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1 Rotary Club of Eltham Club Assembly ( 7 February 2008 )

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1 1 Rotary Club of Eltham Club Assembly ( 7 February 2008 )

2 2 The Program Introductory comments (R.McD) 6.45pm What makes a successful Club/ Purpose 6.50pm Club Administration /program pm Eltham Festival pm Community Service pm Foundation and membership pm Public Relations pm International pm Other pm Close 8.30pm Bundle the topics/issues under these headings, give constructive comments, solutions; review by Board, feedback, adjust.

3 3 Our Purpose “ within the rules and spirit of Rotary, to have an enjoyable and meaningful year, in terms of community service with maximum engagement and involvement “Do stuff and have fun” Enjoyment, friendship and service.

4 4 What constitutes a successful year* * Summary of results from Survey of the Board 12 July Strong Attendance Key is good guest speakers, top program, better publicised Number of members attending Quality speakers/ informative Increased number of members, including femaleNumber of potential members attending More Members sharing service/duty - involvement and engagement. Ensure that the Club maintains interest and members are happy Full engagement of the Club Sufficient activities /projects Repeat enjoyment Increase our Public Relations ProfileGet our news and events/programs into the community Review some of our formatsMore mixed evenings Lift the family of Rotary Remove top table arrangement Tight budgeting

5 5 Key indicators. Membership 50 –one of the strongest clubs in District Good attendance 82% compared with 79% last year. Low female membership (6%) compared with District 12%. Needs addressing Exciting, informative speakers and visits program. High Conference attendance (over 40 last year; this year 17 to date ) Extensive community service to 13 Groups/programs plus provision of Labour and economic benefit to the local community via conduct of the Eltham Festival

6 6 Club Administration Fees: holding at last years level (Treasurer) Meals: new procedure is working Duty teams Working with children check: if you wish to be involved eg transporting students (Red Shield) or RYLA etc must have the check. Your choice, but if in contact (direct) must have. Conference- only 17 booked in (29thFeb/ 2ndMarch) Remembering Brian Weyman Club Bulletin ; Alan Anderson DG Club 35 anniversary in April ( special night ? )

7 7 Rotary calendar/program 25 Meetings in Dec half; 19 in, 6 out. Weekly attendance (avg.) up approx one third. 9 partners nights, themed especially popular. Meeting mix- 4x theme,2x vocation,3x health,4x Rotary svcs,1x Red Cross, 2x BTB,1x aboriginal. Joint meetings held with District Clubs; Greensborough,Rosanna,Healesville;pushed up numbers, boosts new activity ideas. 25 Meetings also in second half…plan is similar balance… 19 in 6out; 5x theme,2x ethnic, 3x Rotary services,2x historical,2xBTB. Highlights-Watsonia Barracks vocation night & Eltham Rotary Music hall, 4th weekend of May.

8 8 Eltham Festival Profit from 2007 festival $30,550 approx. Receipts : - Sponsorship $ Site rentals Nillumbik Shire Funding Nillumbik Shire Grant Other Receipts Less: Payments : - Entertainment Marquees/Equipment Staging / Production Event Management Fireworks Security Prizes Secretarial Other (64280) Profit $ Meet with Council ( funding ) Finalize Festival committee

9 9 Programs/community support Programs, donations to community groups : - Student Exchange (Japan) Mental Health Concert (Brad Quilliam) Eltham High Breakfast Program Eltham High – Disadvantaged Student Lord Somers Camp Eltham Interact Club ( Timor Night) Bionic Ear Institute Bone Marrow Research Laboratory Rotary Foundation RYLA Judge Book ( Forecourt Concreting) District Drought Relief Christmas Hamper (Local Family) Eltham Foodshare Eltham Festival - Notional Labour Cost ?? - Community Economic Benefit ?? Note: There are some on -going programs such as International ( India ) not in the above list as payment falls outside the specified period

10 10 Community service Eltham festival Judge Book / Leith Park Bunnings Interact New generations Sausage sizzles Other

11 11 Program and Public relations Interesting and informative speakers Run with themes-footy night near final, Fed election commentator; cup eve More mixed functions Coincide with the Rotary calendar More members behind the badge Publicize the speaker when appropriate Rosie obtaining PR wins Need Rotary badge on our Projects.

12 12 International Friendship Exchange Indigenous project Kija (Bungle Bungles WA) Mizoram and Serkhan Village, India. Aqua Box Water Tanks Tonga

13 13 Foundation and membership Donations to the Centurion club Other Foundation initiatives Membership – increase members by 5 (net terms ) Prospective members’ cocktail party held 13 September 07

14 14 Next steps Board to review your comments Give members feedback Review, adjust and implement where appropriate Have 2 or 3 assemblies through year Use Bulletin also as communication tool Ensure we push ahead and drive off success of Angry appointment – galvanise us and be stronger than ever

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