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OnTRACK with Project Share. What is OnTRACK

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1 OnTRACK with Project Share

2 What is OnTRACK

3 What is OnTRACK? Focus of the OnTRACK project (funded by Texas Education Agency) Student preparedness for ◦ STAAR™ End-of-Course assessments ◦ STAAR™ Middle School assessments ◦ College and Career Readiness

4 About OnTRACK Nearly 600 lessons have been developed Materials are available in Project Share Additional resources are will be made available as they are developed.

5 About OnTRACK OnTRACK materials for high school are organized into eight courses Algebra I Algebra II Geometry Biology Chemistry Physics World History World Geography Currently Available

6 About OnTRACK U.S. History English I English II English III Coming Soon! (under development) An additional four high school OnTRACK courses will be available soon.

7 About OnTRACK OnTRACK materials for middle school will be organized by grade level. Each course will include dozens of lessons that align with the STAAR™ requirements. (to be developed) Beginning with … Grade 8 Mathematics, Science ELAR Social Studies Followed by… Grade 7 Mathematics Science ELAR Social Studies

8 About OnTRACK Each lesson includes Content written by Texas classroom teachers Interactive learning opportunities Assessments with meaningful feedback for students Additional resources

9 Requesting an OnTRACK Course To begin using OnTRACK with your students, you need to email Ricky Gode and request a course. 1.If you teach one of the available course areas, you may either request one course for all of your students, or separate courses for each of your course periods. 2. Your course(s) will have your name in the title and you will be listed as the course instructor 3. Please do not have your students join the EM-S ISD sample course.

10 Uses for OnTrack Courses Direct Teach Examples (Projected) Additional Practice Assignments Acceleration and Intervention Grade Recovery Work Blended with Classroom Instruction Flipped Classroom Please remember: OnTRACK Courses are NOT for Credit – They are supplementary resources

11 Student Resources Before allowing students to use Project Share, please share the resource, A Student User’s Guide to Project Share. It contains information regarding netiquette, cyber-bullying, privacy and usage guidelines. This resource may be found by going to Students should also view the student videos found on the above site before joining a course.

12 EM-S ISD Acceptable Use Policy Teachers and students must adhere to the Eagle Mountain-Saginaw Acceptable Use Policy when using electronic media or technology equipment, including Project Share OnTRACK. A link to this policy is available on the EM-S ISD Project Share website,

13 For Additional Support Once you have your own course, please click the Help FAQ link in your Project Share portal if you have questions. If you need additional help, please contact Ricky Gode - or Mary Fuller –

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