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World War II. Adolf Hitler’s Life hitler.htm hitler.htm.

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1 World War II

2 Adolf Hitler’s Life hitler.htm hitler.htm

3 1923 Adolf Hidler leads the Beer hall Putsch in Munich, Germany, which was an attempt to take over the German government. The attempt fails, and Hitler is arrested and sent to jail, where he writes Mein Kampf, a book about the superiority of the German, Aryan, race and the inferiority of all others. After his release, Hitler begins to build the Nazi party.

4 1926 Hitlerjugend (Hitler Youth) officially formed http://www.jewishvirtu olocaust/ ml

5 1933 Adolf Hitler is appointed chancellor of Germany after becoming a gifted speaker and promising the German people a solution to their economic problems. The Nazi’s burn the Reichstag. Dauchau, the first concentration camp, was opened in Germany and used by the Nazis as a camp for political prisoners. Nazis wanted racial purity and believed that Jews, Slavs, Romas, Communists, homosexuals, and physically and mentally disabled were ruining the chances for racial purity.

6 1933 Boycott of Jewish shops and businesses begins in Germany. Books by Jewish and non- German authors are publicly burned in Germany. The People’s Radio is unveiled—Germans are only allowed to listen to the stations on the People’s Radio. In 1939, listening to enemy radio would become punishable by death

7 1934 Hitler is named the president and commander-in-chief of the German armed forces—he is the Fuhrer.

8 1935 The Nuremberg Laws strip Jewish people of their German citizenship and civil liberties http://www.historyplac line/nurem-laws.htm http://www.historyplac line/nurem-laws.htm

9 1938 Kristallnacht—Night of Broken Glass http://www.historyplac line/knacht.htm

10 1939 Hitler threatens the Jewish people— orldwar2/timeline/threat.htm World War II begins when Germany invades Poland and England and France declare war on Germany Nazis begin killing sick and disabled in Germany Deportation of Jewish people to concentration camps begins

11 1940 Germany bombs England from the air http://www.historyplace.c om/worldwar2/timeline/st paul.htm http://www.historyplace.c om/worldwar2/timeline/st paul.htm Germany conquers Denmark, Norway, France, Belgium, Luxembourg and the Netherlands

12 1941 Jewish forced to wear yellow stars Japanese bomb Pearl Harbor United States declares war on Japan Germany declares war on the United States Rudolf Hess, the third highest- ranking Nazi, deserts and flies secretly to England to negotiate a peace agreement Mass murder of 33,000 Jews at Babi-Yar in Russia orldwar2/holocaust/h-b-yar.htm

13 1942 Nazis hold Wannsee Conference to formalize plans for the “final solution of the Jewish problem.” Germany moves deeper into Russia

14 1944 Allied troops launch D-Day invasion http://worldwar2histor Soviet troops begin to take back Russia

15 1945 Germany collapses as Allied troops invade Hitler commits suicide at his bunker, but the Nazis lie, telling German people that Hitler was killed at the head of his troops defending Berlin. Germany surrenders unconditionally Nuremberg Trials orldwar2/timeline/nurem.htm orldwar2/timeline/nurem.htm 010/04/04-the-last-nazi- hunter.html

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