 2.Describe her hiding place.

24 Anne Frank: Betrayed Click on “Betrayed” on the same website. 3. What does Otto Frank say about the day the family was discovered by the Nazis?

25 Anne Frank’s Diary Click on “Anne Frank’s Diary” 4. Write down how Otto Frank, Anne’s father, found out about the fate of his daughters. Picture of Otto Frank and his helpers.

26 Anne Frank: the Unfinished Story Go to this website: ne/af/htmlsite/ ne/af/htmlsite/ Launch the exhibit and answer the questions: 5.When was Anne’s diary published for the first time? Anne Frank’s 3 rd Diary Notebook

27 Anne’s Writings Go to “Anne’s Writings” 6. What title did Anne give to her writings?

28 First Entries 7. What does she write about in the first entries? Anne Frank ice skating

29 Jews 8.Name 5 things that Jews were not allowed to do according to the Nazis.

30 Anne’s Writings 9.What genre of writings did Anne write? Anne Frank’s First Diary

31 Last Entries 10.When was the last entry written and what was it about?

32 One of the Last Photos of Anne Frank 11. Write a paragraph stating your opinion regarding the actions of the Nazis. Write a paragraph stating your thoughts on Anne Frank. Make comparisons to your own life.

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