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+ Eastern Illinois Writing Project Opportunities for Teachers across Grade Levels and Disciplines.

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1 + Eastern Illinois Writing Project Opportunities for Teachers across Grade Levels and Disciplines

2 + Summer Institute 2013

3 + Summer Institute Application June 10 and M-R, June 17 – July 11, 3 rd Floor Coleman, EIU To Apply for admission to the 2013 Summer Institute: Please send a letter that tells us all about yourself to the address below or on our website ( Tell us your teaching level and discipline as well as years of experience. Address your role as an active classroom teacher. Talk a little about your writing experiences. Tell us why you would enjoy participating in a Summer Institute.

4 + Daily/Weekly Activities * Participating in writing activities for personal and professional growth * Sharing teaching ideas * Diving into reading and research * Joining small and large group discussions * Participating in coaching sessions with directors and teaching consultants * Collaborating on writing projects * Building a community of learners and professionals

5 + Benefits for Teachers 6 hours of graduate tuition waived (fees not included) $500.00 Stipend for SI and continued growth as a teacher leader Becoming part of a professional community of teachers

6 + Teachers Teaching Teachers!

7 + Speakers Center: More Teachers Teaching Teachers! Eastern Illinois Writing Project’s diverse teachers provide a wonderful resource for the local area. These talented and energetic individuals are capable of speaking to a wide variety of topics and interests. The Speakers Center is designed to help you select and request the presenter that is right for your organization and presentation.

8 + Suzanne Fuller Business educator Sue Fuller provides a hands-on, pencils- out demonstration on writing to learn. Writing to learn is a quick and easy way to improve student engagement and learning in any classroom. It also helps the teacher meet Common Core writing standards - all without burdening the teacher with more to grade. She is presenting to the Teutopolis District Teachers on February 6.

9 + Suzanne Fuller

10 + Amber Laquet Middle and high school special education teacher Amber Laquet offers hands-on approaches to integrating writer's workshop and creative writing club in your school and/or classroom. She is implementing a school improvement conference focused on writing across the curriculum for the Tuscola High School and East Prairie Junior High Students.

11 + Amber Laquet

12 + Spring Workshop Series Creative Teaching That Meets the Standards: Integrating Reading and Writing Throughout the Curriculum Monday, February 25, 2013 Monday, March 25, 2013 Monday, April 22, 2013 Monday, May 13, 2013 Sullivan High School

13 + Monday, February 25, 2013 Reading Between the Lines: Helping Students Move Beyond Literal Comprehension Linda Reven & Denise Reid Linda and Denise will explore ways to capitalize on the receptive language arts (listening, viewing, reading) to foster deeper comprehension. Participants will try out strategies that use the expressive language arts (speaking, writing, visually representing) to help students demonstrate comprehension of complex texts.

14 + Monday, March 25, 2013 Assessment of Student Writing Samples Using CCSS Tammy Bridges According to Illinois’ new Common Core State Standards (CCSS), educators in every discipline at every grade level must assess the reading and writing that arises from students’ projects. Tammy will demonstrate ways to assess student writing samples using a CCSS rubric.

15 + Monday, April 22, 2013 Prompting Students to Consider Alternative Viewpoints Kristin Runyon Seeing alternative points of view is an important life skill. To create assignments that develop this skill in relation to content knowledge, teachers may connect topics to other content areas or news events. Kristin will develop sample writing prompts from fiction and nonfiction.

16 + Monday, May 13, 2013 Working Session: Developing Cross- Curricular Projects Facilitator: Josh Robson

17 + Registration Participants will receive CPDUs (two per session, six per semester). For more information, contact Denise Reid Audrey Edwards Robin Murray

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