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The Rise of Adolph Hitler How a Monster Won Over a Nation.

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1 The Rise of Adolph Hitler How a Monster Won Over a Nation

2 Hitler and the Nazis Born in Austria in 1889 Became a homeless drifter after an unhappy childhood Eagerly joined the German Army at the outset of World War II He was an able and courageous soldier Never rose above the rank of Corporal

3 Hitler and The Nazis He was upset when Germany was defeated and swore revenge on “socialists and Jewish traitors who stabbed Germany in the back” He joined the Nazi Party in its infancy His primary aim was to restore Germany and defeat its enemies His passionate speeches and organizational skills soon made him party leader

4 The Nazi Party Gains Popularity Hitler made being a Nazi exciting and organized the party along military lines Had their own salute, uniform, its own songs, and its own symbol – the swastika They marched through small towns The “brown shirts” storm troopers broke up Communist rallies, attacked homes and businesses of Jews and struck terror in the hearts of other traitors atch?v=WEghwtj1lSU&bpctr= 1353292228

5 Hitler Gains Power In 1933, the Nazis were the largest party in the German Parliament They did not however hold a majority of seats Hitler is asked to become Chancellor but will only accept if he is given dictatorial powers That evening the Nazis held torchlight parades Swept along by the excitement, the crowds chant “SIEG HEIL!” (Hail Victory)

6 Why Hitler Was Popular in Germany Even those that didn’t vote for him were happy to have a strong leader in charge Germans thought he would solve all of the country’s problems Seen as an inspiring leader and brilliant and hypnotizing speaker People who attended these rallies felt like they were part of a great movement

7 Why Hitler Was Popular in Germany Used these rallies to preach his hatred and propaganda The Great Depression hit Germany especially hard and many people blamed the new democratic party for the economic hardships Many hoped the Nazis would help get the German people back to work

8 Why Hitler Was Popular in Germany They used scare tactics to oppress their opposition so some people supported them out of fear They gave the German people a scapegoat for their troubles (The Jews and Communists) They claimed Germans were the ‘master race’ and superior to all other peoples Blamed Germany’s problems on the Treaty of Versailles and tore it up in front of cheering crowds

9 Hitler Keeps His Promised Under his rule, the economy recovered and many Germans were back at work New roads and bridges were built all over the country He defied the Treaty of Versailles and starts building tanks, guns, warships and planes

10 Hitler Keeps His PRomises He rebuilt the German army In January 1936, he took his new tanks and crossed into the Rhineland, an area that was supposed to be demilitarized forever The Allies protested mildly but did nothing to stop him

11 Hitler Takes Complete Control The Nazis destroyed all traces of democracy in Germany Anyone who spoke out against the Nazis and their philosophies found themselves in concentration camps Jews lost their jobs and were persecuted in many ways

12 Hitler Takes Complete Control Newspapers printed Nazi propaganda and radios broadcast it as well Schools, churches, unions and the army were all under Nazi conrol The Gestapo, Hitler’s secret police was everywhere and enforced the party line

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