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Ch 5 Review Skeletal System. Identify structure A.Periosteum B.Diaphysis C.Epiphysis D.Spongy bone.

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1 Ch 5 Review Skeletal System

2 Identify structure A.Periosteum B.Diaphysis C.Epiphysis D.Spongy bone

3 What holds the periosteum to the underlying bone? A.Diaphysis B.Epiphysis C.Cartilage D.Sharpey’s fibers

4 Identify structure A.Elastic cartilage B.Hyaline cartilage C.Synovial cartilage D.Periosteum

5 NOT a Function of Skeletal System? A.Thermoregulation B.Blood cell formation C.Mineral storage D.Movement

6 Function of red VS yellow marrow? A.Fat storage VS make blood cells B.Blood storage VS make fat C.Make blood cells VS store fat D.Provide blood cells VS make fat

7 Identify structure A.Diaphysis B.Proximal epiphysis C.Distal epiphysis D.Marrow

8 Presence of an epiphyseal plate implies the long bone is A.done growing B.lengthening C.shortening D.growing in diameter

9 Identify structure A.Periosteum B.Marrow C.Epiphysis D.Growth plate

10 What is found in a central canal of an osteon? A.Osteocytes B.Blood vessels & nerves C.Osteons D.Bone marrow

11 Compact VS Spongy bone? A.Dense VS Needle-like & airy B.Needle-like & airy VS Dense C.Red marrow VS Yellow marrow D.Inside of bone VS outside of bone

12 Depression that holds an osteocyte? A.Osteon B.Central canal C.Lacuna D.Lamella

13 Identify structure A.Periosteum B.Diaphysis C.Distal epiphysis D.Proximal epiphysis

14 What tissue turns into long bones? A.Fontanels B.Dense connective C.Elastic cartilage D.Hyaline cartilage

15 Fractured bone in many pieces A.Comminuted B.Compression C.Greenstick D.Compound

16 Bone remodeling (eating) is primarily done by: A.Osteons B.Osteocytes C.Osteoblasts D.Osteoclasts

17 Identify structure A.Growth plate B.Endosteum C.Sharpey’s Fibers D.Diaphysis

18 Put the following in correct order: 1.bony callus 2.cartilage callus 3.remodeling 4.hematoma A.1, 2, 3, 4 B.3, 2, 4, 1 C.4, 2, 1, 3 D.2, 3, 4, 1

19 Cushioning structure associated with synovial joints? A.Bursa B.Tendon C.Synovial membrane D.Hyaline cartilage

20 Broken bone breaking skin? A.Simple B.Compound C.Greenstick D.Comminuted

21 Identify structure A.Red marrow B.Yellow marrow C.Periosteum D.Endosteum

22 Arthritis affects what structures? A.Diaphyses B.Fontanels C.Joints D.Bursae

23 Lubricates joints? A.Bursae B.Interstitial fluid C.Hyaline fluid D.Synovial fluid

24 When a joint is out of position, it is A.broken B.fractured C.double jointed D.dislocated

25 Connection between flat bones that ossifies after birth A.Fontanel B.Suture C.Periosteum D.Epiphysis

26 Rank the joint types from most movement to least movement 1. Amphiarthroses2. Diarthroses3. Synarthroses A.1, 2, 3 B.3, 2, 1 C.2, 1, 3 D.2, 3, 1

27 Cartilage VS Fibrous joints A.Pubic symphysis VS Elbow B.Elbow VS pubic symphysis C.Tibiofibular VS Intervertebral discs D.Intervertebral disc VS Tibiofibular

28 Age that UL ratio becomes 1:1? A.5 B.10 C.15 D.20

29 Identify structure A.Periosteum B.Contains red marrow in children C.Epiphysis D.Distal diaphysis

30 Know examples of these joints Ball & Socket Suture Hinge Pivot Saddle

31 Know labels


33 Know types of joints – S, A, or D?

34 Paragraph Response Types of fractures. Types of arthritis. Bone Repair. Make your own….?

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