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Causes of World War II. 1. Do you remember what happened in Europe at the end of WWI? 2. Europe was left cleaning up the mess from the war. 3. The country.

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1 Causes of World War II

2 1. Do you remember what happened in Europe at the end of WWI? 2. Europe was left cleaning up the mess from the war. 3. The country of Germany was in financial ruin because they took on the blame of the entire war. 4. Germany at this point was very embarrassed and humiliated. They needed to bounce back to success.

3 1. We briefly learned that Adolf Hitler, a veteran of World War I, would rise to power in Germany because the country desperately needed a leader.

4 1. Adolf Hitler was born in 1889 in present day Austria. 2. He had an ordinary life until World War I. 3. One thing that stood out about Hitler was his hatred of the Jewish race. We’ll come back to this in a future lesson. 4. He joined World War I and fought in the German army. He even earned some medals for bravery and being wounded in action. 5. Hitler was devastated when he learned about Germany’s defeat in the First World War.

5 1. Hitler was extremely upset of Germany’s conditions after the Treaty of Versailles. 2. Hitler began to speak in pubs about his frustrations. Many people agreed with him and felt similar pain. 3. Hitler would eventually rise to power because of his great public speaking skills and his ideas. 4. The Germans would listen to anyone who had an idea to rid themselves of their troubles. 5. Hitler became that man the German nation would listen to. 6. Hitler would help create the Nazi party.

6 1. We get the word “Nazi” from the German word “ Nationalsozialist “ meaning National Socialist. The “nati” in “nationalsozialist” in German sounds just like “Nazi.” 2. Get the pronunciation 3. Nazi symbol

7 1. To put it simply, the Nazis believed in bizarre ideas. 2. They believed: a. In total dominance of Germany and the world. b. All citizens should submit to the authority of the government. c. The German race, called Aryans, were superior to all other races on the earth. Aryans are of European ancestry, those who are basically Caucasian. d. In murdering people who could not contribute to society such as the mentally or physically handicapped. e. People with Jewish ancestry should be murdered. Don’t forget this fact! We’ll come back to this in a future lesson.

8 1. By 1933, Adolf Hitler became the Chancellor of Germany which meant that he would have a lot of power. 2. Hitler went right to work in order to save Germany from the deep pit it had been in. 3. Check out this short video demonstrating Hitler’s ability to captivate people:

9 1. Germany had 6 million people without jobs in 1933. Within 6 years, in 1939, the unemployment number dropped down to 302,000 people. This was called an “economic miracle.” 2. Hitler ordered a program to rearm Germany. This meant that the country began building weapons in order to build a strong army. 3. This created jobs which helped people earn money.

10  Hitler visits a factory and is enthusiastically greeted. Many Germans were grateful for jobs after the misery of he depression years. A man building a German machine gun.

11 1. The German were restricted, under conditions of the Treaty of Versailles, to build an army which Hitler ignored. 2. Hitler showed the rest of the world he was not afraid to challenge others. 3. In Hitler’s mind, he was retaliating against the countries who wronged Germany after World War I.  Germany’s army assembling for a rally.

12 1. Hitler and Germany began to take land that was previously owned by Germany. The land was taken away from them at the end of World War I. 2. Many countries had no choice but to give up this territory as they could not go up against Germany. 3. Other nations, such as France and Britain, followed a policy of appeasement which meant they were going to let Hitler do whatever he pleased in order to keep the peace. 4. This would be a costly move.

13 1. On September 1, 1939, Germany invaded the country of Poland which would officially start the war. 2. Germany would use what was called “ blitzkreig ” meaning lightning war when translated from the German language. 3. They would conquer Poland in just one short month. 4. On September 3 rd, 1939, Britain and France finally declared war on Germany after much time sitting on the sidelines watching. 5. It was too late for the British and the French because Germany would conquer most of Europe over the next two years.

14 1. Germany had two main allies during World War II. 2. Italy and its leader, Benito Mussolini (moose-oh- lean-e), was very much like Hitler in the fact that he wanted total control and desired to conquer other countries. 3. Japan and its leader, Emperor Hirohito desired to conquer other nations around and expand their empire. 4. The three nations formed the Axis Powers.

15  Emperor Hirohito of Japan  Benito Mussolini of Italy



18 1. The United States during this time remained isolated from the conflict raging in Europe again. 2. The people did not want to see America enter another world war. 3. However, just like in World War I, we will see if America stays out of the war.

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