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The War in Europe.

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1 The War in Europe

2 Lebensraum Third Reich’s future depended on Lebensraum
Set sights on Austria and Czechoslovakia

3 Union with Austria Hitler meets with Austrian Chancellor-Kurt von Schushnigg Hitler is demanding and angry with him Demands Schushnigg appoint Nazis to Austrian govmt Schushnigg eventually agrees

4 Union with Austria On return home-Schuschnigg changes his mind
Informed Hitler

5 Union with Austria Schuschnigg forced to resign
Germany announced Anschluss or union with Austria was complete

6 Bargaining for the Sudetenland
Hitler then turns to Czechoslovakia Sudetenland-northern Czech. Along German border

7 Bargaining for the Sudetenland
Hitler said Czechs were abusing Sudeten Germans Began massing troops on Czech border

8 Bargaining for the Sudetenland
Hitler invites French Prime Minister and British Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain to Munich Germany Hitler promised Sudetenland would be his last territorial demand

9 Bargaining for the Sudetenland
French and British PMs believe Hitler Sept. 30, 1938 sign Munich Pact

10 Bargaining for the Sudetenland
“My friends…there has come back from Germany peace with honor. I believe it is peace in our time.” Neville Chamberlain

11 Bargaining for the Sudetenland
Winston Churchill-

12 Soviets Declare Neutrality
An attack on Poland would also provoke a declaration of war from France and Britain-both promised military aid to Poland

13 Soviets Declare Neutrality
Stalin decides that he has more to lose than to gain in a war against Germany

14 Soviets Declare Neutrality
Nonaggression Pact- Soviet Union and Germany would not fight each other

15 Blitzkrieg in Poland September 1, 1939-Germany invades Poland
1st test of new Germany military strategy-Blitzkrieg

16 Blitzkrieg in Poland Britain and France declare war on Germany on Sept. 3 Blitzkrieg worked


18 Blitzkrieg in Poland During the last week of fighting-the Soviet Union attacks Poland from the east

19 The Phony War Quiet for the next few months
French and British stayed behind Maginot Line

20 The Phony War Germans stayed in Germany Quiet broken by Soviets

21 The Phony War April 9, 1940 Germany invades Denmark and Norway
Then Netherlands, Belgium, and Luxembourg-overrun by May

22 Fall of France Allied British and French forces outnumbered and outgunned



25 Fall of France Italy enters war on side of Germans and invades southern France


27 Fall of France Nazis occupy northern 2/3 of France

28 Fall of France French general Charles de Gaulle flees to Britain

29 Battle of Britain Nazis assemble an invasion fleet along the French coast in preparation for invasion of Britain

30 Battle of Britain German Luftewaffe begins bombing British cities

31 Battle of Britain British Royal Air Force(RAF) fight excellently

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