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The Rise of Hitler (1918 - 1936). Nov. 1918 zKaiser William II abdicates zArmistice signed ending the fighting.

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1 The Rise of Hitler ( )

2 Nov zKaiser William II abdicates zArmistice signed ending the fighting

3 1919 zJanuary - Revolt in Berlin yput down by provisional government ydidn’t have support of the army zFebruary - Wiemar Republic created ynew Constitution

4 Wiemar Republic yPresident elected by universal male suffrage xEmergency power to rule by decree if necessary yReichstag x legislature given representation based on electorate yChancellor xPrime Minister - works for both President and Reichstag

5 Beer Hall Putsch zMunich 1923 zLed by Adolf Hitler zFails and he is sent to prison yuses trial as a place to spread his word yserves 8 months zWrites “Mein Kampf”

6 1925 Presidential Election zPaul von Hindenberg elected President yretired war hero ydid NOT want to run

7 The Problems Mount zInflation, and I mean INFLATION! x1913 $1 exchanged for 4 Papiermarks x1923 $1 exchanged for 4,000,000,000,000 Papiermarks German Papiermark

8 “25/48/53” zHindenburg urged, becomes more dictatorial yCan appoint anyone Chancellor yCan dissolve Reichstag causing a re- vote

9 Heinrich Brüning yCatholic Party Leader yPower play forces him into Chancellor role yUses Articles 25/48/53 to rule yRaise taxes yDecreases government spending

10 Great Depression z6 million Germans out of work z1928 Nazi Party gets 2% of vote z1930 Nazi Party gets 17% of vote z1932 Nazi Party gets 37%

11 "Gentlemen, I hope you will not hold me capable of appointing this Austrian corporal to be Reich Chancellor". Paul von Hindenberg

12 1932 zApril Elections yHindenburg defeats Hitler for President zMay - Hindenburg dismisses Bruning ypower struggle von Papen vs. Schleicher vs. Hitler zHitler demands Chancellor position and total control of the government by the Nazi Party yHindenburg refuses

13 1933 zHindenburg appoints Hitler Chancellor and Papen Vice Chancellor yHindenburg thinks he can control Nazi’s zFebruary Reichstag set on fire yHitler blames Communists yIncreases Nazi control to over 50%

14 Enabling Act March 1933 zHitler given dictatorial powers for four years zJanuary 1934 given the power to change the Constitution zHindenburg dies in August 1934 yHitler creates a plebiscite to merge Presidency and Chancellorship y90% vote yes

15 The Big Lie zMaster race of Germans ycreated every major achievement in history zLebensraum yliving space, kill the Poles, Slavs, Russians zEncirclement yweak people around us want to invade zUnquestioned obedience zJews were the greatest criminals ever

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