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Arbonne Healthy Happy Hour Party

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1 Arbonne Healthy Happy Hour Party
Thank the hostess Our hostess program is second to none. Average show $500. That hostess then receives $300 for $50, 2 half-price items AND free shipping increases with sales. Guests Also Get a Killer Deal that I’ll share.

2 Arbonne Healthy Happy Hour Party
A little About Me… My name is I am married…___________... __________ My First Exposure to Arbonne was… Why I do Arbonne (short) Show Catalog Various Consultants Why’s

3 Arbonne Healthy Happy Hour Party
Goal for this Party Provide you with tips & products to help you look and feel your best (Display Digestive Plus, Fiber Boost, Protein Powder, 7-Day Cleanse,Vitamin Spray, etc.) Whether you want to boost immune system, increase energy, lose weight detox, our products and 30 Days to Fit Program will offer you “Health”

4 Arbonne awareness Ask yourself this question “If you could change one thing about your health what would it be?” A smoother digestive tract, a fuller and more satisfying breakfast, better snack options, weight loss? With that question in mind, who has never heard of Arbonne until today? (Show of hands) 34 year old health and wellness company whose product philosophy is pure, safe and beneficial. ONLY 1% of Brand Awareness, so needless to say, this a “Google” opportunity.

5 The arbonne experience
Arbonne nutrition and weight loss products are formulated without: Artificial colors Artificial flavors Artificial sweeteners Non-GMO No Soy Lecithin No Cholesterol Saturated fats Trans fats Vegan Formulated without Gluten Non Dairy

6 Arbonne Essentials So… let me introduce you to some of these great products t We are going to start off with the: A. Protein Shake – Pass around shakes and/or smoothies. We are going to first going to try our ready made Vanilla shakes and Chocolate shake. Our protein shakes and powders are made from brown rice, cranberries, yellow peas. A hypoallergenic vegan shake with a complete amino acid profile. It contains 20 digestive grams of vegan protein. You can add fruits and veggies into the powdered shake. Coconut Milk, Kale and Green Apple, etc. Pass around vanilla berry smoothie. This shake is made from 9 oz Coconut milk, 1 cup of spinach, ½ cup of frozen mixed fruit and our vanilla protein powder. I also added a scoop of our FIBER BOOST. There are 12 grams of fiber in one scoop. Most store brands only have 3. Be sure to start with a quarter scoop and work up to the full scoop!!! This is a tasteless fiber regularity supplement that helps keep you fuller longer and it also contains nearly half the recommended daily value of fiber, IN ONE SCOOP!!!!

7 Arbonne tasting Starting your day with a Protein Shake helps to curb cravings throughout the day, balance blood sugar levels and increase energy. The majority of people today are falling into low blood sugar or blood sugar imbalance Shakes comes in Powder or Ready to Drink, Choc./Vanilla Another great way to start off your day right is by incorporating your daily regimen with: Omega 3 Plus. Our body does not make omega 3 fats. These pills increase general wellness, mental acuity, eye health and memory function. Plus no fishy aftertaste, our pills are made with natural plant oils. Vitamin Spray – 1 in 7 People are Deficient in Vitamin D and B12 As a society sunscreen reduces our D exposure and we eat less meat for a healthier lifestyle which reduces B12. Stress also depletes B12. Particularly great for vegetarians. A second daily essential is our Digestion Plus Digestion Plus carries: Prebiotics, Probiotics and Enzymes – 70% of your immune system is in your gut. Gut is called “second brain” 80% of all serotonin (feel good chemical) in your body comes from the gut. When your gut is unhappy so are YOU! Display little packets.

8 Arbonne tasting Need a pick me up? Here are 3 other great daily additives: 1. Fizz Sticks – A variety of herbs and vitamins to enhance energy, control appetite and enhance mood, it also supports hormone balance. If you’re tired and wired or wired and need fizz sticks! Pass around Pomegranate mix. 2. Nutritional Bars – These bars help to boost energy, and satisfy your hunger. 9 grams of protein, and only a 170 calories. Chocolate or Fruit. Pass around bite sized samples. 3. A third great product is our fit chew. (You can take one of these with you today when you leave.) 3 great flavors. Lemon, Caramel and Chocolate. Helps control cravings Helps control appetite Helps increase energy Adaptogenic blend supports good health –which dually decreases cellular sensitivity to stress and increases the bodies resistance to fight stresses.

9 Decreasing stress Speaking of stress, did you know that stress causes a build up of toxins in our bodies? Everyone in America is suffering from the SAD diet ... the Standard American Diet ... processed foods, packaged foods, chemical preservatives, added hormones and antibiotics. We have a HEALTHY LIVING PLAN (hold up plan document, if you want a copy let me know) This is a 30 day detoxification plan through nutrition and is an elimination diet to find out what foods you may be allergic to. This is a level two detox. Pass Cheat Sheet This gives your filtering organs (liver, kidneys, lungs and your blood) a rest from toxins, like refined sugar, artificial flavors, gluten, dairy and soy by replacing them with healthy alternatives which we are going to taste. We have specific instructions to follow so be sure to get those from your consultant.

10 Detoxifying the body 1. If you are not interested in a eliminating toxins for better health, we have a great 7-Day Body Cleanse – Total body cleanse, reset your body, detoxify, no fasting required, it assists to gently remove toxins. Great way to prepare the body for a new weight management regimen. 2. To help boost that cleansing, we have an Herbal Detox Tea. Detox tea is a level one detox. You can have up to 5 cups of tea per day and it’s great hot or cold. Fiber Boost mixes well with it. Pass around tea. I have mixed this with a little lemon and honey. Tizzy - tea is caffeine free but for a kick add fizz great way to replace coffee. Hydrates to boost cleansing Hydration supports kidney and liver function for detoxification ( Fit Essentials Product Brochure, while you are trying these products, browse the brochure for the full line.)

11 Arbonne Opportunity – Finishing up
I realize that more people lose sleep over unpaid bills than wrinkles or indigestion. This might not be a fit for you but you probably know someone that would love the time and financial freedom Arbonne offers. Slow Down At This Point Average Income 1. District Manager $200-$1000 a month (Avg. 1-3 months) 2. Area Manager - $1,000-$4000 a month (Avg. 6 months) 3. Regional Vice President (Mercedes) $ a month 4. National Vice President – No Territory Limits – No Income Cap, Avg. NVP makes $20,000 per month - Consultants Stories in Catalog

12 Skin care and cosmetics
Feel Your BEST ~ Look Your Best Arbonne Skin Care Free of Toxins, Mineral Oil, and many other harmful ingredients. I’d love to introduce you to our healthy skin care, Personal Ultimate Facials for you and a friend Anti-Aging Spa Party Five Day Trial Maybe give Ultimate Facial Gift Certificate or a Sample to most interested guest. Gift your hostess with a sample or facial before HL Party, testimony! Baby Products, Acne Line, CALM, Anti-Aging Also a Full Cosmetic Line free of harmful chemicals

13 Four Ways To Work With Arbonne
Client Preferred Client – Join for $20 Get a 20% Discount for a Year - Killer Deal – Ultimate Value Pack $325 for $200 plus a free gift Hostess - Treat Your Friends to an Arbonne Anti- Aging Spa Party, Ultimate Facial or Healthy Happy Hour enjoy the 50% and 80% Host Rewards Consultant – Join my team! Save on your product cost and earn Extra Income, tax benefits and more! I’d love to help you individually. Browse, and come see me at checkout area. Be sure to bring your Client Profile sheet along for your personal consultation. I’ll help you select products to address your concerns and fit your budget. 45 Day Money Back Guarantee

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