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Hi-new-tex® Brand Story Comfort all the way Hi-new-tex ® 时尚科技,让您动静皆自在.

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1 Hi-new-tex® Brand Story Comfort all the way Hi-new-tex ® 时尚科技,让您动静皆自在

2 Hi-new-tex Overview  公司源起于台湾 1976 年,系亚洲最大防水透气复合面料供 应厂家之一。  Origin from Taiwan and headquartered in East China, Hi-new- tex is one of the Asia’s largest integrated laminated fabrics businesses with a global presence. The company delivers exceptional value for customers through market insight, technology innovations, and a powerful portfolio of some of the most recognized global technologies and products in their respective industries. Built on a heritage of innovation, Hi- new-tex owns hundreds of unique technologies and developments, with corresponding market applications in almost all of the countries where Hi-new-tex has a business presence. Comfort all the way Hi-new-tex® 时尚科技,让您动静皆自在

3 Who is Hi-new-tex  整合环保纺织与塑料科技,应用开发高功能卓越 质量之户外运动服装与面料  Hi-new-tex delivers exceptional value to customers through market insight, innovations, and a powerful portfolio of some of the most recognized global technologies and products in our respective industries.  Integrator and turn-key of textile and membrane technologies  Pioneer for premium developments and researches  Advocate for Eco-products and productions. Comfort all the way Hi-new-tex® 时尚科技,让您动静皆自在

4 Hi-new-tex® History  公司沿革近 30 年致力于环保塑料与科技纺织产品生产及营销开发  1976 Origin from Taiwan “Zheng-Jing Plastic Co., Ltd.” in the fields of plastic and laminating  1986 Investment in Bangkok of Thailand  1991 The first investment in China, Shanghai, in plastic products and airproof laminates  1994 Joint venture with local shareholder to set up “Qing-Yi Plastic Co., Ltd.”  1997 “Shanghai Zheng-Jing Plastic” is founded and start to produce TPU laminates and products  2002 Hi-new-tex is founded to produce breathable-waterproof TPU/PU/PET/PTFE membrane laminates  2004 INCANTO is registered and set up designing section for outdoor wear  2005 Establish the first Turn-key PUR solvent-free laminating production line in China  2006 Set up G-trek™ teamwork focusing on superior development for outdoor textile  2007 Start the joint business in medical and hygiene laminates and products  Construction for FDA cleaning room and corresponding system teamwork Comfort all the way Hi-new-tex® 时尚科技,让您动静皆自在

5 Brand Stories  Hi-new-tex® 时尚科技,让您动静皆自在  Hi-new-tex operates major businesses: performance outwear fabrics, cross- fields apparel, medical & industrial laminates and functional ultrasonic- pressing  Hi-new-tex® trademark origins from Germany and dedicates to “Comfort all the way” for the integration of superior tech-textile.  INCANTO® delivers fashion and charms to achieve remarkable works for Hi-new-tex.  G-trek™ brings firm and persistent elements into Hi-new-tex’s products and operations.  Then, Hi-new-tex® strides across the fields of outdoor wear textile based on premium innovations with fashion and tough to succeed in achieving “Comfort all the way” for our products and customers. Comfort all the way Hi-new-tex® 时尚科技,让您动静皆自在

6 Philosophy 1 of 2  Hi-new-tex 企业理念在于:  创造客户价值、促进环保纺织科技、分担全球社 会责任、汲取事业伙伴福祉  Hi-new-tex’s business philosophy is based on market senses that a value system and a framework for action as principled entrepreneurs to work to create long- term values for customers and for society as a whole. Hi-new-tex is certificated by ISO 9001, 14000 and Social Accountability SA8000. Comfort all the way Hi-new-tex® 时尚科技,让您动静皆自在

7 Philosophy 2 of 2  Hi-new-tex’s Guiding Principles are:  Corporate Social Responsibility: Demonstrate a commitment to environmental excellence and Enhance quality of life.  Create market-based solutions to business challenges  Integrity: Conduct all affairs lawfully and with integrity.  Value Creation: Create real long-term value by the economic means.  Entrepreneurship: Demonstrate the sense of discipline, accountability, judgment and initiative mentalities to generate the greatest contribution to the world.  Customer Focus: Understand and build relationships with customers to profitably anticipate and satisfy their needs.  Knowledge: Proactively seek and use the best knowledge to better profitability whenever practical.  Change: Embrace change. Envision what could be, challenge the status quo, and drive creative destruction.  Teamwork: Appreciate the value of diversity. Encourage and practice teamwork. These principles help strengthen and position Hi-new-tex’s businesses to create superior values for customers around the world. Comfort all the way Hi-new-tex® 时尚科技,让您动静皆自在

8 Hi-new-tex® One-Stop-Service, OSS  Hi-new-tex 提供一站式开发生产评估服务  价值研发循环:知识规划 -> 需求设计 -> 产品设计 -> 模型实 作 ->PDCA 追踪 -> 测试回馈  Hi-new-tex provides designers and value customers One-Stop- Service, OSS, on outdoor wear fabrics and apparel. We have real-time response integrated resources to support the prototyping, such as apparel sampling center, membrane technology team, in-house lab and CAD auxiliaries.  And follow our specific value-R&D management system:  Knowledge Wise -> Demands Planning -> Product Design -> Prototyping -> PDCA Track -> Testing and Feedback Loop Comfort all the way Hi-new-tex® 时尚科技,让您动静皆自在

9 Hi-new-tex ® Performance Fabrics  防水透气功能性面料,『时尚、耐用、轻薄与专业防护系列』  Durably waterproof, windproof and breathable Hi-new-tex® outerwear is backed by our commitment to “Comfort all the way” promise.  INCANTO® Shell: Featuring the latest printing patterns and fabric designs to deliver exceptional market value for customers.  G-trek™ Shell: Designed to provide comfort and durable waterproof protection. Ideal for a wide range of outdoor activities.  Light-weight Shell: Featuring the lightest, most packable fabrics. Extremely breathable, ideal when weight and space are critical.  Soft shell: Stretch and soft fabric with comfortable designs for fitting sport and activities.  Protective shell: Constructed with specific application fabrics for protective clothes. Comfort all the way Hi-new-tex® 时尚科技,让您动静皆自在

10 Breathable & Waterproof Membrane Tech  Hi-new-tex® fabrics and garments are guaranteed to be completely waterproof, windproof and breathable for the life of the product. The core technologies of membrane brings Hi-new-tex® breathable laminated fabrics,  Durably waterproof  Very breathable  Highly cold resistant  Extremely light  Resistant to flexing  Diversification to respective activities Micro-porous film for golfing and mountaineering Micro-porous film for golfing and mountaineering High temperature durable film High temperature durable film Transfer coating membrane Transfer coating membrane Printing membrane Printing membrane  Durable TPU membrane Comfort all the way Hi-new-tex® 时尚科技,让您动静皆自在

11 Hi-new-tex® Garments Hi-new-tex 成衣部门系专业服装事业解决方案提供者  Hi-new-tex® offers the solutions for specific businesses and requirements on outdoor wear, protective clothes, hunting wear and even, security clothes.  Hi-new-tex® apparel keeps you reliably dry and comfortable in every kind of weather and its protective clothes can satisfy specific conditions.  Diversified solutions for the garments of back-packing, cycling, golf, hunting, skiing, lifestyle, mountaineering, motorcycling, running, water sport, snow sport and cross field sport, Comfort all the way Hi-new-tex® 时尚科技,让您动静皆自在

12 Hi-new-tex® Consistent Testing and in-House Lab  细节决定企业质量与格调,持续检测掌控细节,是 Hi-new-tex 的企业 基础  Hi-new-tex in-house lab consistently operates in testing, inspection and certification of products, commodities and systems. We offer customers an unparalleled advantage through applying our broad technical expertise to ensure the quality offers and fulfill the business process. The laboratory is able to perform a variety of international testing standards- AATCC, ASTM, GB, ISO and JIS.  Hi-new-tex’s quality management process is unique from research through design and manufacturing, then determining at in-house lab to fulfill the whole value-offering.  In our laboratories, we put products through a relentless series of tests to ensure that every H-new-tex product meets our rigorous standards and specifications for durability, waterproof, breathability and comfort. This thorough approach to quality control enables us to provide you with a lifetime guarantee for the entire finished product. Comfort all the way Hi-new-tex® 时尚科技,让您动静皆自在

13 Hi-new-tex® R&D Dedicated to Your Successes  不断的研究开发,专注于您的成功  Hi-new-tex is built upon a strong ethos of customer service. Our responsiveness extends from the speed with which services are delivered, to the way in which services are developed and designed to meet ever-changing customer requirements.  Years of experience, a detailed understanding of membrane, adhesive, outdoor fabrics, laminating and functional textile help us to deliver profitable value to your business.  Continuing efforts of R&D provide consistent and comprehensive innovations and keep your fields fresh in the marketplace all the way. Such as, Extremely Breathable technologies Extremely Breathable technologies Lightest thermal insulation, thermal breathable film Lightest thermal insulation, thermal breathable film Activated carbon fabric applications Activated carbon fabric applications Film printing technology and functional applications Film printing technology and functional applications Kwik-dri laminates Kwik-dri laminates UV-cut textile UV-cut textile Nano-DWR breathable fabrics Nano-DWR breathable fabrics High density anion fabrics High density anion fabrics 15um~20um far-infrared fabrics 15um~20um far-infrared fabrics Scent management hunting wear Scent management hunting wear Comfort all the way Hi-new-tex® 时尚科技,让您动静皆自在

14 Hi-new-tex® New Dimensions  Hi-new-tex 迈入新高科技医疗与保健产业  Hi-new-tex gets into medical and hygiene industries based on years of OEM, ODM experiences and management. We are confident and well-advised by joint partners to develop new dimensions and fulfill the commitments of benefit sharing and environment friendly achieving. Comfort all the way Hi-new-tex® 时尚科技,让您动静皆自在

15 Hi-new-tex® Business Associates  创造供应链伙伴与事业联盟的双赢福祉  We are always devoted ourselves to vertically integrate the supplier chain and horizontally join value associates to create win-win vision and benefit.  Our partners, such as, Sympatex, Provair, Dingtex, Nanliang, DuPont, Bostic, Fuller, Henkel, 3M, Investa, Nano-tex, etc. Comfort all the way Hi-new-tex® 时尚科技,让您动静皆自在

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