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Interoperability Michael Fingerhut Ircam, Paris (France)

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1 Interoperability Michael Fingerhut Ircam, Paris (France)

2 IEMA, Athens, 3/10/2008 Interoperability 2 A few projects - Music Navigator 2000-? Ircam and partners  Gateway to ethnomusicological recordings 2004-2005  Gateway to French Resources in Contemporary Music 2007, 2008 → 2008+ 6th Framework Program: information society  ethnoArc Linked European Archives for Ethnomus. Research 2006-2008 Past eContentPlus  Dismarc Discovering Music Archives 2006-2008 → 2008+  EDL / Europeana (not The European Library) → 2008+ eContentPlus 2008 call  Content - MuseLib - D.LibEReMus Digital Library of Electronic Resources in Music  Services - Marsel Music Access, Retrieval and navigation Services for the European digital Library

3 IEMA, Athens, 3/10/2008 Interoperability 3 Issues Diversity of organizations and structures Diversity of software and systems Diversity of resources Diversity of descriptions Diversity of languages Rights

4 The Gateway to Contemporary Music Resources in France

5 IEMA, Athens, 3/10/2008 Interoperability 5 How to find (and use) resources concerning contemporary music Resources  Documents books, scores, ephemera, periodicals, articles, pictures, recordings, films…  Information events, people, organizations… Spread  Physical in libraries, archives, museums…  Online intranets/internet, web pages, databases… Goals  Uniform description and single-stop access seach, find, use  Reduce noise and silence “partition berlin”, “murs paris”  Provide online contents respecting rights  Don’t affect existing systems

6 IEMA, Athens, 3/10/2008 Interoperability 6 Diversity of providers Archive Conservatory Library MIC Producer of events Research center Studio

7 IEMA, Athens, 3/10/2008 Interoperability 7 Diversity of resources Database CDMCCitéCNSMDPEICIrcamMMM (Online) sound archives Online catalogue (books, scores, periodicals, manuscripts…) Online calendar of events Address book (people, corporate) Online biographies, work lists and documentation Online production notes, concert programs and notes Online documentary files Instruments

8 IEMA, Athens, 3/10/2008 Interoperability 8 Framework Past  1995 Dreams (Z39.50). 2004 Gateway to ethnomusicological contents. 2005 IAML talk. 2006  Yearly call of Culture Ministry for digitization and publication of cultural contents  Proposal by a consortium Cdmc (leader), Cité de la musique, Conservatoire de Paris, Eic, Ircam (design), Médiathèque Mahler 2007  Project runs and ends 100,000 records  New proposal + Acanthes, Conservatoire de Lyon, 6 centres of contemporary creation 2008  Project runs  eContentPlus proposal Marsel  New national proposal?

9 IEMA, Athens, 3/10/2008 Interoperability 9 Two distinct but interrelated projects Digitization each partner individually  Formats of data  Description  Publication protocols  Preservations procedures Sharing the gateway  Formats of metadata  Exchange protocols

10 IEMA, Athens, 3/10/2008 Interoperability 10 Organization principle Gateway 1 Library catalogue Agenda of events Sound archives Biographies, articles Concert notes Partner C Library catalogue Agenda of events Sound archives Biographies, articles Concert notes Partner A Library catalogue Agenda of events Sound archives Biographies, articles Concert notes Partner B Gateway 2

11 IEMA, Athens, 3/10/2008 Interoperability 11 Principles: well-defined and relevant sources Gateway to selected partners  Periodically retrieves only relevant metadata harvester simple protocol OAI (Open Archive Initiative) common metadata model and language MODS  Provides search & browse features local record, remote contents Useful shortcuts mini thesaurus Partners make available  The relevant metadata sets Add a connector to each database repository Provide metadata in adequate form  Contents as available and allowed Referenced in the metadata Not copied to the gateway Differentiated access on-site / partners / everyone else

12 IEMA, Athens, 3/10/2008 Interoperability 12 Metadata model: simplified MODS Derived from MARC  Humanly readable XML  Easy conversion from any schemes mostly optional “fields”  Keeps associations people/rôles, subject/author/title… Hierarchical ad inf.  Express structure collections/items, cds/tracks, meta- events/events…  In the record/from record to record Extensible  Instrumentation  Rights of access to contents intranet/extranet/internet  Pseudo-FRBR

13 IEMA, Athens, 3/10/2008 Interoperability 13 Resource categorization and attributes (encoding) cartographic corporate event mixed material moving image notated music person software sound recording sound recording-musical sound recording-non musical still image text 3D object (media) cassette… concert conférence disque compact… document numérique document imprimé document manuscrit émission exposition groupe d’événements microfiche organisme personne … (nature of resource) adresse atelier bibliothèque… biographie catalogue centre de recherche colloque dictionnaire éditeur festival formation master class monographie note de programme notice d’œuvre salle de spectacle … (rôle, instrumentation) auteur compositeur conférencier intervenant musicien interprète instrument(iste)s ensembles

14 IEMA, Athens, 3/10/2008 Interoperability 14 Home page: express search, agenda. Access to detailed search and other sections of the site.

15 IEMA, Athens, 3/10/2008 Interoperability 15 After an express search. Refine results (left), access to records (center), access to contents (right)

16 IEMA, Athens, 3/10/2008 Interoperability 16 Direct access to audio contents with embeded player. To see record, click on blue text.

17 IEMA, Athens, 3/10/2008 Interoperability 17 Detailed record. Access to original record, to audio contents. Identification of holder. Structure.

18 IEMA, Athens, 3/10/2008 Interoperability 18 Refinement: by type of recording (conference vs. musical work).

19 IEMA, Athens, 3/10/2008 Interoperability 19 Refinement: by provider (and location of physical contents or full-length audio contents).

20 IEMA, Athens, 3/10/2008 Interoperability 20 Refinement: by person name (composer, performers, etc.)

21 IEMA, Athens, 3/10/2008 Interoperability 21 Access to original record, to parent record, to MODS source.

22 IEMA, Athens, 3/10/2008 Interoperability 22 Source record

23 IEMA, Athens, 3/10/2008 Interoperability 23 Indexing the Grove as if it were a repository.

24 IEMA, Athens, 3/10/2008 Interoperability 24 Local record mentions access restrictions to the Grove record (subscription required).

25 IEMA, Athens, 3/10/2008 Interoperability 25 Example of a detailed search (of events). Other detailed search forms available.

26 IEMA, Athens, 3/10/2008 Interoperability 26 Online documentation of the model used by the gateway.

27 IEMA, Athens, 3/10/2008 Interoperability 27 Project status Contents  Ca. 100,000 records Google indexes 60%  Ca. 20% online contents audio video print manuscripts Current developments  Repository for Europeana done  Multilingualism done  Fuller documentation  Ongoing digitization METS for preservation  Genericization for gateways to other kinds of resources Future  New partners BnF, Ina  Semantic navigation

28 Europeana

29 IEMA, Athens, 3/10/2008 Interoperability 29 Europeana Currently  Prototype 2,000,000 objects, launches November  Design of the real thing rich semantics and services Issues  Flat model no associations, hierarchy  Too few document types text, audio, video, image  Protocols and formats OAI, ORE, SKOS, FTP…

30 IEMA, Athens, 3/10/2008 Interoperability 30 Links Gateway to contemporary music resources in France The European Library Europeana Dismarc (no IE)

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