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Adolf Hitler The Life and Death. Deep are the roots… 1889-1918 Adolf’s father, Alois Hitler, was born in 1837 to an unmarried woman, Anna Schicklgruber.

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1 Adolf Hitler The Life and Death

2 Deep are the roots… 1889-1918 Adolf’s father, Alois Hitler, was born in 1837 to an unmarried woman, Anna Schicklgruber His grandmother had worked for a Jewish man named Frankenberger who paid her support money for a number of years after she had her son Adolf’s father was raised by a stepfather, Johann Heidler, whose last name was misspelled as “Hitler” on some court records and it stood from then on. Alois Hitler had three children, Alois Jr., Paula, and Adolf. He beat Adolf everyday, according to his sister, Paula.

3 Deep are the roots… 1889-1918 Adolf didn’t do well in school and never graduated from high school. He was denied admittance into the Academy of Fine Arts and so he joined the army and fought in World War I. On October 14, 1918, Hitler was blinded by gas in Belgium and sent to a hospital. While in the hospital, he was treated for hysterical blindness. His sight returned, but he lost it again when he heard that Germany had surrendered. He heard voices telling him to save Germany and when he regained his vision, he decided to enter into politics

4 Birth of the Nazi Party… 1918-1923 In Munich, he took over a little group calling themselves the German Worker’s Party. On Feb. 24, 1920, Hitler spoke to his first mass audience of 2,000 at the Hofbrauhaus where he first presented his idea of the Nazi Party In 1922, Hitler led a march intended to go to Berlin, starting in Munich, but he was defeated and sixteen of his comrades were killed. He was imprisoned.

5 A mind in the making… 1924-1930 Hitler defended himself in court and attacked the government. He received five years in prison. Women in the courtroom requested to bathe in his tub and brought him flowers. In prison, he dictated his book, MEIN KAMPF, to his chauffeur, Emil Maurice. When Hitler got out of prison, he re-established the Nazi party and changed his message so it wasn’t too radical. He was soon speaking to crowds of 20,000 or more in places like Nuremberg.

6 The Loves of Adolf Hitler Stephanie Jansten -Hitler never even met her, but admired her from afar -He meant to commit suicide with her Mitzi Reiter -a 16 year old who dated Hitler and tried to commit suicide by choking herself with a clothesline tied to the door Geli Raubal -the daughter of his half-sister who was 19 yrs. Younger -she moved in with him, but cheated on him numerous times -she committed suicide by shooting herself

7 The Loves of Adolf Hitler Eva Braun -She was 17 when Hitler started dating her. -She was jealous of his dedication to politics and the women he posed with and tried to commit suicide the same way that Geli did. -After that, Hitler paid her more attention and she became his exclusive mistress.

8 The Brown Revolution… 1932-1933 In early 1932, Hitler ran for president against Von Hindenburg, but lost by millions of votes. However, there were many parties in the election and a run-off election was held. Even though Hitler received more votes, he still lost. Even though he lost the election for president, he was appointed chancellor and used his new position to get rid of democracy in Germany. His popularity grew and people flocked to his birthplace, chipping stones from the foundation to take back with them, and washing in the wooden trough in the courtyard as if it were holy water.

9 The Year of Crises… 1934 Hitler proposed an alliance with Mussolini of Italy but he was turned down. The head of his SA was planning a revolt, so Hitler took him and any enemies out in the Night of the Long Knives. Hindenberg signed a law combining the offices of President and Chancellor on his death. When Hitler went to visit him on his deathbed, Von Hindenberg took one look at him and clamped his mouth shut, refusing to talk to him. When Hindenberg died, 90 percent of Germans voted Hitler into the position of President.

10 Tomorrow, the world… 1935-1938 Hitler acquired countries and territories peacefully like Austria and Czechoslovakia. He improved living conditions by: -creating the Autobahn (system of highways) -developing a people’s car that was compact and affordable (the VW) -improving pollution problems and the general health of the nation as well as working conditions -he envisioned better things for the future such as underground parking garages

11 The War Years… 1939-1945 Hitler invades Poland with the Soviet Union, then betrays them. Mussolini from Italy finally agrees to join him, as does the Japanese, who launch the attack on the United States. The Final Solution against the Jews was carried out while medical experiments were carried out against other victims groups (such as seeing how long gypsies could survive on salt water or if poison bullets would kill fast if it was a flesh wound) Germany was badly losing the war by the end of 1944 and surrendered in 1945

12 Attempts on Hitler’s Life… Dr. Erwin Giesing -His doctor once tried to kill him by giving him a double dose of cocaine, but it didn’t have any effect on Hitler The Bomb Plot -There was a bomb in a briefcase on a conference table that was accidentally moved at the last minute by an aide Johann Elser -Planted a bomb in a pillar in the beer hall set to go off at 9:20 am but Hitler ended his speech ten minutes early and left abruptly

13 Hitler’s Last Days… In April of 1945, Hitler moved into the Fueherbunker, an underground bunker fifty feet below the chancellery buildings in Berlin. Propaganda Minister Joseph Goebbels brought his entire family, including six young children, to live with Hitler in the bunker. When Berlin was attacked by the Russians, most people left the bunker to go to the mountain retreat. On April 28 th, Heinrich Himmler surrendered to the Allies. Hitler was so mad that he ordered Himmler’s personal rep. in the bunker, who was also Eva Braun’s brother in law, to be taken above ground and shot. Later that evening, he dictated his last will and political statement. On April 29 th, he married Eva Braun in a civil ceremony and celebrated his marriage for an hour.

14 Hitler’s Last Days… Hitler then prepared for his death…he first tested the poison on his favorite dog, Blondi. At 2:00 pm on April 30, 1945, Hitler had his last meal, a vegetarian lunch, said his farewells and he and his new wife went into another room and killed themselves. Their bodies were burned. On May 1, Goebbels and his wife poisoned their six children and then had an SS man shoot them and burn them.

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