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1 Organization & Relationship Systems Name of Presenter | Date

2 “We are created, not for isolation, but for relationships. At heart, we are not a thousand points of separate light, but rather, part of a larger brightness. Within organizations, caring and committed relationships are not a luxury…they are a necessity.” ~D. Johnson and F. Johnson

3 CRR Global, Inc. Founded in 1995 – Headquartered in Benicia, CA (north of San Francisco) – Offices and partners in 23 countries – Certified ORSC coaches in 30 countries Founded by – Marita Fridjhon ORSCC, MSW, PCC, CPCC CEO with 25 years in psychology, counseling, coaching & consulting – Faith Fuller ORSCC, PhD, PCC, CPCC President with 25 years in psychology, counseling, coaching & consulting. ICF accredited coach training school Corporate coaching and business consulting

4 Our Clients Coaches Trainers Consultants Therapists Counselors Mediators Social Workers Teachers Nurses HR and OD Professionals Managers and Executives

5 What is ORSC? Integrated and robust coaching model Based on Relationship Systems Intelligence Operating system for client engagements ICF accredited coach training program

6 What is a relationship system? An interdependent group of people with a common identity or function.

7 Relationship Systems Intelligence Emotional intelligence = relationship with self Social intelligence = relationship with other Relationship systems intelligence = reinterpretation of self through interactions with the group, team or system.

8 Relationship Systems Coaching Creates conscious, intentional relationships. The relationship system is the client, not the individuals within the team. Requires a paradigm shift from what an individual or team is doing to what the is trying to happen for the system. Applies to the micro and the macro from couples to international relationships.

9 “I have been coaching and consulting with organizations for over 25 years; CRR Global has the most practical, impactful and accessible models and tools I have ever experienced.” ~William Adams, CEO & Director Full Circle Group

10 Fundamentals of Relationship Systems 2-Day Course Receive hands-on training in the use of relationship systems approach – Coaching the Third Entity – Designing Partnership Alliances – Developing Alignment Skills – Constellating the System – Crafting a Relationship Myth Use scenarios and live practice to hone skills – Promoting positivity – Increasing emotional intelligence – Resolving conflict – Uncovering potential inherent in relationships

11 The Third Entity™ Comprised of the collective intelligence, experience and beliefs, The Third Entity™ exists because of the individuals in a relationship system, whether a work team, family or couple. John Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Harrison and Ringo Starr were individuals. The Beatles is their Third Entity™. The voice of the Relationship System.

12 Guided Exercise – Third Entity SelfOther Third Entity™

13 Guided Exercise - Strings

14 Guided Exercise – Lands Work Lands Work My Land Your Land Our Land

15 Guided Exercise - Constellations

16 The Cornerstones of the ORSC Model The Relationship System is the Client. The Relationship System is inherently generative, resourceful and whole. Coach the entire Relationship System. Reveal the Relationship System to itself.

17 ORSC Curriculum Fundamentals 2-Day Course 12 CCEUs Intelligence 3-Day Course 18 CCEUs Geography 3-Day Course 18 CCEUs Path 3-Day Course 18 CCEUs Systems Integration 3-Day Course 18 CCEUs Certification 8-Month Program 99.5 CCEUs

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