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READY Accountability Communications Webinar October 25, 2013.

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1 READY Accountability Communications Webinar October 25, 2013

2 Communications Team 2 Vanessa Jeter, Director – Sara Clark – 919-807-3458 Lynda Fuller – 919-807-3475 Michael Yarbrough –

3 Today’s Presenters 3 Dr. Rebecca Garland Chief Academic Officer Dr. Tammy Howard Director, Accountability & Assessment

4 Timeline 4  October 3: State Board of Education (SBE) adopted Academic Achievement Standards (cut scores) and Academic Achievement Level Descriptors  October: NCDPI applying the cut scores to the 2012-13 tests and generating READY Accountability results for presentation to the SBE on November  November 7: Public website with state, district and school results for 2012-13  November 7: Software available to produce Individual Student Reports (Redesigned with explanation of what the scores mean on the back side of the report)

5 Background Prepares Students for a More Demanding Job Market College ReadyCareer Ready Rigor Evident in Other Measures National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP) The ACT SBE Adopted More Rigorous Content Standards Expectations for Students IncreasedNew Tests Aligned to These Expectations 5

6 College and Career Readiness It is important to remember that we have raised expectations significantly in the 2012-13 school year. Goal in the Past: Grade-level Proficiency or Better Goal Today: Grade-level Proficiency and Career- and College- Readiness 6

7  SOURCE: Presentation, 2013 New York State Common Core Test Results: New York City Grades 3 – 8, August 2013 31.0 31.1 7

8 School Year: 2011-12  SOURCE: AssessmentByState.aspx 48.0 46.8 Elementary % Proficient Secondary % Proficient 40.4 40.6 Elementary % Proficient Secondary % Proficient Reading Math 8

9 Beginning of ABCs K-8 Accountability Model Implementation of More Rigorous Mathematics Standards Implementation of More Rigorous Reading Standards 1992-93 to 2011-12 EOG General Test Multiple Choice Test Results Statewide Percent of Student at or above Level III in BOTH Reading and Mathematics 9

10  Decline in percent proficient is more pronounced than previously ◦ Previously 13 to 15 percentage point decrease ◦ For 2012-13, decreases in percent proficient range from:  16 to 25 percentage points in reading  27 to 44 percentage points in mathematics  9 to 33 percentage points in science 10

11 What does this mean? 11 Students have not learned less; the content is more rigorous and there were significant changes to the content standards. Reading requires more careful analysis to comprehend the information/ideas Mathematics requires understanding and application of mathematical processes; not just arithmetic

12 English Language Arts/Reading: Grade 6 EOG Sample Question 12 What is the effect of the simile in paragraph 25? A to show how surprised Liam was to see the fairy queen B to describe the speed of the old woman’s movements C to explain how much the fairy queen liked Liam’s choices D to illustrate that Liam was confused by the old woman This item requires the student to identify the simile and then identify its impact/its purpose in the story. This goes beyond reading a story and re- telling the main events.

13 Mathematics: Grade 8 EOG Sample Question 13 Limousine Company P and Company R both charge a rental fee plus an additional charge per hour. The equation y = 50 + 30x models the total cost (in dollars), y, of renting a limousine from Company P for x hours. The table below shows the cost to rent a limousine from Company R for different lengths of time. Company R Which statement accurately compares the per hour charges of the two companies? A Company P charges $5 less per hour than Company R. BCompany P charges $5 more per hour than Company R. CCompany P charges $25 less per hour than Company R. DCompany P charges $25 more per hour than company R. Time (hours) 12345 Total Cost$100$125$150$175$200 This item requires the student to compare properties of two functions, each represented in a different way (equation and table). This goes beyond simply determining the rate of change of a function.

14 Science: Biology 14 This item requires the student to understand how various disease agents can influence natural selection and then select the correct cause and effect relationship. This goes beyond only knowing the content.

15 15 Accountability Includes Proficiency, Growth and Progress Targets Proficiency: Percent of students who are prepared for the next grade level and on track to be ready for college and career Growth: An indication of the rate at which students in the school learned over the past year. The standard is roughly equivalent to a year’s worth of growth for a year of instruction. Defined as (1) did not meet, (2) met, or (3) exceeded expected growth Progress Targets: Federal Annual Measurable Objectives (AMOs) for reading and mathematics and state targets for science and the new high school accountability measures

16 16 Accountability Includes Proficiency, Growth and Progress Targets A school may increase students’ learning; meet/exceed expected growth, But not increase the number of proficient students Growth Proficiency

17 17 Conclusions  Accountability includes proficiency, growth and progress targets: All three give information on a school’s performance  Though the percent of proficient students has dropped, approximately 70 percent of North Carolina schools met or exceeded growth expectations  Students continued to learn, but our expectations of what shows preparedness, now and beyond high school, has changed  Student reports for parents will include the proficiency levels of 1, 2, 3 and 4, as well as percentiles, which will give comparative data for student performance

18 Now What? 18 Communication Data Review 1.Increased rigor 2.College and Career Readiness 3.Students are learning and growing, but there is a new expectation 1.Performance 2.Growth 3.Targets 4.Participation

19 Questions Every Student READY

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