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Prof. Carlo Fiorini 1 The PhD program in Information Technology at DEIB Prof. Carlo Fiorini Chair of the PhD program in Information Technology April 22.

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1 Prof. Carlo Fiorini 1 The PhD program in Information Technology at DEIB Prof. Carlo Fiorini Chair of the PhD program in Information Technology April 22 th, 2015

2 Prof. Carlo Fiorini 2 Titolo Presentazione Professori Summary 1.The PhD in IT at DEIB 2.Informations on the PhD call 3.Questions answering

3 Prof. Carlo Fiorini 3 The PhD in Information Technology (IT) at DEIB Goals: PhD thesis: an original research contribution advanced education: advanced courses, seminars, “minor” research opportunity of experience abroad, participation in conferences

4 Prof. Carlo Fiorini 4 Research areas in Information Technology Computer Science and Engineering, Electronics, Telecommunications, Systems and Control within the Dipartimento di Elettronica, Informazione e Bioingegneria (DEIB)

5 Prof. Carlo Fiorini 5 Computer Science and Engineering Chair: Prof. Tanca PhD vice Chair: Prof. Bonarini Research Areas Computer architectures Advanced software architectures Artificial Intelligence and Robotics Data management systems Method and Technologies for Web Development Communication and Multimedia Information Systems Performance Evaluation

6 Prof. Carlo Fiorini 6 Electronics Chair: Prof. Lacaita PhD vice Chair: Prof. Geraci Research Areas Circuits and Systems: theory and applications Single-Photon Detectors and Applications Radiation Detectors and Low Noise Electronics Electronic Circuit Design Electron Devices

7 Prof. Carlo Fiorini 7 Systems and Control Chair: Prof. Savaresi PhD vice Chair: Prof. Bolzern Research Areas Analysis and Management of Environmental systems and Land Use Automation and Control of Plants, Machines and Networks Vehicles Control Nonlinear Dynamics Optimization in the Design and Management of Networks Advanced Techniques for Identification and Control Optical and Electronic Measurements

8 Prof. Carlo Fiorini 8 Telecommunications Chair: Prof. Tubaro PhD vice Chair: Prof. Monti Guarnieri Research Areas Networking Applied Electromagnetics Information Transmission and Radio Communications Optical Communications Wireless and Space Communications Remote Sensing Signal Processing for Multimedia and Telecommunications

9 Prof. Carlo Fiorini 9 Dipartimento di Elettronica, Informazione e Bioingegneria The Politecnico di Milano is one of the top European technical Universities in Architecture, Design and Engineering. The Dipartimento di Elettronica, Informazione e Bioingegneria is Politecnico’s largest department, very active in research at international level - European research projects - international research networks - research published in international journals and conferences - international and national patents - spin-off companies and consortia

10 Prof. Carlo Fiorini 10 Deib’s Facilities Via Ponzio (Milan) ed. 20Via Golgi,40 (Milan) Ed. 24 Spino d’Adda Satellite Station Electromagnetic compatibility laboratory "C.E.S.A.R.E." Via Golgi, 42 (Milan) ed. 22

11 Prof. Carlo Fiorini 11 DEIB’s People (2014): staff by role 740 people

12 Prof. Carlo Fiorini 12 PhD students at DEIB - 2014 185 enrolled students (48 foreign) 44 titles awarded

13 Prof. Carlo Fiorini 13 Enrollment and scholarships in 2014 - final number of enrolled students for the XXX cycle: 68 (65 + 3 II call) - number of scholarships assigned : 45 5 by research agreements 16 from the department 24 from the Ministry (1 reserved to foreign candidates) - enrolled without scholarship: 17 7 covered by a supervisor’s grant (equivalent to scholarship) - enrolled through special international agreements: 6 (with grant)

14 Prof. Carlo Fiorini 14 Employment of PhD Alumni ending in 2012/2013 Tot. 56

15 Prof. Carlo Fiorini 15 The PhD program During the PhD program a limited teaching activity (≤ 40 hours/year) is also possible PhD program duration: 3 years (with possible extension to a fourth year) Opportunity of ‘PhD Executive’ program for people working in industry duration: 4 years

16 Prof. Carlo Fiorini 16 PhD Students activities research  Within Department research areas -> Find your area and a potential advisor  Involvement in research projects (basic and applied research)  Develop new research ideas -> publish papers, present them at conferences – aiming at excellent research results  Write your thesis courses  All DEIB teaching activities in English  30 credits courses (typ. 6 courses x 5 credits) among them, >15 credits from DEIB courses >5 credits from courses of the PhD school

17 Prof. Carlo Fiorini 17 The PhD call, selection and enrollment Call (published the 20th of April, deadline is May 29 th, 2015 at 14.00) On-line procedure University Master degree required (  95/110 in Italy or minimum average marks in other countries – see call)  Title can be earned by October 31 st 2015  English certificate (see list in the call) Result of selection: ranking of candidates  Admitted with scholarship  Admitted (could get a scholarship in later replacement phases)  Idoneous (could be admitted in later replacement phases)  Non idoneous Start of the PhD program:  1 st November 2015

18 Prof. Carlo Fiorini 18 Available positions, scholarships and other grants Available positions: 80 positions available to be filled according to the selection procedure (competitive selection) Scholarships 26 general scholarships in the call 14 topic scholarships, industrial and from DEIB research funds (to be selected on the on-line procedure before the deadline of the 29th of May) (ask responsible for a topic scholarship for more informations) Net amount: 1200 euros (no taxes) Support for accomodation available for foreign students (see call) Other grants most of the students without a scholarship are supported through collaborations to research projects (ask your potential advisor)

19 Prof. Carlo Fiorini 19 TITLE OF PHD COURSEPOSITIONS OF WHICH general scholarships topic scholarships INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY Area 1. Computer Science and Engineering3096 Area 2. Electronics2256 Area 3. Systems and Control1662 Area 4. Telecommunications126- Positions, scholarships

20 Prof. Carlo Fiorini 20 ProponenteAreaTema Stefano Ceri1Genomic Computing Daniele Ielmini2Design and fabrication of beyond-CMOS logic circuits by resistive switches Daniele Ielmini2Simulation of memristive devices and circuits for logic and neuromorphic computing Gianantonio Magnani3Off-road driving with an unmanned autonomous vehicle Matteo Rossi1Design, implementation, and verification of context-aware Complex Event Processing techniques for travel assistants Topic scholarships (1)

21 Prof. Carlo Fiorini 21 Topic scholarships (2) ProponenteAreaTema Luciano Baresi1Web of Things approach for Smart Social Spaces Luciano Baresi1Enablers for Public Smart Space Applications and Services Giacomo Boracchi1Intelligent embedded systems for high- dimensional and high-complexity datastreams Patrizio Colaneri3Optimization and cooperative control of networked systems with applications Giacomo Langfelder2Development of smart MEMS sensors, circuits and systems

22 Prof. Carlo Fiorini 22 Topic scholarships (3) ProponenteAreaTema Marco Sampietro2High-frequency, all-printed organic and hybrid circuits operating at low voltage Marco Sampietro2High Resolution direct-written field-effect transistors for high frequency applications Stefano Zanero1Advanced threat analysis and response Franco Zappa2High speed and intensity LASER DRIVERS for IR scanning systems based on TIME-of- FLIGHT architecture

23 Prof. Carlo Fiorini 23 Application procedure -Through the on-line application web site -Max two areas can be selected -Provide all required info -List all the degrees you have and provide transcripts -Write a good motivation statement -CV (including passed exams and marks, if not graduated yet) -Research project -A “research” exercise -Not necessarily your future research topic, BUT it is suggested to discuss it with your potential advisor -Provide references -If you are in contact with an advisor you can ask him/her if (s) if you can indicate him as reference people -Only the names have to be provided, reference letters, skype calls may be asked directly to the contacts -Select on-line thematic scholarships -READ CAREFULLY THE CALL AND FOLLOW THE INSTRUCTIONS

24 Prof. Carlo Fiorini 24 Contacts Prof. Carlo Fiorini (Coordinator) Prof. Andrea Bonarini (Comp.Science and Eng.) Prof. Angelo Geraci (Electronics) Prof. Paolo Bolzern (Sys.Control) Prof. Andrea Monti Guarnieri (Telecommunications) Secretariat Francesca Clemenza Standing committee 25 Professors of DEIB

25 Prof. Carlo Fiorini 25 For more information PhD information brochure (take one copy now) Do not be afraid to ask! (coordinator, PhD vice chairs, professors, PhD students…) About the administrative procedures of the call: PhD School

26 Prof. Carlo Fiorini 26 Career Day: 12th of May – Politecnico Bovisa Stand and presentation of the PhD program more info on: Other events

27 Prof. Carlo Fiorini 27 QUESTIONS?

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