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2013 Annual Enrollment and Benefit Changes for U.S. Employees

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1 2013 Annual Enrollment and Benefit Changes for U.S. Employees
October 5, 2012

2 2013 Benefits and Annual Enrollment
Over the next 45 minutes… Our Benefits Philosophy Benefits Partner Changes Overview of Benefits for 2013 Benefit Program Changes Benefit Plan Basics Annual Enrollment Process Retirement Benefits Additional Questions

3 Our Benefits Philosophy
Provide a comprehensive package of benefits Provide a high quality customer service experience Foster better health care decision-making through plan design Encourage appropriate benefit choices Provide plan design and cost that are at market median Those who use more health care benefits will pay more Our benefits program is based on caring for your total health, and we are committed to: Provide benefits that support personal, physical and financial health for you and your family Offer wellness programs, tools and resources to help enhance your life Establish customer service and health advocacy as a priority

4 Your Commitment Your commitment to use what we provide to:
Take care of yourself Wellness and Incentive program details will be mailed to your home address in November Make informed benefit choices 2013 Benefits Enrollment Guide Medica’s Cost Advisor tool Make informed personal, physical and financial health decisions Utilize Medica’s health coach program to get you started

5 Benefit Partner Changes
Medica will replace Aetna as our medical plan administrator Medica partners with United HealthCare (UHC) to provide networks across the U.S. Better customer service Goal of getting you the right answer Delta Dental will become our new dental plan administrator Same PPO-type of plan as now, with similar benefits Larger provider network Enhanced customer service OptumHealth Bank is our new HSA provider Your contributions and the H.B. Fuller contribution will be deposited to your new HSA with OptumHealth beginning January 1. If you keep your J.P. Morgan Chase HSA you will be responsible for fees associated with that account. There are several ways to transfer existing balances from J.P. Morgan Chase to OptumHealth Bank. You will receive additional information by mail to your home address.

6 Overview of Benefits for 2013
Medical Plan Design Value 750 Option High Deductible with HSA option In-network Out-of-network Annual Deductible $750 Single $1,500 Family $1,500 Single $3,000 Family $2,000 Single $4,000 Family $3,000 Single $6,000 Family Company-funded HSA N/A $500/Single $1,000 Employee + 1 & Family (paid per pay period throughout 2013 Out-of-pocket maximum (includes deductible & coinsurance $3,500 Single $7,000 Family $7,000 Single $14,000 Family $4,000 Single $8,000 Family $5,000 Single $10,000 Family Primary Care Physician Office Visit $40 does not apply to deductible and out-of-pocket maximum You pay 40% after deductible Plan pays 80% after deductible Plan pays 60% after deductible Specialist Office Visit Preventive care Plan pays 100%; no deductible No coverage Emergency care Plan pays 80% after deductible and $150* copayment Covered as in-network Outpatient surgery

7 Overview of Benefits for 2013
Prescription Drug Benefits Value 750 Option High Deductible with HSA Option In-network Out-of-network Retail Prescription Drugs (Cost shown is for a 31-day supply. You can also get a 93 day supply at retail at 3x cost shown) Tier 1: $10 or the cost of the drug if less than $10 Tier 2: You pay 30% (minimum $25/maximum $50) Tier 3: You pay 50% (minimum $65/maximum $130) You pay 40% after deductible You pay 20% after deductible for Tier 1 and Tier 2. You pay 40% after deductible for Tier 3. Specialty Pharmacy Tier 1 and Tier 2: You pay 50% (maximum $200) Rx costs do not apply toward deductible or out-of-pocket max No coverage Tier 1 and Tier 2: You pay 20% after deductible Mail Order Drugs (93 day supply) You pay 2 copays for a 93-day supply for the same drug Rx costs do not apply toward deductible or Out-of-pocket max You pay 20% after deductible

8 Overview of Benefits for 2013
Premium Rates Changing medical and dental plan premiums to align rates with the cost of providing coverage for family members Value 750 Option High Deductible with HSA Option Premium Bi-weekly Monthly % Change EE EE + Spouse or Domestic Partner EE + Child(ren) EE + Family* $35.54 $82.15 $72.92 $119.54 $77.00 $178.00 $158.00 $259.00 8.8% 14.7% (20.9%) 9.8% $28.15 $66.00 $58.15 $96.00 $61.00 $143.00 $126.00 $208.00 (5.7%) .8% (29.0%) (3.7%) Delta Dental PPO Bi-Weekly Monthly % Change EE $5.08 $11.00 0% EE + Spouse or Domestic Partner $9.69 $21.00 EE + Child(ren) $10.62 $23.00 EE + Family* $14.77 $32.00 * Family includes spouse or domestic partner and child(ren)

9 Benefit Program Changes
2013 Government Mandated Benefit Changes Women’s health preventive care covered at 100% W-2 Reporting Summary of Benefit Coverage (was sent 10/1 with Enrollment materials) Maximum you can contribute to an HSA in 2013 is increasing to $3,250 for employee and $6,450 for employee plus one or more If you are age 55 or older, you may contribute an additional $1,000 to your HSA Maximum you can contribute to a Health Care Flexible Spending Account is decreasing to $2,500 per IRS rules


11 About Medica Our market standing
Online Personal Health Profile My Health Rewards Pharmacy Nurse line Main Street Medica Medica has been in business more than 37 years. Provide health coverage and related services to approximately 1.5 million members Fastest growing health plan : 80% growth Medica Health Plan: A Rated* Lifestyle Condition Support Rewards Transparency Improved Health *Weiss Rating, Inc. rates health insurers on financial strength and stability 11


13 Medica Choice® Passport
>670K National providers >5K National hospitals >60K National pharmacies

14 Medica Choice® Passport Network
National provider network See any network doctor without a referral Medica Choice Passport UnitedHealthcare Choice Plus

15 Medica Value Story BENEFITS OVERVIEW

16 Your Summary of Benefits Choice Passport

17 Benefit Program Changes
Medical Plan Administration Adopted many Medica standard practices No specific age or frequency limits for preventive care, instead, physician recommendations are followed Immunizations covered at 100% Value 750 plan: Lab tests covered at 100% in-network Complex imaging (X-rays, MRI, etc.) covered at 20% coinsurance regardless of where administered (doctor’s office, hospital, lab) Acupuncture covered for other services at office visit copay with 15 visit annual limit Orthopedic shoes are covered when a diagnosis of diabetes is present; foot orthotics are covered No precertification penalties Obesity treatments not covered out of network, but no frequency limit with in-network Centers of Excellence

18 Benefit Plan Basics Convenience Care – Value 750 Plan
$25 copay for office visits (as opposed to $40) Participating facilities include: Minute Clinic (CVS Pharmacy) - National Target Clinic – National Take Care Health (at select Walgreens) – National Rcmh Llc – Texas Little Clinic – Georgia


20 Instead of paying all costs towards one traditional plan
What is an HSA? Think of it like a medical savings account: An individually owned savings account* used to pay for current and future health care It’s a way to plan, save and pay for health care services income tax free High deductible plan reduces premium costs Deposit the cost savings into your HSA account Instead of paying all costs towards one traditional plan *Savings and investments managed by OptumHealth Bank

21 No “use it or lose it” rule for HSAs
Benefit Plan Basics Health Savings Account You can open a Health Savings Account (HSA) only if you participate in the High Deductible Option Triple tax advantage H.B. Fuller contribution $500 for Employee or $1,000 for Employee plus one or more You can contribute pre-tax money to your account Up to $3,250 for employee or $6,450 for employee + one or more Use for medical expenses (deductibles, coinsurance, etc.), dental and vision expenses – or save to use later in your retirement Income tax liability plus 20% penalty if used for anything other than eligible medical expenses HSA funds grow at money market interest rates No “use it or lose it” rule for HSAs

22 You are Eligible if You:
Medica Value Story You are Eligible if You: Are covered by a federally qualified high-deductible health plan Are not covered by other health insurance Includes a spouse’s medical coverage or medical FSA (if it covers you) Does not apply to injury insurance, accident, disability, dental care, vision care and long-term care Have not elected Medicare Can’t be claimed as a dependent on someone else’s tax return Note: Eligibility is based on your status as an employee (not your spouse or dependents).

23 How You Benefit:

24 Deposit Your Health Care Dollars
Both you and your employer can contribute Make contributions through payroll deduction or by mailing a deposit to OptumHealth Bank In 2013, contributions limited to $3,250 for single coverage and $6,450 for family coverage Special catch-up provision for those over age 55 ($1,000)

25 Grow Your Savings The money is yours The account earns interest
Medica Value Story Grow Your Savings The money is yours The account earns interest Change employers? Take it with you Use it or save it; balances roll over If you die, remaining funds go to your beneficiary

26 Investment Options Once you have $2,000 in your account, you have the opportunity to invest and earn interest Investments are made in $100 blocks Variety of fund families – samples below Mutual Fund Type Morningstar Rating John Hancock Classic Value Large Cap Value      American Funds Balanced Large Cap Balance     Neuberger Berman Fasciano Small Cap Vanguard Global Equity International Vanguard S&P 500 Index Index Federated U.S. Government 2 to 5 Year Maturity Fixed Income PIMCO Real Return Fund Federated Master Trust Money Market N/A

27 Save on Taxes Money put into your HSA is income tax-deductible
Money taken out to pay for qualified healthcare expenses is tax-free ( Any interest earned is not taxable

28 Pay for Health Care, Now or Later
Use your HSA to pay deductibles, copayments, coinsurances, and other qualified expenses After you reach the out-of-pocket maximum, the plan pays 100% of covered expenses After age 65, use the funds for any purpose without penalty (taxes may apply)

29 Methods of Payment MasterCard® prepaid debit card (used like credit card) Withdraw cash at ATM to reimburse yourself for out-of-pocket (transaction fees apply) Free online bill payment (pay doctor, pay yourself) Checks (available for purchase online in quantities of 25; cost is $10)

30 OptumHealth HSA Debit Card
Convenient access to your HSA funds for medical and pharmacy claims Account information is available on Can be used only up to the value of funds currently in your HSA Your Debit Card and Pin number are mailed separately in plan white envelopes

31 HSA Claims Process 1 2 3 4 5 6 Visit your Dr. Dr. sends bill to Medica
Medica processes claim: Explanation of Benefits (EOB) sent to you & Dr. You receive the bill from your Dr. You pay your Dr. Applies discount

32 2013 Cost Comparison Example
Carol (Employee Only) Value 750 HSA Comments Annual premium 924.00 732.00 Office Visits 120.00 420.00 $40 copay 750 100% HDHP Annual Exam $200) $0 Preventive covered Lab Tests Prescription Drugs-Generic $25) 50.00 125.00 $10 for 750 100% for HDHP Total paid out of pocket 170.00 545.00 Total applied toward deductible 0.00 Annual out of pocket cost 1,094.00 1,277.00 Paid + Premium HBF HSA Contribution NA Annual out of pocket (if using HSA) 777.00


34 Medica Value Story MEMBER ID CARD

35 Member ID Card - Medica Choice® Passport
Your name and covered dependents Your copayment amounts Important phone numbers Secure ID number Show your Medica ID card at Doctor & Pharmacy after January 1, 2013 Your individual identification number Your employer’s identification number


37 Reviewing Your Pharmacy Benefits
Medica Value Story Reviewing Your Pharmacy Benefits Find out if your medications are covered: Tier 1 $ $ $ $ $ Least expensive Brand-name equivalent Tier 2 $ $ $ $ $ Generally more expensive Not all brand-name drugs have generic equivalents Tier 3 $ $ $ $ $ Generally most expensive Other equivalent and less expensive drugs are available

38 Mail Order Prescriptions
Save time & money! Rx delivered to your home Up to three-month supply (ask your doctor if a 93-day prescription is appropriate)

39 Choice90Rx Retail Pharmacy Program
Convenient, saves time Up to 3-month supply You pay 3 copays for a 3-month supply Ask your doctor if a 93-day Rx is appropriate You choose how to order From participating retail pharmacies Online ordering is available from many pharmacies

40 Specialty Pharmacy Program
Specialty medications: Defined as self-injectable, oral, high-tech or high cost For treatment of diseases requiring complex therapies May require special handling Most often prescribed by specialists Specialty drug vendors: Walgreens Specialty Pharmacy Fairview Specialty Pharmacy


42 Health & Wellness Coaching
It’s like a coach without the whistle One-to-one or group support for chronic conditions, physical challenges and mental issues, such as: High blood pressure Diabetes Cholesterol Low back pain Obesity Diet & exercise Depression Stress Anxiety Call to get started Topics limited only by the goals you establish!

43 Tobacco Cessation Program
Health & Wellness Tobacco Cessation Program Enroll in the program to receive: Up to five sessions with a quit-coach A personalized quit plan and self-help materials Information about medications that can help you quit Free 8-week supply of nicotine replacement therapy (gum, patches, lozenges), if medically appropriate Online tools and support 24/7 Call when you are ready to quit

44 Healthy Pregnancy Program
Health & Wellness Healthy Pregnancy Program Get off to a good start Medica’s Healthy Pregnancy program can help you: Take care of yourself during pregnancy Adjust during your baby’s first six weeks of life Learn more about the text4baby program Call to sign up

45 24-Hour Nurse Line Your nurse is one call away
Health & Wellness 24-Hour Nurse Line Your nurse is one call away Immediate support for your health concerns Help in making decisions about your health Available 24-7 Call to access a registered nurse Chat live with a nurse online at

46 Employee Assistance Program (EAP)
Help with life’s hurdles Start with one easy call to the Medica EAP (available 24/7) Whatever your concern: Find a new day care for your child Manage credit card debt Research addiction support options Look for a family counselor Deal with grief Call Tailored support when you need it – free and easy

47 Medica Value Story Customer Service Medica is There to Help Medica’s Open Enrollment Website for H.B. Fuller Medica Customer Service Monday - Friday, 8 a.m. - 6 p.m. Central Time (Closed Wednesdays, 8 a.m. - 9 a.m.) Medica by visiting Call Medica at: or TTY for hearing impaired: or

48 Helpful Resources found on

49 DO THE MATH Resources to help you compare plan offerings
Medica Value Story DO THE MATH Resources to help you compare plan offerings

50 Coverage Advisor Helps you consider the financial impact of your plan
Takes about 10 minutes to complete Provides cost estimates based on info you submit Offers a plan-comparison tool


52 Find a Network Physician or Facility
Search by provider name, specialty, address, etc. Find out if doctor is board certified and accepting patients Get driving directions

53 Medica Premium Designation Program
Look for doctors with stars after their names when searching for a doctor using Medica’s search tool  Quality care  Quality + cost-efficient care Premium Designation physicians: Have lower surgery repeat rates Follow nationally recognized guidelines for care More likely to be aware of the latest research and clinical trials

54 What is Continuity of Care?
A request to continue ongoing medical care with a provider that is not part of your network (at the highest benefit level) because the member is engaged in a current course of treatment. Medica requests medical records and supporting documentation Each request is reviewed on a case-by-case basis Coverage may be granted at the highest benefit level up to 120 days Forms are available at today’s meeting or call Medica Customer Service at


56 You’re in control Find out what’s covered by your plan
Track your claims Check to see if your doctor is in your network See which drugs are covered Order ID cards View account balances


58 Pharmacy Resources: Price a Medication


60 Benefit Plan Basics Teladoc is: Teladoc is not:
A phone and/or video resource to help resolve routine but urgent medical issues (ear infections, pink eye, etc.) A national network of board certified doctors available 24/7 Available to all participants in the H.B. Fuller medical plan A cost effective and efficient alternative to the ER or Urgent Care No cost to you as long as you complete your health profile in advance Teladoc is not: A replacement for your primary care physician Look for more information in the Fall 2012 newsletter

61 Benefit Plan Basics Dental Plan Coverage Service Deductible
Coinsurance Plan Maximum Preventive $0 None* Maintenance, Restorative, Oral Surgery $25 Employee $50 Employee You pay 20% AD $1,000 annual per covered person Orthodontia Included $1,500 lifetime per covered person *Preventive care does not count toward your $1,000 annual maximum

62 Dental Plan Networks Delta Dental Networks Other Dental PPO Carriers
Delta Dental PPO 80,000 Delta Dental Premier 139,000 Non-participating 21,000 Significant discounts Negotiated discounts No discounts Other Dental PPO Carriers PPO Networks 50,000-80,000 Non-Participating 80,000+ Discounts No discounts

63 IRS requires you to forfeit any unused FSA money each year
Benefit Plan Basics Flexible Spending Accounts Health Care Flexible Spending Account Pay for eligible medical, dental and vision expenses, plus some OTC IRS Maximum for 2013 is $2,500 Limited Health Care FSA for High Deductible Plan participants Pay for eligible dental and vision expenses, plus some OTC Dependent Care Flexible Spending Account Pay for dependent care expenses that enable you to work outside the home – NOT for dependent medical expenses IRS Maximum for 2013 is $5,000 (same as 2012) “Use it or lose it” IRS requires you to forfeit any unused FSA money each year

64 Benefit Plan Basics Other Benefit Options Supplemental Life Insurance
Employee - up to 4 times eligible earnings Spouse – up to 50% of employee amount or $500K, whichever is less Child - $5,000 or $10,000 Supplemental AD&D Insurance Employee - up to $500,000 Spouse - up to $250,000 Child – 10% of employee coverage with maximum $25,000 Vision Service Plan (VSP) ARAG Legal Plan Long-Term Disability You pay premium; however, the Company will reimburse you for the premium amount

65 Annual Enrollment Process
Annual Enrollment begins October 23 and ends November 6, 2012 Go online at (24/7 access) OR Call Benefits Connection at (hours are 8:00 to 6:00 Monday-Friday CT)

66 Annual Enrollment Process
Who is Benefits Connection? Our resource for benefits eligibility and enrollment First source of information for benefit plan questions, except: Medica handles medical claims, precertification, Delta Dental handles dental claims questions Online access to your benefits information – current coverage, covered dependents, life insurance/AD&D beneficiaries Links to various other benefits resources and information Enrollment Guides, newsletters, OE presentations Summary Plan Descriptions and required disclosures

67 Annual Enrollment Process
Verify Your Enrollment Choices Make sure that your enrollment is correct. To do so: Print a copy of your enrollment elections at the end of your online session Review your confirmation statement carefully Call Benefits Connection immediately, if you need to make corrections. No benefit changes until next Open Enrollment period, unless you have a qualifying Life Event Change (such as getting married, having a child, etc.)

68 Retirement Benefits

69 Retirement Benefits (Former Forbo)
H.B Fuller’s retirement program includes two components: 401(k) feature 100% company match on the first 4% you contribute each year Immediate vesting in company match Variety of investment funds to meet your retirement planning strategy Defined Contribution Retirement feature H.B. Fuller contribution of a flat 3% of pay for all eligible employees Vesting in company contribution after 3 years Same investment fund options as 401(k) feature Both components administered by JP Morgan During the transition, you will have an opportunity to choose new investment funds through JP Morgan. More information to come Assets from the former Forbo plans will automatically roll over to the J.P. Morgan accounts.

70 Thank You! Questions?

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