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WORLD WAR II BEGINS What was the Treaty Of Versailles? What did it say?

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2 WORLD WAR II BEGINS What was the Treaty Of Versailles? What did it say?

3 Appeasement

4 Giving into an aggressor to keep peace.

5 1.THE AXIS POWERS Hitler Mussollini Hirohito

6 Why Appeasement? Reasons why 1)Wanted to avoid horrors of WWI at all costs 2)Hitler (fascism) was better than communism 3)Greatest fear – USA wouldn’t support U.K. standing up to Hitler 4)Britain’s armed forces were not ready for war 5)Domestic economy & depression higher priority

7 Why did Britain and France follow a policy of Appeasement in the 1930s?

8 Great Britain Followed a policy of appeasement – 1935: Signed naval agreement – 1935-1938: gave Hitler what Hitler wanted – Neville Chamberlain (P.M. 1937-40) most associated w/ appeasement Many British, including politicians, favored policy

9 Munich Agreement 1.Britain France and Germany met in Munich to work out a compromise 2.Hitler demanded the Sudetenland from Czech 3.Britain and France gave Hitler the land and in return he agreed not to take any more land 4.Appeasement is giving into the aggressor 5. Chamberlain the Prime Minister of Great Britain promised the world “Peace in our time” 6.Do you think he will stop here? Why? APPEASEMENT




13 The Nazi-Soviet Pact and War Historians have argued that the Nazi-Soviet Pact was instrumental in causing the Second World War, inasmuch as it: Freed up Hitler to invade Poland - he knew that Britain couldn't do anything to defend Poland (he invaded 9 days later). Ended Britain's hopes of an alliance with Russia to stop Hitler - people in Britain realised that nothing would stop Hitler now but war. Improved morale of British people for war - showed Hitler as an opportunist and a trickster, who could never be trusted

14 Less than 6 months after The Munich Conference Hitler took ALL of Czechoslovakia Mussolini takes Albania Hitler demands Danzig from Poland—France and Britain don’t help Poland. Appeasement =Hitler wins.

15 What was wrong with Appeasement? 1.Allowed Germany to grow too strong 2.It scared USSR – Germany’s eastward expansion was no secret (READ Mein Kampf!) 3. Appeasement sent clear message to Stalin: Uncle Joe, you’re on your own!

16 A Nazi-Soviet Pact Poland Split August 23 1939, the world was shocked when, suddenly, Russia and Germany signed a 'Non-aggression Pact'.. Hitler and Russia In August 1939, Hitler sent Ribbentrop, a senior Nazi, to Russia. He offered a Nazi-Soviet alliance – Russia and Germany would not go to war, but would divide Poland between them. Germany would allow Russia to annex Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and Poland. Stalin knew Hitler was lying, but he did not trust the British either – the Munich Agreement had convinced him that Britain and France would never dare to go to war with Hitler. Stalin had two choices: 1- if he made an alliance with Britain, he would end up fighting a war with Hitler over Poland. 2-if he made an alliance with Germany, he would get half of Poland, and time to prepare for the coming war with Germany. He chose the latter. On 23 August 1939, he signed the Pact with Hitler.


18 Non-Aggression Pact- 10 year agreement signed by Hitler and Stalin splitting Poland Germany wanted to prevent a two front war ….FOR NOW…… NON AGRESSION PACT



21 Hitler Defies Versailles Treaty 1935 increased …military-League of Nations did nothing March 7 th 1936 Hitler invaded Rhineland; France afraid of war did nothing The fact that no one stopped him furthered his desire and marked the “march towards war”


23 Axis Powers The fact no one stopped hitler made him even more bold! Mussolini see Hitler's gains and the Rome- Berlin Alliance is formed. Japan joins and they become known as the AXIS POWERS

24 I s o l a t i o n i s m Belief that political ties to other countries should be avoided. USA FOLLOWED THIS POLICY 1935 USA passes Neutrality Acts banning loans and the sale of arms to nations at war.




28 1.let Hitler grow stronger. 2.gave Britain time to re-arm. 3.humiliated Britain – no country in central Europe ever trusted Britain again. 4.abandoned millions of people to the Nazis. 5.caused the war, by encouraging Hitler to think he could do anything. 6.gave Britain the morale high ground – when war came, Brittan's knew they had done everything possible to keep the peace. 7would never have stopped Hitler, who was determined to go to war. 8. was a fine attempt to prevent the deaths of millions of people in a war. Historians have said that appeasement:

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