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The policy in which stronger nations extend economic, political, or military control over weaker territories.

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1 the policy in which stronger nations extend economic, political, or military control over weaker territories.

2 imperialism

3 The policy written by Secretary of state John Hay that called for China’s ports to remain open and for China to remain independent. No country would have special trading rights.

4 Open Door Policy

5 World War I was also known as this:

6 The Great War

7 Four main factors that led to the outbreak of World War I:

8 Nationalism, Militarism, Imperialism, Alliance System

9 the belief that the interests of a single country were more important than the cooperation among countries.

10 nationalism

11 This is what it is called when Countries tried to increase the power and influence around the world.

12 imperialism

13 building up armies, navies, and other armed forces.

14 militarism

15 the Germans, Austro-Hungarians, and Italy were in the

16 Triple Alliance

17 the French, English, and Russians were in the

18 Triple Entente

19 In 1914, __________________ was assassinated. He had been the heir to the throne of Austria Hungary.

20 Archduke Franz Ferdinand

21 Germans plan to begin the war. They wanted to attack the French with all their might first, and then use railroads to get back as quickly as possible to back to fight the Russians on the Eastern front.

22 Schlieffen Plan

23 The stretch of land between the trenches of opposing sides:

24 No Man's Land

25 These people believed that all wars were bad. They argued the United States to set an example for peace.


27 a telegram that proposed an alliance between Germany and Mexico against the United States.

28 Zimmerman note

29 A U-boat sank this British ship, killing more than a thousand people, including 123 Americans.

30 Lusitania

31 Germany used u_________ s____________. w______________ to attack allied ships (not just naval) and keep the United States from entering the war.

32 Unrestricted Submarine Warfare

33 What was the name of President Wilson plan for world peace

34 14 Points

35 Eight of the fourteen points dealt with Self Determination. What is Self Determination?

36 Different ethnic groups should be able to decide for themselves what nation they would belong to.

37 In Wilson’s 14 th Point, he proposed this international organization to address problems between countries before they led to war:

38 League of Nations

39 The Allied and Central powers met to sign this treaty following WWI

40 Treaty of Versailles

41 When World War I ended Hitler moved to Germany and joined this party

42 The Nazi Party

43 Hitler quickly rose in rank within the Nazi party. Why did they choose Hitler to be their leader in 1921?

44 Hitler may have gotten the take over idea from someone else. In Italy, who was the man who marched on Rome, with his Fascist party, and was given control of the government by King Victor Immanuel III?

45 Mussolini 1922

46 Unlike Mussolini, Hitler was not given power. His revolution was foiled by police and he was arrested and tried for treason. How long was he sentenced to prison for?

47 Five years

48 Hitler would only end up serving a little over a year. While he was serving his time he wrote a book which expressed his political philosophy. What was the name of this book?

49 1923

50 Who did Hitler blame in Mein Kamph for being the reason Germany lost World War I, for pushing communism on the German people, and for taking over the Germany’s economy?

51 The Jews

52 In Mein Kamph Hitler also wanted to give the German people “Living Space” by taking over the land of this country-

53 When Hitler was released from prison in 1924 the economy of Germany had vastly improved. The Nazi party struggled to get members elected into the German parliament. However, his fortune would change as this crash occurred in America on October 29, 1929-

54 The stock market October 29th, 1929

55 With the Great Depression spreading world wide, Germany began to suffer. The unemployment rate in Germany would serge to this percentage

56 30%

57 In 1931, Japan invaded this country

58 Manchuria

59 What did the League of Nations do in response to Japan’s action

60 nothing

61 Hitler pointed out that this treaty after World War I punished the German people unfairly

62 The Treaty of Versailles

63 According to the Treaty of Versailles, the Germans had to claim responsibility for the war, pay massive amounts of money to France and Britain, and dismantle their

64 military

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