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National Marrow Donor Program Abel Valdenegro Cre 101 Section 29484.

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1 National Marrow Donor Program Abel Valdenegro Cre 101 Section 29484

2 “10,000 patients need a marrow transplant half one receive one”

3 The Initial Step In order to become national bone marrow donor, you must registry with The next step is you have to take online survey and fill out personal information.

4 Tissue Typing Kit Included with the kit are four swabs with a special ID. Each swab you must rub into the cheek for about ten seconds. The tissue typing sample that the patient provides help match the donor to the patient.

5 Tissue Typing Kit



8 Email Conformation Dear Abelardo, Thank you for joining the Be The Match Registry®. You are now an official member of the registry, making you part of every patient's search for a match. What's next: You will receive your membership card by mail in about a month. If you are a possible match for a patient, we will contact you with important next steps. Please be ready to respond if you are called! New patient searches begin every day, so you could be a match for a patient soon or many years from now, or you may never be identified as a match for someone. About 1 in 540 members of the Be The Match Registry go on to donate to a patient. Ways you can stay involved: Watch for your monthly e-newsletter for registry members offering information about the donation process, donor and patient stories and updates on our work. Update your contact information if it changes, so we can reach you quickly if you match a patient. You can update your information online at Please include your donor center number - 127 -- and donor record number - Invite your friends to join the Be The Match Registry: Make a financial gift - Your gift will help patients with uninsured transplant costs, support transplant research and grow the Be The Match Registry: Abelardo, welcome to a community of people passionate about saving lives through marrow donation. You are giving patients hope for a future. Thank you for joining, Be The Match

9 Race/Ethnicity Often times patients are most likely match with the same race or ethnic group. Since we live in diverse culture, by adding more diverse donors give better chance for the patients to find a match.

10 Waiting Game Process Unfortunately my uncle who was diagnosed with leukemia, I wasn’t a match after the tissue typing test results came back. I told him however I will still be a donor for a patient who need bone marrow transplant in his memory.

11 Waiting Game Process Right now I’m currently waiting to become a donor to a patient. I’m 100% committed to being a donor for bone marrow transplant.

12 Events Southwest currently doesn’t have any events for the national bone marrow program.

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