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Capitalism Private ownership (your own Starburst) Freedom of competition(rock/paper/scissors) Unequal classes(losers/winners)

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1 Capitalism Private ownership (your own Starburst) Freedom of competition(rock/paper/scissors) Unequal classes(losers/winners)

2 Socialism Government ownership(collected candy) Goal of economic equality(distribute equally) Classless society(all have the same)

3 Communism Classless society(no one plays and shares) No government(no teacher)

4 The Path to Another War WWII Breaks out in Europe!

5 Factors leading to war? Rise of militarism and fascism in Italy, Germany, and Japan Fascism: glorification of the state, single- party system with a strong ruler, and aggressive nationalism Anger over end of WWI, Great Depression WWII begins LONG before 1939!

6 Weak League of Nations Could not protect “collective security” Isolationism by USA Aggressive actions of Germany, Italy, and Japan “test” the League

7 Mussolini’s Rise Mussolini brings order – dictatorship upheld with terror Fascism – centralized, authoritarian glorifying state & destructive to basic human rights.

8 Mussolini’s Rise Blackshirts – instill terror and order Propaganda – Young Fascists spread the idea of Italian military supremacy.

9 Joseph Stalin – Soviet Union Five Year Plan – build economy and put under government control Propaganda:

10 Joseph Stalin – Soviet Union Collectives – large farms operated by peasants run by government Kulaks – farm owners “liquidated as a class”

11 Joseph Stalin – Soviet Union The Great Purge – reign of terror crackdowns towards any opposition. Gulags – brutal labor camps

12 Joseph Stalin – Soviet Union Gulags tch?v=YmHBJUMStVM tch?v=YmHBJUMStVM

13 Hitler’s Rise Weimar Republic replaces Wilhelm – competing parties and Versailles Treaty cause trouble Hyperinflation – French take Ruhr Valley(coal) – Ger fail paying reparations.

14 Adolf Hitler - Germany Prisoned for treason – wrote Mein Kampf – my struggles Released 1933 becomes Chancellor then dictator

15 Adolf Hitler Germany Third Reich – domination of the master race Gestapo – police Nuremberg Laws – restricted Jews

16 Adolf Hitler Germany Kristallnacht – night of the broken glass Ethnic tensions rise combined with inexperience in democracy = rise in authoritarian states

17 Adolf Hitler Germany Hitler Youth

18 BW: Describe the Cartoon


20 Tomorrow –Mr. Bartkiewicz. Battle of the Bulge Finish reading 16.4 16.5 pages 542-555

21 What is Tolalitarianism? a political system in which the state holds total authority over the society and seeks to control all aspects of public and private life wherever possible

22 Japan invades Manchuria, 1931 China complains to League League investigates and finds Japan GUILTY Japan QUITS League! 1937 Japan invades REST of China! “Rape of Nanking,” 1937

23 Italy invades Ethiopia 1934: 2 forces clash on boarder of Ethiopia and Italian Somaliland League says no one is to blame Mussolini invades in October 1935 Haile Selassie asks League for HELP!

24 League reacts… Imposes SANCTIONS (economic punishments) on Italy, but not on war- making materials! May 1936: Italy annexes Ethiopia!

25 Fascism in Spain! Spanish Civil War 1936-1939 Soviets support LOYALISTS (communist group) Italy and Germany support NATIONALISTS (fascist group)

26 A Preview of what’s to come… Fascists led by Francisco Franco Strengthened ties between Italy and Germany Luftwaffe uses Spanish towns as TESTING GROUNDS!!! More than half a MILLION Spaniards DIE

27 Hitler goes on the OFFENSIVE March 1936: invades Rhineland between France and Germany October 1936: Hitler and Mussolini sign Rome-Berlin Axis Nov. 1936: sign Anti- Comintern Pact, Stalin urges West to step in!!

28 No one steps in!!! 1938: Hitler bullies Austrian leader into appointing German officials Appeal to League does NOTHING March 1938: Austrian Anschluss— proclaimed it part of Germany!

29 Sudetenland Crisis, Sep. 1938 Northwest Czechoslovakia Hitler DEMANDS it, GB’s Neville Chamberlain accepts! APPEASEMENT: “Make ‘em happy, shut ‘em up!”

30 Munich Conference Mussolini’s compromise: give Germany Sudetenland, and they will promise not to take any more! Britain and France wanted to avoid war March 15, 1939: Hitler takes REST of Czechoslovakia ANYWAY!

31 Nazi-Soviet Pact…a curveball! Hitler takes Lithuania, threatens Poland Allies NEED USSR to defend POLAND Suspicions between USSR and France/GB Stalin begins secret talks with Germans!

32 Nazi-Soviet Nonaggression Pact Signed August 23, 1939 Would NEVER attack each other Would remain neutral if other involved in war Create spheres of influence in Europe Split up Poland! Long-term enemies, needed a short-term alliance

33 NOW, Hitler gets reassurance… He can invade Poland without fear of USSR getting involved! September 1, 1939: Hitler INVADES POLAND September 3, 1939: GB and France say enough is enough!

34 Harassment of Jews So that Germany did not officially seem the aggressor (which it was), Hitler needed an excuse for entering/attacking Poland. It was Heinrich Himmler who came up with the idea; thus the plan was code named Operation Himmler. Heinrich Himmler On the night of August 31, 1939, Nazis took an unknown prisoner from one of their concentration camps, dressed him in a Polish uniform, took him to the town of Gleiwitz (on the border of Poland and Germany), and then shot him. The staged scene with the dead prisoner dressed in a Polish uniform was supposed to appear as a Polish attack against a German radio station. Hitler used the staged attack as the excuse to invade Poland.

35 Now GB and France will try to stop Hitler… BUT IT IS ALMOST TOO LATE!!! Hitler’s army is extremely strong Hitler can now implement his “Final Solution” to the “Jewish Problem”

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