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Adolf Hitler Rise to Power.

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1 Adolf Hitler Rise to Power

2 Hitler’s early life Born 4/20/1889 in Austria Never knew who his
Grandfather was---possibly Jewish—Mother worked For wealthy Jewish family --speculation their 19 year old son got her pregnant

3 Hitler’s Boyhood—Hitler top right
Two things happened at age 6 1. He entered school 2. His father retired This created a structure and strictness in his life he was not used too. His father often used harsh words and occasional beatings: His older brother ran away from home at age 14—never returned…Hitler was next in line to get it from his father.

4 Hitler’s Boyhood Hitler’s family moved and he soon attended school at a Catholic monastery: They had several swastikas carved out of wood…Hitler liked how they looked. He did well here, was in the boy choir, even considered being a priest.

5 Young Hitler

6 Hitler’s Childhood He loved playing army and war with his younger brother One day he was rummaging through his father’s books and found several war military books. It became an obsession—reading it over and over and thinking it was a glorious event!

7 Hitler’s childhood His younger brother died at age 6, he was 11. He was buried next to their house. Hitler would often stare at it out the window He moved again and found out he had talent for drawing

8 Hitler must choose a career
He wanted to be an artist Father wanted him to be a Civil Servant like him Argue over his career choice He failed his first year/second year did better Developed German nationalism—soon became an obsession Father died when Hitler was 13, leaving him head of the household

9 Hitler’s artwork

10 Hitler and World War I He was upset at the Assassination of Archduke Ferdinand. Joined the Bavarian army 1916—wounded by enemy shell/temp blinded by mustard gas attack—received 2 iron crosses for Bravery

11 Hitler far left

12 The origins of Hitler’s hatred towards Jews and Communists
Communist-inspired insurrection shook Germany while Hitler was recovering from his injuries Some of the leaders were Jews Started his hatred for the two Hitler’s Youth growing up

13 German Worker’s Party Started as a handful of disorganized right-wing members Hitler actually hired to keep tabs on them Instead, he saw the German Worker’s Party as the perfect vehicle to reach an end politically Added his hatred for the Jews to their beliefs

14 Hitler

15 German Worker’s Party Oct. 16, 1919 he delivered his first passionate speech It captivated the audience and donations began to pour in for the Party He attacked Jews/blamed them for German employment problems Used the Swastika as their symbol

16 Nazi symbols

17 Munich Putsch 11/8/1923 Hitler held a rally at a Munich beer hall and proclaimed a revolution Led 2,000 armed “brownshirts” attempted to take over the Bavarian government in Munich Put down—Hitler tried for treason—sentenced to 5 years jail..served 8 months—began to write Mein Kampf

18 Hitler and the brownshirts

19 Mein Kampf It detailed his views of the German people
He attacked democrats, Communists, internationalists, but especially Jews Jews were responsible for all the problems and evils of the world, and for Germany’s defeat in WWI

20 Mein Kampf Jews Germany’s one true enemy
Goal is to lower the racial purity of the Germans Jews---subhuman—can’t breed with the master race—Germans Jews can only be stopped by eliminating them Over 5 million copies sold by start of WWII

21 Hitler’s rise to Power Nazi’s won white collar and northern farmers vote Won 18% of vote because of depression 1933 Hitler was Chancellor of Germany 1934 Hitler succeeded President Hinenburg—began to create dictatorship Got rid of those who opposed him politically

22 Nazi Ideology 1. Anti-Semitism—Jews racially alien to Europe,source of all problems 2. Nationalism—racially superior/should be strongest country 3. Militarism—true expression of human creativity, courage, self-sacrifice, and survival 4. Anti-communism—Russian bolshevism threatened European civilization and should be destroyed.

23 Adolf Hitler will lead Germany

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