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Ultranationalism: Absolute Evil Adolf Hitler and Joseph Stalin

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1 Ultranationalism: Absolute Evil Adolf Hitler and Joseph Stalin

2 Joseph Stalin's Rise to Power
Russia is in absolute poverty during World War 1 and goes through a Revolution where they murder the entire royal family and the people take control led by Vladimir Lenin and Joseph Stalin Lenin quickly takes power, ends world war 1 with the Germans and tries his best to rebuild his country. Lenin dies and Stalin murders all other possible leaders and takes control over the country.

3 Stalin institutes Totalitarian rule and Command Economy
Stalin institutes Totalitarian rule and Command Economy. This is known as Communism Stalin’s economic policies involved total state control. Command Economy – a system in which the government makes all economic decisions. Under this system, political leaders identify the country’s economic needs and determine how to fulfill them. Country would take drastic steps to promote rapid industrial growth and to strengthen national defense.

4 Rapid Growth and Collective Farms
It created collective farms – large government owned farms that each had hundreds of workers producing food for the state. Stalin used terror and violence to force peasants to work on the collective farms (between 5 to 10 million peasants were killed). The police destroyed churches and synagogues; also killed leaders of all faiths or sent them to labor camps. The government controlled all education – nursery to university. Students learned the virtues of communism and evils of capitalism Rapid Industrial Growth, Rapid Rail Road production and limited consumer goods.

–monitored telephone lines, read mail, planted spies, and arrested/executed millions of traitors The Great Purge (a campaign of terror) It was directed at eliminating anyone who threatened Stalin’s power. Estimate – killed 8 to 60 million people Censorship -Stalin would not tolerate individual creativity; wanted conformity and obedience of citizens. -Government controlled all media (newspapers, movies, etc.)

6 Adolf Hitler’s Rise to Power
In 1928 Hitler’s Nazi Party were a small, insignificant party. They were viewed as little more than thugs. However By 1933 Hitler was the chancellor of Germany and The Nazi’s had risen from obscurity to total power.

7 Factors that led to Germany’s Downfall
Effective use of Propaganda Force used against opponents Wide ranging populist policies Visible strength at a time of weakness The Wall Street Crash Economic instability Failure of the Government to cope with problems Weakness of the constitution End of US Aid

8 Rise of Hitler Factors Hitler’s manipulation of situation
Public desire for order and strength Politicians naivety in dealing with Hitler Fear of communism Lead to Rise of National Socialism Instability of government

9 How were the Nazi’s able to achieve this so quickly?
The economic situation was very bad Hitler was a great public speaker The SA and SS disrupted he work of political opponents The Nazi’s were well funded by business men The other political parties wouldn’t work together Goebbel’s propaganda was effective The Nazi’s targeted certain groups of the electorate People didn’t want a return to the hyperinflation of

10 How did Hitler consolidate power?
The Reichstag Fire Creates a climate that Hitler can manipulate for his on ends The Enabling Act Hitler uses Article 48 to create a State of Emergency. The act effectively ends democracy in Germany. The Night of the Long Knives Opposition from within the party is removed: violently. The SA is ‘purged’. Hitler used his position, and the frailties and subsequent death of Hindendburg, to engineer a Nazi take over of government. He makes use of Article 48 to legitimise the end of democracy before radically altering the structure of government. Soon opposition is banned and Germany has a one party state. Pressure groups, such as Trade unions, are also banned. This Nazi ‘Revolution’ is secured as a result of the removal of all possible threats to nazi rule: the SA, the army and political parties are all ‘dealt with’ by the end of 1934.

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