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OneMatch Bone Marrow Registry Event February 27, 2010 Woburn Collegiate 2222 Ellesmere Rd (Markham & Ellesmere) 3:30-7:30 pm.

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1 OneMatch Bone Marrow Registry Event February 27, 2010 Woburn Collegiate 2222 Ellesmere Rd (Markham & Ellesmere) 3:30-7:30 pm

2 “The human body is the most wondrous machine in the world. It has a bewildering multiplicity of limbs, organs, veins, nerves and cells which cooperate to maintain it under varied conditions. If any one of these rebels or refuses to rescue another, the body is bound to suffer. So too, a society, community or nation can be safe, secure and happy only when the individuals comprising it are mutually helpful and bound together in skillful and sincere service.”

3 The OneMatch Stem Cell and Marrow Network Hundreds of Canadians are counting on Canadian Blood Services to find them a matching stem cell donor. But fewer than 30% of patients in need are able to find stem cell transplants are able to find a match within their own families. In 2006, 77% of stem cells used by Canadian patients were imported from other countries.

4 What are Stem Cells? They can become: – red blood cells (which carry oxygen) – white cells (which fight infection) – platelets (which help stop bleeding) Stem cells are immature cells that are capable of developing into any of the cells present in the bloodstream.

5 Stem cells can be donated in two ways... Option 1: Donate Bone Marrow – Surgical method Option 2: Donate Peripheral Blood Stem Cells – Non-surgical method **Depending on patient’s need

6 Option 1: Bone Marrow Soft, jelly-like tissue found in the hollow centres of bone. You can treat diseased bone marrow by... – Destroying patient’s diseased marrow and replacing it with marrow from a healthy donor.

7 Option 2: Peripheral Blood Stem Cells Stem cells that circulate in the blood. Normally there are too few of these cells to be beneficial for transplant purposes.

8 Once I am a Match... You will receive a call asking whether you are still willing to donate If you are donating Bone MarrowIf you are donating Peripheral Blood Stem Cells are admitted to the hospital on the day of the collection. 2.Only a small portion (3-5%) of your total bone marrow is removed  Your body will replace this quickly! 3.The procedure takes approximately 1- 2 hours. 4.You are usually discharged later that day or the following day. are given a drug that increases the quantity of stem cells circulating in the bloodstream. 2.A needle is inserted into your arm, neck or thigh. 3.Stem cells are removed from the sample of blood collected 4.The blood is returned to you through another needle.

9 Will I be able to save a life by registering? Not every person who joins the program will be asked to donate stem cells The average length of time they spend on the Network is seven years. – That's why joining is a long-term commitment. People who register must be committed to donating stem cells to anyone who needs them.

10 Who Needs Stem Cell Transplants? As of October 2008, there were about 600 Canadian patients waiting for a stem cell match. Stem transplants are beneficial to patients with... – specific forms of cancer like leukemias, lymphomas or myelomas. – inherited immune system and metabolic disorders In 2007 alone, 233 Canadians received transplants.

11 What Kinds of Donors are Needed? Criteria: Aged 17 to 50 Healthy and willing to donate stem cells to anyone in need. Exclusion Criteria: Heart conditions, cancer, blood diseases, and insulin-dependent diabetes.

12 Does it help if I donate blood? YES! Donating blood is something you can do to help, whether or not you decide to join OneMatch. The same patients who will require a stem cell transplant will also require blood and blood products during their treatments. 43% of OneMatch stem cell donors are also blood donors!

13 How Can I Help? GET SWABBED!!!! February 27 th 2011 3:30pm-7:30pm Woburn Collegiate Front Foyer

14 Who Can I Contact? If you are willing to donate or wish to help with this event please contact Mythile Email: Phone: 905-510-2026

15 Service is the highest spiritual discipline. Prayer and meditation, or knowledge of scripture and Vedanta (holy scriptures of India), cannot help you reach the goal as quickly as service can. Service has a double effect: it extinguishes the ego and gives bliss.

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