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Geodesic Dome Structures

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1 Geodesic Dome Structures
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2 What’s a Dome? Domes are curved structures
They protect something inside them They can be made in one piece like a shell They can also be made from triangles and are then called Geodesic (Jee-O-Dess-ikk) domes

3 Shell Domes occur naturally
Who invented them? Shell Domes occur naturally Their shape gives them strength and many creatures from tortoises to sea urchins use dome shapes for their protection

4 Manufactured Domes Buckminster Fuller, an American Engineer, invented the geodesic dome in the 1950’s Geodesic domes are made from separate pieces of ‘material’ arranged in triangles, pentagons and hexagons The position of the shapes and their sizes is critical and needs Maths to work it out Geodesic Domes are the strongest lightweight structures you can make

5 This is an example of a Geodesic dome

6 How a Dome is made Pieces of stiff material are joined at the corners to make stable triangle shapes

7 Here a simple dome is made up of two different length materials

8 Geometric Shapes in the dome
Hexagonal shape Pentagonal shape

9 Real Life Domes Exhibition Displays Eden Project Science Building
                                                                               Science Building Greenhouse

10 Building big domes

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