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Theodore Roosevelt Spanish American War

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1 Theodore Roosevelt Spanish American War
Alfred Thayer Mahan The U.S. victory over Spain led to the end of Spain’s colonial empire and saw the U.S. emerge as a_____________ William Randolph Hearst Joseph Pulitzer As a result of the Spanish American War, America acquired the following colonies ___________________ William McKinley “Ten Thousand Miles From Tip to Tip.” expands on the desire to expand ___________________ Journalism that sensationalizes the stories will be called ________________ Spanish American War

2 Desire for expanding Economic influence over raw materials(markets, resources etc.) is called
_________________ One of the reasons to invade and help in Cuba was _________________ This letter was written about President McKinley calling him weak ____________ The sinking of this boat off the coast of Cuba was another reason for joining in the war the boat was called ________________ Spanish American War

3 The “Spark” that ignited World War I was the assassination of
__________________ Alvin York John J. Pershing Sinking of the Lusitania, Sussex Pledge, British blockade, Germany’s announcement of unrestricted sub-marine warfare ________________ Woodrow Wilson Charles Schenck This acronym can be used in remembering the key reasons for involvement _________________ Germany/Central Powers A secret message from Germany to Mexico requesting their support against the United State _______________ World War I

4 America will return to their policy of
A group of nations will agree to a permanent alliance but major players like America and Russia will not join the ___________ This treaty will force Germany to lose land, pay huge reparations and carve out new territories in the Middle East ____________ America will return to their policy of ________________ World War I

5 By breaking this treaty Hitler expanded beyond its original guidelines limiting the power of Germany
___________________ This policy was used by many European countries as Hitler tried to re-gain the power of Germany. By satisfying his demands Hitler will push is boundaries beyond the agreements ___________ Tuskegee Airmen and Navajo Talkers Hitler will use this style of military advancements allows Germany to invade Poland and take many of the countries they conquered __________________ Strained economic and political relationships in the Pacific will lead to an attack on this American military base on Dec 7, 1941 _________________ Franklin D. Roosevelt Forced relocation of Japanese Americans will raise issues of constitutional limitations these orders were called ______________ Extreme and harsh treatment in the Philippines will cause America to execute this strategy by liberating Pacific islands and engaging American military forces throughout the Pacific ____________________ Harry S. Truman World War II

6 _______________ World War II
All key military officials during World War II Minority groups played key roles in the success of the American military (African Americans and Native Americans) and this will lead President Truman to _______________ Radar, Sonar, Code breaking, and antibiotics were developed and aided in achieving victory were examples of the ___________ Dictators (Hitler, Mussolini and Stalin) Due to drawn out fighting in the Pacific and high number of causalities President Truman will make the decision to use this new advanced technology _______________ This international organization will be established to prevent future wars ____________________ World War II

7 Korean War The policy to stop the spread of Communism is called
_________________ Joseph Stalin Harry Truman ___________________ invaded South Korea in 1950. George Marshall Dwight D. Eisenhower The ___________________ agreed to send troops under American leadership to Korea. Douglas MacArthur Korea is divided at the __________________ Korean War

8 The reconstruction amendments would provide the foundation for important court cases
_____________ Supreme Court case from 1896 that declared separate but equal facilities were constitutional. ____________________ Thurgood Marshall Bus boycotts, Freedom Rides , lunch counter sit ins, and the March on Washington were used as means of __________________ Orval Faubus Martin Luther King Jr. Lyndon B Johnson Brown vs Board of Education Civil Rights

9 ____________________
Programs that will increase minority representation in colleges, professions and businesses and play a role in Regents of University of California v Bakke _________________ Prohibited discrimination based on sex, gender, race, color, or national origin _________________ Liberation for women in education, employment and sports is a result of this major act __________________ The act that will end poll taxes, suspend literacy tests and challenge the 15th amendment will was called ____________________ Civil Rights

10 The belief that if South Vietnam fell to Communism then neighboring countries might fall as well
________________ Lyndon Johnson Roy Benavidez Passed by Congress authorizing President Johnson to use full military powers to stop North Vietnam’s aggression __________________ Richard Nixon Ho Chi Minh The massive increase in combat troops sent by President Johnson to Vietnam ___________________ John Kennedy Dwight Eisenhower Vietnam

11 Vietnam South Vietnam was conquered by the North in April 1975
____________________ Publication of this proving the government misled Americans increased distrust ____________________ The number of American soldiers who died in the Vietnam war was more than ____________________ To limit the president’s power to send troops without congressional approval ____________________ Vietnam

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