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NYSF D9650 brought to you by NYSFers 2013-14 & D9650 NYSF Chair Beth Fuller.

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1 NYSF D9650 brought to you by NYSFers & D9650 NYSF Chair Beth Fuller

2 About NYSF – the national approach  A science exposure for Year 11 students  Strong partnership with universities and industry Key dates for 2014:  Nominations open April-May.. Check on the D9650 Rotary website  Selections for District in July/August  Orientation (virtual) in October  NYSF – January 2015

3 Getting information on NYSF  D9650 NYSF Chair:Beth Fuller  NYSF website  D9650 website  D9650 NYSF Facebook page


5 adventures and experiences Highlights from the NYSF Chair:  Involved more schools  support from Clubs  travel for students/families: spread selections across 2 locations  great orientation session, with location at UNE

6 Get involved….  At club level: provide names of potential NYSFers to New Gen Director Assist with promotion to local schools (contact D9650 NYSF Chair) Stay in touch with your NYSFers, as they continue with their journey … they are magnificent young people (editor)  At district level: Join the NYSF Advisory group Come along to the selection interviews with your students ‘like’ the D9650 NYSF Facebook page

7 Tips to help recruit & sponsor the ‘right’ student Extract from the D9650 NYSF tip sheet:  Interested in a science career  Skills across school subjects  Good communicator The tip sheet is circulated at PETS each year, and available from D9650 Chair NYSF – send to request


9 International Science Summer School in Heidelberg (ISSSH) Some Basic Details: -27 students from across the world get selected -3 students were selected to represent Australia -Hosted by the city of Heidelberg -Involves 4 weeks of research at some of the most world renowned scientific research institutes -Involves tours and workshops of several world renowned scientific institutions

10  Thanks for your support to NYSF  And thanks for listening  Over to you for questions And final comments from us:

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