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"Democracy is the most demanding of all forms of government in terms of the energy, imagination, and public spirit required of the individual." George.

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1 "Democracy is the most demanding of all forms of government in terms of the energy, imagination, and public spirit required of the individual." George Marshall (1880-1959)

2 QUIZ TIME What was the name of the Nazi youth organization used to indoctrinate / brainwash young Germans to the ideas and beliefs of Hitler and the Nazis ?

3 Hitler Jugend Hitler Youth H.J.

4 INDOCTRINATE –To imbue with an opinion, point of view or principle –IMBUE To permeate or influence as if by dyeing ; infuse

5 How did Hitler manipulate the German people into following him ? “Carrot” = POSITIVE reinforcement “Stick” = NEGATIVE reinforcement

6 Hitler officiates at the opening of the Frankfurt-to-Darmstatdt stretch of the autobahn in May 1935.

7 Volkswagon

8 Attended by Ferry Porsche (left), son of the designer,and by SS officials, Hitler inspects on of the 15,000 amphibious Volkswagens produced in wartime.

9 From a gunboat at dockside, Hitler sees off a cruise ship – one of six that carried more that 7,000 vacationers to the Norwegian fjords in 1937.

10 Participants in a Strength-through –joy tour pause at a Rhine Valley overlook. In 1938, six million workers, one out of every five in Germany, enjoyed a trip as part of the Nazis' organized leisure program.

11 False identity cards provided cover for a German Jewish physician, Dr. Herman O. Pineas.


13 A Generation of Believers Leader Baldur von Schirach sits among his charges in 1938. “Every Hitler Youth,”he exhorted “carries a marshal’s baton in his knapsack.”

14 Exemplars of German womankind,memb ers of an organization for girls over 17 know as the Faith and Beauty corps perform a precision exercise.

15 “Fuhrer command, we follow ! All say Yes!” reads the banner on a truck that carries Hitler Youths to a propaganda demonstration in Berlin in 1934.

16 Before an inscription glorifying struggle, girls of a Hitler Youth club follow their leader in song.

17 Ten young women balance with a rolling hoop at a national competition held in 1934. The girls’ performance usually stressed grace and coordination.

18 Packing military gear, Hitler Youths stride past timekeepers in a speed–hiking competition.

19 Human chariots-consisting of one boy mounted on the backs of two others and holding reins attached to three more – race at a Hitler Youth field day.

20 In an open air classroom, Motor Hitler Youths study a diagram of a motorcycle engine. The boys were taught how to repair their vehicles on the road.

21 Maneuvering their open boats in the North Sea, Marine Hitler Youths rig a sail and catch a breeze.

22 Strapped into a glider, an earnest youngster gets a takeoff push from boys behind. Germany later pioneered the use of gliders to transport troops.

23 In a Potsdam park, girls training to become group leaders in the League of German Girls perform their morning exercises.

24 Deeply engrossed, Hitler Youth members read quietly in the library of their Berlin academy. All their books, from fairy tales to war histories, were censored.

25 An officer quizzes youngsters at a National Political Academy. The students,organized into”platoons,”were taught to cultivate a “soldierly attitude.”

26 Using binoculars and a compass, a Hitler Youth team seeks out its objective during a test in map reading. From 1939 on, the German armed forces supervised all Hitler Youth marksmanship training and field exercises.

27 Singing as they go, Hitler Youth skiers march behind a corporal from an Army mountain unit.

28 At a school in the Odenwald, a Hitler Youth class learns how to take apart and clean a rifle.

29 Bound for Nuremberg in 1938, flag bearers lead a group of Hitler Youth through the town of Furth.

30 A tent city n the outskirts of Nuremberg houses Hitler Youth members during the week-long rally.

31 Three young trumpeters – each with a hand placed on his dagger hilt – look out at the flag-bedecked Nuremberg stadium and its tightly packed stands.

32 Resistance

33 Pastor Marin Niemoller, was placed in solitary confinement at Sachsenhausen and Dachau for denouncing the Nazi from the pulpit of his Berlin church.

34 “ I regard myself as guilty as any SS man.” –Pastor Niemoller SS = Abbreviation for German word Schutzstaffel -Elite group of Nazi Party -Personal guard for Hitler -Special security force in Germany & occupied countries -Operated Nazi concentration camps

35 Watch Movie – Swing Kids Main Characters –Peter Muller –Thomas Berger –Arvid –Frau Muller (Frau = Mrs.) –Willi Muller –Frau Linge –Emil –Herr Knopf =( Herr = Mr.)Gestapo official –Herr Schumler = bookstore owner

36 Gestapo contraction of Geheime Staatspolizei: “secret state police”) was the official secret police of Nazi Germany. The name itself came from the official abbrevation of "Geheimes Staatspolizei-Amt (GeStaPA)" and soon became "Gestapo". Under the overall administration of the Schutzstaffel (SS), it was administered by the Reichssicherheitshauptamt (RSHA) (“head office of the reich security service”) was considered a dual organization of the Sicherheitsdienst (SD) (“security service”) and also a suboffice of the Sicherheitspolizei (SIPO) (“security police”).

37 Swing Kids Reflection Feelings, thoughts on the message of the movie Which character do you think you would have been more like & WHY ? –Peter, Thomas OR Arvid Which character do you wish you were more like & WHY ?

38 EXTRA CREDIT OPPORTUNITY Recommended : Topic–White Rose / Sophie Scholl Book–The Short Life of Sophie Scholl Book–Works Cited info: Vinke, Hermann, The Short Life of Sophie Scholl, New York: Harper and Row, 1980 Pick up the Activity Sheet related to this topic if interested

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