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2 Index 1. General Brief 2. Team & Organization Chart 3. Current Projects 4. Company Projects

3 General Brief ASAS Was Established in1983. ASAS is primarily involved in civil construction. Being an active participant in the construction market for more than 27 years, the company has obtained a reputation of a stable and reliable partner, having necessary technical knowledge, experience in fulfilling complex and crucial tasks and uniting a team of active and highly qualified employees ASAS consists of a team of highly skilled engineers and architects with the innovative and dynamic approach required to develop state-of-the-art projects in the construction field. ASAS has a highly qualified crew of Surveyors and Draftsman. The company’s economical and technical potential allows it to carry out several contracts in construction of civil objects simultaneously.

4 General Brief Our goals are to: Provide the client with a project that fulfills their requirements to the highest standard in a reasonable time frame and within their budget. Be a company where employees are proud to work. Be an internationally recognized executor of quality construction. Goal fulfillment will be accomplished by: Recruiting highly qualified professionals that are able to perform their required tasks to the best standards. Providing our team with continuous training to increase their abilities to understand our clients’ needs.

5 General Brief ASAS Offices are located at: Ahmed Al Jaber St., Kuwait City Salem Al Mubarak St., Salmyia ASAS employs more than 100 employees. General Manager: Engineer Gobran Saba

6 General Brief


8 ASAS is a Certified Builder for KIRBY Company

9 General Brief

10 Index 2. Team & Organization Chart 1. General Brief 3. Current Projects 4. Company Projects

11 Our Technical Team Gergis Aziz Civil Engineer (since 1987) Project Manager Gobran Saba General Manager Mohsen Adeeb Civil Engineer (since 1995) Project Manager Mousa Fahmy Mena Architect (since 1986) Senior Site Engineer Gamal Boshra Civil Engineer (since1989) Project Manager Zelda Ziegelbaum Interior Designer Head of Z.Design (Interior Design Dept.)

12 Gobran Saba General Manager Hany Helmy Gad Civil Engineer (since 2002) Mustafa Abdul Salam,PMP Civil Engineer (since 2000) Planner & Quality Control Our Technical Team Mahmoud Abdul Rahman Civil Engineer (since 2002) Senior Projects Coordinator Rasha Samy Architect (since 1997) Senior Technical Office Engineer Mahalakshmi Architect (since 1999) Technical Office Engineer

13 Gobran Saba General Manager Our Technical Team Yousef Melk Architect (since 2003) Site Engineer Wafiq Melad Rezk Civil Engineer (since 2003) Fady Gamil Civil Engineer (since 2008) Junior Site Engineer

14 Gobran Saba General Manager Aziz Frej General Foreman Ra’afat Belal Executive Secretary Kamel Attia General Foreman Our Technical Team Moneer General Foreman Magdy Wasfy Maken Senior Surveyor

15 Reporting Diagram General Manager BMT Hospital Adasani Villa KIB Bank Coptic Church

16 Organizational Chart General Manager Eng: Gobran Interior Design Dept. Architect: Zelda Junior Site Eng. Eng: Yousef BMT Hospital PM Eng: Girgis Church PM Eng: Mohsen Adsani Villa PM Eng: Mohsen KIB PM Eng: Gamal Management Depart. Eng: Mustafa Senior Site Eng. Eng: Mousa Senior Site Eng. Eng: Wafiq Site Eng. Eng : Hany Junior Site Eng. Eng: Fady Technical Depart. Eng: Rasha Foreman Kamel Foreman Monir

17 Index 1. General Brief 2. Team & Organization Chart 4. Company Projects 3. Current Projects

18 Current Projects ASAS currently has four construction projects with a total value of KD7,500,000 equipped with specialized construction facilities, staffed with highly qualified personnel, capable of building, reconstructing, trimming and equipping new objects independently. The Current Projects are: 1.Yacoub Behbehani Hospital. 2.Kuwait International Bank. 3.Adsani Villa. 4.Egyptian Church.

19 Index 1. General Brief 2. Team & Organization Chart 3. Current Projects 4. Company Projects

20 Company Projects Adsani Villa BMT Hospital Coptic Church Private Chalet KIB Bank Company Projects Company Projects West End Tower

21 BMT is Located at Shuwaikh Medical Area on Al Jahra road (Road 80) Shuwaikh Medical Jahra Road (80) Jamal Abd elnasser (85) Jahez ST. Shuwaikh Educational


23 Yacoub Behbehani for BMT Owner: Mr. Aqeel Behbehani on behalf of “THIRD OF THE LATE YACOUB YOUSUF BEHBEHANI” Consultant: Option One International Owner: Ministry of Public Health

24 Yacoub Behbehani for BMT Project Information: SCHEMATIC DESCRIPTION OF ZONES Floor Area m2No. of Floor Basement Floor Ground Floor First Floor Second Floor Roof Total Area Contract Start Date : Contract End Date : Contract Period : 610 Days Contract Value : 4,728,419 KD. Variation Order : None

25 Yacoub Behbehani for BMT BMT

26 Yacoub Behbehani for BMT South PerspectiveNorth East Perspective North West Perspective

27 Yacoub Behbehani for BMT



30 Project Facilities: The Medical Center is a three storey building, covering a gross area of 8000 m2 and comprises the following facilities:- Outpatient: - Outpatient Department of 6 Clinics. - Medical Records. - Pharmacy. Inpatient Wards: - One Day Ward (Three Bedded Patient Rooms). - BMT Isolation Ward (9 Single Bed Patient Rooms). - Normal Inpatient Wards (6 single bed rooms for female & pediatrics patients, 5 single bed rooms for male patients). Bone Marrow Bank

31 Beirut ST. Tunisia ST. The Church is located behind the Hawally fire station


33 Architect Design: Wagdy El Meri Consultant: Fadel Tefony

34 SCHEMATIC DESCRIPTION OF ZONES Floor Area m2 Basement Floor6500 Ground Floor5200 First Floor4160 Second Floor174 Third Floor3328 Roof6450 Total Area25812 Project Information: Contract Start Date : Contract End Date : Contract Period : 730 Days Contract Value : KD 2,650,000 Variation Order : KD 300,000






40 Egyptian Coptic Orthodox Cathedral The total built-up area of the Project exceeds 25,000 square meters, which includes a 6,500 square meters basement covering the whole plot area. The complex is a multi-purpose building housing a diversified range of activities among them; a Banquet Hall with all related services. The Project includes a housing building, libraries, computer halls, a gymnasium, a kindergarten, a cafeteria, a central kitchen, administration offices and exterior car parks. The Cathedral is furnished to accommodate around 9,000 worshipers

41 KIB is located in Fintas beside The Fintas Co-operative Society Fintas Co-operative Society Costal Road KIB

42 Kuwait International Bank (Funtas) Owner: Kuwait International Bank Consultant: Dar Osama Bukhamseen Design Project Manager: Gulf Consultant

43 Kuwait International Bank




47 Kuwait International Bank (Fintas) SCHEMATIC DESCRIPTION OF ZONES Floor Area m2 Basement Floor300 Ground Floor300 First Floor300 Roof300 Upper Roof100 Total Area1300 Project Information: Contract Start Date : Contract End Date : Contract Period : 272 Days Contract Value : KD 449,459 Variation Order : None

48 Adsani Villa is located at Salwa Sea Side Ta’awan Road (25)


50 Adsani Villa Owner: Marzok Al Adsani Consultant: OPTION ONE INTERNATIONAL

51 Adsani Villa



54 SCHEMATIC DESCRIPTION OF ZONES Floor Area m2 Lower Basement2123 Upper Basement3372 Ground Floor1848 First Floor1511 Second Floor1368 Total Area10222 Project Information: Contract Start Date : Contract End Date : Contract Period : 660 Days Contract Value : KD 473,000 Variation Order : None

55 Adsani Villa Project Facilities: The Villa built up area is about 10,222 m2. The villa contains a formal diwan, a daily diwaniyah, reception, dining hall, master bed room and 6 bedroom quarters. The basement contains a car parking, a central kitchen and a servant quarters.

56 West End Tower is Located at Al Nugra Hawally Third Ring Road Cairo ST..


58 West End Tower Owner: Mr. Aqeel Behbehani Consultant: OPTION ONE INTERNATIONAL

59 West End Tower



62 Project Information: Contract Start Date : Contract End Date : Contract Period : 789 Days Contract Value : KD 1,288,000 Variation Order : KD 70,000 SCHEMATIC DESCRIPTION OF ZONES Floor AreaNo. of FloorTotal Area(m2) Basement Floor7981 Ground Floor951 Typical Floor242X Level Roof781 Total Area4291

63 West End Tower Project Facilities: A 14-floor residential tower. Each floor is a single luxurious apartment. The apartment has a fully furnished kitchen, a master bed room and two bedrooms with an en-suite bathroom for each, a large reception and dining area and a living room. Each apartment has a main entrance and service entrance to the kitchen and the maids quarter. The tower entrance is equipped with a counter and a luxurious reception. The vast parking areas in the basement and ground floor, secure two parking lots for every apartment. The Tower is furnished with a modern camera surveillance system.

64 Bnaider Chalet



67 Project Information: Contract Start Date : Contract End Date : Contract Period : 547 Days Contract Value : KD 115,000 Variation Order : KD 85,000

68 Bnaider Chalet Project Facilities: The chalet consists of a ground floor and a first floor, both with full sea view. The chalet has two swimming pools; one on the sea side with waterfalls and the other in the chalet inner court. The garden surrounding the chalet was designed and organized under the supervision of a company specialized in landscaping and includes special plants, green areas, walking ways, water falls, a pergola and covered car parks.

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