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The Skeletal System.

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1 The Skeletal System

2 What is a bone? The Skeletal system is made up of the bones and cartilage that forms the framework of your body. Babies have 300 bones Adults have 206 bones

3 The inside of a bone The bone is made by salts, water and tissue.
Inside the bone is the marrow, which produces blood cells.

4 Bone Classification

5 Anatomy of a Long Bone spongy bone Proximal compact bone epiphysis
diaphysis yellow marrow Distal epiphysis cartilage

6 Functions of the Skeletal System
Support Framework that supports body and cradles its soft organs Protection For delicate organs, heart, lungs, brain Mineral storage Calcium & phosphate Movement Bones act as levers for muscles Blood cell formation Hematopoiesis (marrow)

7 The Spine The spine is the central support for the body.
The spina is made up of separate bones calles vertebrae. Between each vertebrae is cartilage which keeps bone from rubbing against each other. 26 vertebrae in the human body!

8 Rib Your rib is made up of 12 vertebrae.
It protects your heart from knocks and bumps

9 Hands and feet The bones in your hands and feet are VERY flexible.
The foot has 26 bones. The hand has 27 bones.

10 Place where two or more bones meet
Joints Pivot Place where two or more bones meet Hinge Glinding Ball-and-Socket Joint

11 Synovial Joint Movement
Extension Rotation Flexion Adduction Abduction

12 Diseases of the Skeletal System:
Osteoporosis- bone reabsorption outpaces bone deposit; bones become lighter and fracture easier Factors: age, gender (more in women) estrogen and testosterone decrease insufficient exercise (or too much) diet poor in Ca++ and protein abnormal vitamin D receptors smoking

13 Osteoporosis 29 40 84 92

14 Review (in pairs) 1. Describe 4 functions of bones.
2. Describe each type of joint 3. Describe two diseases that affect the skeletal system. 4. Red bone marrow produces blood cells. Children have red bone marrow in their long bones, while adults have yellow bone marrow, which stores fat. Why might adults and children have different kinds of marrow? 5. What might happen if children´s bones didn´t have growth plates of cartilage?

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