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When I started to do this presentation, I had a lot of questions about the holocaust, and why would Hitler want to kill off the Jews and other groups?

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3 When I started to do this presentation, I had a lot of questions about the holocaust, and why would Hitler want to kill off the Jews and other groups? This topic would mainly be about the Holocaust, like I planned in the beginning, but when I was in the middle of this presentation, I found out that the Holocaust was a form of Genocide which made me want to know more. In the end I learned a lot about Hitler and Genocide. Let me take you through my experience!

4 The meaning of holocaust is complete destruction, usually with fire. It comes from the Greek: "holos" (completely) and "kaustos" (burned sacrificial offering). One of the main holocausts was when Adolf Hitler attempted to slaughter the Jews during WWII and other groups because Hitler believed the German people were a “master race” and had to have pure German blood, in other words they were “ Aryans” (blond, blue-eyed and tall, non-Jews). The date when Hitler started committing the holocaust was January 30, 1933 to May 8, 1945. Aryans

5 Map of Germany and its neighbour countries. This was during WWII where many of tragedies happened.

6 The meaning of genocide is destruction of an entire race usually based on ethnicity, nationality, race, religion, or (sometimes) politics. Is this what Hitler was doing? Based on the facts I found, it was true that Hitler’s plan was to commit genocide against the Jews and other groups. Back then, when Hitler was appointed Chancellor of Germany, the people who voted for Hitler, it is believed that some of them knew that he would commit genocide against approximately six million people.

7 I believe that Hitler committed genocide because of an article I found on Adolf Hitler which is the “Final Solution” (Teacher’s Guide, 2006). The Final Solution is a plan to engage into genocide against the European Jewish population during World War II and is a language that the Nazis used to hide the evil nature of their crimes. They wanted to kill off the Jews. After which the Nazis gained power, they produced anti- Jewish propaganda aimed to drive the Jews out of the country. They even made many extermination camps. When the people arrived at the camp, they were immediately sent to death. Due to the facts I found, Hitler did commit genocide.propaganda

8 (propaganda) A sign in German saying, "Help liberate Germany from Jewish capital. Don't buy at Jewish stores."

9 Before the Final Solution, there was also the Madagascar Plan in 1940. This is when the Nazis shipped the Jews to Madagascar. The Jews were told they were to resettle so they only brought clothing, blankets, shoes, eating utensils, a bowl, and some money. But instead they were brought to death camps. During the trip to the camps many died of freezing or suffocating to death. The Nazis did not even bring the corpses out of the trains because they wanted to count all the Jews. The camps did not have any barracks to keep prisoners and the conditions were brutal, making living really hard.

10 Idi Amin was another person that committed genocide, he was born at 1924 and died at 2003. It was believed that he was over angered which might be the reason that he committed genocide. He gained power in Uganda when Obote (which was the current president) attended a Commonwealth meeting in Singapore, then Amin led a coup d'etat and called himself the new president. His first act was sending “killer squads” to hunt down Obote’s supporters which were known as "State Research Bureau.” During the reign of Idi Amin, there were murders of 100,000 to 300,000 Ugandans. Many of the prisoners in prison were freed since they were Amin’s supporters. He also made 50,000 Asians in 1972 to leave Uganda and gave them 90 days. Overall, he surely did commit genocide because of what he had done to Obote and his supporters.


12 However genocide did not stop with WWII, or with IDI AMIN - there is still definitely a lot of genocide in the world. An example of genocide right now is in Darfur, where mass killing is happening. Lots of people have been killed not just in the past, but in the present as well.

13 I have also found that right now in 2006, in Darfur there is still genocide. The genocide in Darfur started in 2003. Death is said to come closely to their neighbouring countries which are Cameroon and Niger. The person that is committing the genocide in Darfur is believed to be the government. I found out it is a Sudanese government that is doing the attacks. The problem started because of a rebel group began attacking government targets. In total, there are two main local rebel groups. The government is accused of trying to cleanse off black Africans from large pieces of land areas. Some say the reason behind the attack is because the government is favoring the Arabs over black Africans.

14 Over 2000 villages have been attacked and destroyed. Right now, the government is making the ethnic conflict more violent by using airplanes to bomb people, harassing people, preventing people to come and help them, and sending in people that supports the government, and by going into their villages to steal camels and horses. Right now, over 300,000 people have died. More than 200,000 people are in refugee camps in the country beside them, which is Chad. Right now, many people are dying from lack of food, water and poor health. -Burnt villages -

15 Some of the people in Darfur sought refugee at the borders of Chad.

16 During Friday, 23 July, 2004, 16:13 GMT 17:13 UK

17 So as you can see there is still genocide in the world because people like to kill based on their own believes. It is wrong! It should be stopped! Once there is peace in the world, there will be no more genocide. (I hope)

18 Teacher’s Guide=


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