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Copyright: The ideas presented here and their implementation are the intellectual property of Cosine UK, to which we shall exercise our rights as the authors.

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1 Copyright: The ideas presented here and their implementation are the intellectual property of Cosine UK, to which we shall exercise our rights as the authors. Direct or indirect imitation or use of any of the ideas or other documentation or their implementation is not permitted until we have issued our prior written permission. UK Grocery Retailer Insights Weekly retailer themes and brand promotions from the top UK grocery retailers. w/e 2 nd February 2014

2 Key Customer Themes : Tesco Loves Baby: The theme continues with 11 bays dedicated to baby related items and is highlighted by bus stops and an over head sign. Chinese New Year: An aisle is dedicated to Chinese Food products which is supported by bus stops and shelf edge strips. Easter: 8 stacks now remain at the front of store with Easter confectionary. What Would Your Pet Love: The pet aisle still has various offers and is supported by bus stops. NEW Valentine’s Day: Valentine’s is spread across 12 bays along the seasonal aisle dedicated to cards and gifts. The theme is highlighted by bus stops and shelf edge strips. General Feel: The store was clean and tidy. Some shelves were empty but staff were filling them. The Valentine’s day display was very impactful. Key Deals: Nivea Shower Gel: ½ price Pampers Nappies: 2 for £18 Pampers Baby Wipes 5 pk: ½ price Heinz Tomato Ketchup: £2 Hellman’s Mayonnaise: £2 Patak’s Curry Sauces: £1 Clacton – Wednesday 29 th January | | | Cosine Blog

3 Key Customer Themes : NEW Click And Collect: Promoted by shop window stickers. NEW Can't Find What You're Looking For? Please Ask A Member Of Staff: Highlighted by several shelf barkers around the store. NEW 10% Off 3 Bottles Or More Of Wine Champagne And Sparkling Wine: Advertised in store with shelf fins. Special Offers: Selected products with special offers including half price and £1 offers. Situated on aisle ends and ladder racks and supported by header boards and shelf edge strips. General Feel: The shop was clean tidy and well stocked, with several members of staff on tills and sales floor. There was no sign of Easter or Valentine’s day promotions. Key Deals: Heinz Soup: 3 for £2 Chocolate Button Pouches: £1 Skittles Starburst and Aero Bubbles: £1 Tomato Ketchup Heinz: £2 Tetley Tea Bags: £3 Pringles: 2 for £4 Doritos: ½ Price Crouch Street, Colchester – Wednesday 29 th January | | | Cosine Blog

4 Key Customer Themes : ASDA Price Guarantee: Theme continues to be highlighted, ‘10% cheaper or we'll give you the difference’ hugely advertised on every other checkout. Price Lock : Continued theme in store, promoting ‘where prices go down and stay down. Seen advertised mainly in the central aisle area attached to various cupboard filler offers. Roll Back : Continued advertising on beanies sited on shelves throughout the store. Big Night In: Theme remains with 7 bays of DVD's, snacks & soft drinks. Bordered with high signs, bus stops & barkers. Easter: Gondola end, ladder racks, checkouts and various shippers around the store supporting the seasonal confectionary. Baby And Toddler Event : 10 bays of offers on baby products, highlighted with relevant POS. The theme is also carried through the baby dept. NEW Valentine's Day : 8 bays of confectionary, gifts & cards. Highlighted with associated POS. The Big Sale : 4 Gondola ends of reduced household items. Click And Collect : ‘Looking for an easier way to shop’, advertised on every other checkout and on entry. General Feel: The main themes seemed to be Big Night In and Valentine's Day. Shelves were well stocked, but a little messy in the promotional areas. Key Deals: Toys: 2 for £10 Meat / Poultry / Fish: 3 for £10 Pampers Nappies: £11 Andrex Toilet Tissue 12pk: £5 Vanish / Ariel / Daz / Bold / Fairy: £4 Walkers Crisps 20pk: 2 for £5 Cadbury's Mini Egg Bags: £1 | | | Cosine Blog Sutton – Wednesday 29 th January

5 Key Customer Themes : NEW Active Kids Vouchers : Spend over £10 and receive an Active Kids voucher, this is promoted by overhead signs at till points. Valentine’s : The Valentines promotion continues with 9 bays dedicated to valentines related gifts and 2 bays with cards, highlighted by header boards, shelf fins and shelf edge strips. Easter: Easter confectionary is merchandised across 9 bays as well as on shippers and ladder racks. The event is promoted with high signs, bus stops and barkers. Make Your Roast Go Further : Remains key and is heavily promoted throughout the store with hanging signs, boards and bunting. Brand Match : Theme continues with “The deals you get at Tesco's and Asda without going to Tesco's and Asda” on aisle ends highlighted by snow ploughs. General Feel: The store was clean and very tidy. The staff were efficient with restocking the seasonal and all other aisles. Key Deals: Oriental Meal Deal: £10 Valentines Chocolate And Wine: Save 1/3 Heinz Beans x4: £2 Hagan Dass Ice Cream: Save 1/3 PG Tips Pack of 360: £4 Colchester – Wednesday 29th January | | | Cosine Blog

6 Key Customer Themes : Great Offers: Remains a prominent theme in store with various signage. Easter : Theme continues with shippers throughout store. NEW Active Kids Vouchers : Spend £5 and receive 1 Active Voucher. Supported with bunting and wobblers throughout store. NEW Valentine’s Day : An FSDU featuring Valentine’s Day cards was located at the store entrance. General Feel: The store felt very tidy and clear. Overall the shelves were well stocked and staff were on hand filling any gaps as necessary. Key Deals: Cadbury’s Crème Egg: 3 for £1 Cadbury’s Chocolate 4pk: £1 Maryland Chocolate Chip Cookies: £1 Pepsi 2L: £1 Selected Wines: 25% off Clapham – Wednesday 29 th January | | | Cosine Blog

7 Key Customer Themes : Pick Of The Shop: The better than half price promotion continues in store. Supported with overhead signs and snow ploughs on aisle ends. NEW Valentine’s Day : 4 bays in the seasonal aisle dedicated to gifts for Valentine’s Day. Theme is supported with aisle fins and shelf edge strips and there is also an FSDU featuring cards at store entrance. Our New Years Resolution To You : Theme returns with lots of overheads signs at till points. Baby Event : Theme continues and is highlighted with aisle fins and overhead signs. General Feel: The store was very tidy and all the shelves were well stocked. There were plenty of staff members on the shop floor helping with customer queries. Key Deals: Pepsi 2L: £1 Selected Wine: Save 1/3 Huggies Pull Ups 16pk: ½ price Heinz Soup x 5: £4 Clacton – Wednesday 29 th January | | | Cosine Blog

8 Key Customer Themes : Easter: There are now 2 bays and 2 checkouts supporting Easter confectionary with themed POS. Chinese New Year: Associated foods seen on offer on 2 bays at the store entrance. Highlighted with header boards on aisle ends. Waitrose Card : The store is ‘re-launching’ the Waitrose loyalty card where ‘You pay 10% less on 100's of products’. The theme is advertised largely in the entrance with a standee, additional high signs, wobblers and bus stops and barkers are also situated throughout the store. NEW Valentine’s Day: A display is seen on entry. 2 bays and 2 checkouts support themed confectionary and cards. Header boards and themed standee is seen in store. Home Offers: Theme continues with household related items on sale over 2 bays. High signs and bus stops surround the bays. General Feel: The store was clean and well laid out. Shelves were fully stacked with plenty of staff on the shop floor to assist the customers. Key Deals: Chinese Meal Deal: £6 Selected Persil Laundry Range: £4 Selected Whisky / Cognac: 20% off Selected Bottled Beer: 20% off Cadbury's Chocolate 4pk: £1 Walkers Crisps Multipack: 2 for £2 Epsom – Wednesday 29 th January | | | Cosine Blog

9 Key Customer Themes: NEW Celebrate Chinese New Year: Signage used along side the meal deal offer. NEW Valentine's Day: Two bays of themed products. Easter : Three bays and several shippers of seasonal confectionery located near the checkouts. Fuller For Longer: Extra signs used to promote the range seen on entry. General Feel: Spacious store with shelves well stocked. Plenty of staff busy filling up and helping customers. Key Deals: Celebrate Chinese New Year Takeaway for Two with Free Wine: £10 Prepared Meals Mix & Match: 3 For £6 Fuller Longer Meals: 2 for £7 & 3 for £10 Meat, Fish & Poultry Selected: 3 for £10 Deli Items Mix & Match: 3 for £6 Confectionary Easter Treats: 3 for 2 Fishcakes & Crispbakes Mix & Match: 2 for £3 Food On The Go: 3 for 2 Epsom – Wednesday 29 th January | | | Cosine Blog

10 Key Customer Themes : NEW How did we do : Survey is being promoted at till points and stands located at store entrance NEW Sourced Locally : Items that have fewer miles to travel is highlighted by header boards, shelf edge strip and hanging signs NEW Chinese New Year : Is displayed on an aisle end with header boards and shelf barkers Valentine’s : Theme continued with FSDU’s displaying cards at till points Easter: Confectionary is seen across 1 bay highlighted by header boards and shelf edge strips General Feel: There were numerous empty aisle ends, the rest of the store was mostly well stocked and tidy. Several members of staff were present to help with customers. Key Deals: Weight Watchers Meals: ½ Price Uncle Bens Rice: £1 Andrex Toilet Roll Pack of 9: £3.50 Thirst Pockets Kitchen Towel pack of 2: ½ Price Finish Dishwasher Tablets: ½ Price Stanway– Wednesday 29 th January | | | Cosine Blog

11 Key Customer Themes : Swap And Save : ‘Save up to 60%’ displayed on signs throughout the store. Theme promotes swapping leading brands for Aldi’s own brand products. Up To 50 % Off Winter Sale : Theme still present in store offering up to 50% off on various accessories. The Baby And Toddler Event : Promoting a wide range of related baby & toddler products. Signage hung from ceiling in the rear centre of the store Spend A Little, Live A Lot : Main phrase seen on Aldi advertising. Smart Swaps Change for Life : Offering healthier alternatives and recipes. General Feel: Basic shopping with no frills. Simple layout with bulk stock. Main displays are stacks and large wire dump bins. Advertising posters seen overhead and on the windows. Key Deals: Mild Onions 4pk / Baby Plum Tomatoes / Oranges 5pk / Braeburn Apples 6 / 7 / 8pk / Blueberries: 69p Magnum Premium Washing Up Liquid: 59p Medium Free Range Eggs 6pk: 95p Gluhwein Mulled Wine 1L: £2.99 Cowbelle Cheese Triangles: 59p Oakhurst Stuffed/Basted Turkey Breast Joint: £7.99 Fox's Fabulously Special Selection Tin: £3.99 Selsdon – Wednesday 29 th January | | | Cosine Blog

12 Key Customer Themes : Market Fresh : Continued advertising, mainly on entry and around the fresh fruit & veg dept. Healthier snack choices advertised around the checkouts on various offers. NEW : Don't Get Caught Out In The Cold This Winter : Highlighting warm clothing and accessories. Like Meat, Love Lidl : Signs seen over the fresh meat dept. General Feel: Several overhead signs displaying a mixture of offers throughout the store. Large bulk stacks seen especially around the checkouts. Emphasis on healthy options, especially at the checkouts. Staff very helpful with customers. Key Deals: Deluxe Fish Roast Roast: £5.69 British Beef Rump Steak: £3.89 Oakland Blueberries: 89p Oaklands Banoffee tart: £2.99 Oaklands British Leeks: 89p Grangedale Pork Loin Joint: £3.99 Selected Bottled Beer: 4 for £5 Selected Wines: Various offers Mitcham – Wednesday 29 th January | | | Cosine Blog

13 Cosine Blog us call us follow us find out about us read a blog by us We are an award-winning field marketing agency with a proven track record of increasing our clients’ sales, retail presence and brand awareness, achieved through merchandising, auditing, mystery shopping and other field marketing services, with our outsourced sales teams trained specifically for every campaign.

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