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Local Literature A quick look at a few of Inland Northwest’s authors Frank Peretti Patrick McManus Chris Crutcher Marty Becker Marianne Love Mark Fuhrman.

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1 Local Literature A quick look at a few of Inland Northwest’s authors Frank Peretti Patrick McManus Chris Crutcher Marty Becker Marianne Love Mark Fuhrman Doris and Natalie Fuller Sandy Compton Pete Fromm Jack Nisbet prepared by Pam Webb 2004

2 Frank Peretti

3 more than nine million novels in print a natural storyteller who, as a youngster in Seattle, regularly gathered the neighborhood children for animated storytelling sessions. Studied English and film at UCLA

4 Frank Peretti Helped father in pastoring a small church In 1983, he gave up pastoring and while working at a ski factory, began writing This Present Darkness, the book that was to catapult him into the public eye

5 Frank Peretti This Present Darkness Piercing the Darkness (together have sold more than 3.5 million) The Oath sold more than half a million copies within the first six months, awarded the 1996 Gold Medallion Award for best fiction The Visitation (1999) has been on the CBA Fiction Bestseller list since its debut.

6 Frank Peretti According to Time Magazine, Frank Peretti is nothing short of a publishing phenomenon, dubbing him "the king of the Christian Fiction genre." Peretti has captured his share of the adult reading segment with hit sellers such as This Present Darkness, Piercing the Darkness, The Oath, The Prophet, and will release his new novel Monster in 2005 His talents span the ages from his bible story video series for the young moving on to his Cooper Kids books for middle schoolers to Hangman's Curse, the first book in The Veritas Project series, released in 2001

7 Frank Peretti more on Hangman’s Curse The first in a teen thriller fiction series, Hangman's Curse explores the devastating effect of revenge, hatred and ridicule on teens at Rogers High The movie was filmed on location in Spokane Peretti played a cameo role as Algernon Wheeling, the eccentric professor

8 Frank Peretti Peretti and his wife live in the Inland Northwest area Peretti is an accomplished banjo player and has appeared at the Panida with his band


10 Patrick McManus born in an old farmhouse three miles north of Sandpoint, Idaho, August 25, 1933 although the farm raised mostly stumps and a few weeds, MacManus considered it to be a wonderful place for a boy to grow up

11 Patrick McManus mother was a country schoolteacher, who taught all eight grades in little one-room schools his mother as his teacher flunked McManus for too many absences when his father died when McManus was six he and his mother and sister moved back to the farm and his mom taught math at the junior high school in Sandpoint McManus admits to being only a mediocre student in high school spent his summers on the dams that were being built on the Clark Fork River

12 Patrick McManus “I drove trucks, serviced heavy equipment, assisted drillers, ran a jack hammer, and one year worked as a highscaler, a job which consisted of dangling from a rope over a steep cliff and clearing away loose rock. I loved it. Then one of the other highscalers got killed when rock fell on him, and I decided I didn't love highscaling anymore. I started thinking very seriously about going to college.”

13 Patrick McManus Attended Washington State College (now Washington State University) every week McManus had to write an essay for his Freshman English Comp teacher his first essays came back with F's Became interested in writing as he spent more time writing essays

14 Patrick McManus “This diligence paid off with a major breakthrough: I received a D! Then came a C, a B, an A, several A's and finally, on my last essay, an A-plus! There was also a note from the professor that he had recommended me for honors English the next semester. I was on my way to becoming a writer.”

15 Patrick McManus

16 an avid outdoors man, McManus writes books, and contributes to Outdoor Life

17 Patrick McManus "...laugh-packed shows reminiscent of Mark Twain and Bill Cosby"!

18 Patrick McManus Patrick McManus’s stories have been brought to life through the one man show of Tim Behrens who says he has at least 10 hours of McManus material in his head at any given time. Tim Behrens has over 400 shows to his name, and Sandpoint High School had the opportunity to see him perform in December of 2004 in the high school auditorium to a sold out audience. Tim commented how the SHS audience was one of the best ever high school audiences.

19 Chris Crutcher

20 born in Cascade Idaho earned a B.A. degree in sociology and psychology from EWU a distance runner and swimmer; athletics appear throughout his works taught in an alternative school in California, returned to Spokane, Washington, where he worked as a child and family therapist he is now a full time writer who works with the Child Protection Team in Spokane Crutcher has never married and lives alone.

21 Chris Crutcher his works are considered controversial by many… AHS library takes book off shelves Committee to review Athletic Shorts Is ATHLETIC SHORTS "racist?“ Middle school challenge based on two pages out of context. ATHLETIC SHORTS CHALLENGED IN TEXAS WHALE TALK CHALLENGED IN MISSOURI, 2002

22 Chris Crutcher

23 A popular columnist and public speaker, Crutcher lectures at universities, conferences, libraries, schools and bookstores across the United States, roughly 30 to 40 times a year to standing-room- only audiences. His home base is in Spokane, Washington

24 Chris Crutcher AWARDS AND HONORS Ironman Quick Picks for Reluctant Young Adult Readers 1996, (ALA) Best Books for Young Adults 1996 (ALA) Staying Fat for Sarah Brynes Best Books for Young Adults Best Book of the Year. (School Library Journal) Athletic Shorts Best Books for Young Adult Readers 1992 (ALA) Best of the Best in Young Adult Literature (School Library Journal) Chinese Handcuffs Best Books for Young Adult Readers 1990. (ALA) Crazy Horse Electric Game Best Books for Young Adult Readers 1987. (ALA)

25 Chris Crutcher Stotan! Best Books for Young Adult Readers 1986. (ALA) Best of the Best in Young Adult Literature (School Library Journal) Running Loose Best Books for Young Adult Readers 1983. (ALA) The Deep End Best Book for Young Adult Readers (ALA)

26 Jack Nisbet grew up in N.Carolina graduated from Stanford University moved to Washington in 1971 has taught creative writing and natural history in public schools, colleges, and elderhostel programs in several states lives in Spokane with wife and children

27 Jack Nisbet Sources of the River (won Murray Morgan History prize) Singing Grass, Burning Sage (silver medal winner in Foreword Magazine book awards) Visible Bones: Journeys Across Time in Columbia River Country

28 Jack Nisbet DownRiver! A musical about David Thompson premiered in Newport, WA in July of 2004 with a CREATE grant

29 Marty Becker "Taken together, the evidence is overwhelming: Pets are good for our hearts, bodies and souls..."

30 Marty Becker Veterinarian resident of Bonner’s Ferry popular veterinary contributor to ABC-TV’s, Good Morning America also appears in segments for Walt Disney Television’s series Petsburgh contributing editor for Dog Fancy and Cat Fancy weekly newspaper column “The Bond” has estimated readership of over 15 million readedrs Chief Veterinary Correspondent for with “Pet- Pourri column frequent guest on many national network and cable TV and radio shows.

31 Marty Becker

32 Marty becker He believes in how pets can make and keep people happy and in the strength of the human/animal bond to human health.

33 Marty becker Besides his passion for pets, Dr. Becker devotes his life to his family: Teresa, his wife, daughter Mikkel, and son Lex, along with their “other kids”: · A registered wire ‑ haired fox terrier, Scooter · A rescued Labrador retriever, Sirloin · A real Heinz 57, Lucky Boo · Three cats: Tommy, Colby and Krissi · Five quarter horses: Chex, Gabriel, Glo Lopin, Pegasus and Sugar Babe

34 Marianne Love

35 Former SHS teacher Lifelong Sandpoint resident Sister of the Tibbs sisters (SHS & Farmin/Stidwell) Book author Sandpoint Magazine columnist

36 Marianne Love Ever seen a pocket girdle? Ever received a postcard from Potato(e) Land?

37 Marianne Love Sandpoint Magazine columnist Recently interviewed Viggo Mortensen

38 Sandy Compton Writes the column “The Scenic Route” for The River Journal Wrote the script for the Sandpoint movie Author of Jason’s Passage under pen name of M. R. Compton

39 Mark Fuhrman born 1952 known as the LAPD detective who found the bloody glove that linked OJ Simpson to the murder of Simpson’s ex- wife Nicole Brown during the trial Fuhrman accused of using a racist remark, which he denied later pled no contest to perjury charge and was sentenced to probation and fined $200.

40 Mark Fuhrman relocated to Sandpoint after trial settled into North Idaho life author of several crime investigative books Spokane radio show host

41 Mark Fuhrman Spokane radio show host visited Ms Daniels class to discuss investigative journalism

42 Mark Fuhrman

43 Doris and Natalie Fuller

44 Natalie Fuller 2003 SHS graduate started writing Promise…Freak Out when she was sixteen presently attending college, and would like to be a psychobiologist and work with animals Natalie’s senior picture

45 Natalie Fuller Growing up, her bedroom was next to her mom’s office, and she would fall asleep every night to the sound of her mother’s fingers typing at the keyboard. She thinks that’s why she still finds writing comforting and putting her thoughts onto paper natural.

46 Doris Fuller became a full-time writer in her mid-twenties and wrote for The Los Angeles Times left full-time journalism when her son Greg was a toddler to write from home has written for numerous magazine and professional journals, co- authored The Woman’s Guide to a Simpler Life (Harmony, 1996), and is expecting a book to be published in early 2006 by G.P. Putnam & Sons Lives in Sandpoint, and is married to Ken Sanger, has two cats, and both children are now out of the house Doris’s senior picture

47 Greg Fuller Contributed the big brother perspective to book Like his mom and sister Greg also likes to write currently a TEFL teacher (English as a foreign language), and has traveled and taught all over the world Greg’s senior picture

48 Pete Fromm

49 Raised in Wisconsin Enrolled at University of Montana after high school Took a creative writing course in order to get minimum credits to graduate Took winter off to guard salmon eggs and wrote Indian Creek Chronicles out of experience Worked for National Parks Service at Grand Teton and Big Bend National Parks Used wildlife biology degree to write about outdoors 1990 began writing full time lives in Great Falls, Montana with wife and two sons

50 Pete Fromm Four time winner of Pacific Northwest Association Book Award

51 Author websites www.

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