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Pilgrims, Established Church, Mayflower Compact, Squanto

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1 Pilgrims, Established Church, Mayflower Compact, Squanto
The Plymouth Colony Pilgrims, Established Church, Mayflower Compact, Squanto

2 The Plymouth Colony Founders of this colony will eventually become known to history as the Pilgrims (anyone who makes a long journey for religions reasons) What are some examples of people who could be considered Pilgrims?

3 Religion in Europe European rulers believed they needed to support an established religion in order to reign. Established Church – chosen religion of a country In England, this was the Church of England. People who did not follow the chosen religion faced persecution. Persecution – mistreatment or punishment of certain people because of their beliefs

4 Separatists Group of people who faced persecution because they wanted to separate from the Church of England A group of separatists won a charter to set up in Virginia.

5 The Mayflower In Sept. of 1620, a group of separatists set out on a journey aboard a ship called the Mayflower. The journey was long and hard. In Nov. of 1620, the ship landed on the shore of Cape Cod, in present day Massachusetts.

6 Mayflower Compact Settlers realized they were not landing in Virginia so their charter did not apply. The Pilgrims joined together to write a framework for governing their colony – the Mayflower Compact. All agreed to sign the compact and follow the laws for the general good of the colony

7 Signing the Mayflower Compact by Moran

8 Signers of The Mayflower Compact (41)
November 11, 1620 John Carver John Howland William Brewster Edward Winslow George Soule William Bradford Isaac Allerton Samuel Fuller John Craxton Miles Standish Christopher Martin William Mullins William White Stephen Hopkins Edward Liester Richard Warren John Billington Edward Tilly John Tilly Francis Cooke Thomas Rogers Thomas Tinker John Rigdale James Chilton Edward Fuller John Turner Francis Eaton Edward Doten Moses Fletcher John Goodman Thomas Williams Digery Priest Edmond Margesson Peter Brown Richard Bitteridge Richard Clark Richard Gardiner Gilbert Winslow John Alden John Allerton Thomas English

9 Early Hardships Did not bring enough food and did not have time to build proper shelters Survived in large part due to the neighboring Wampanoag Indians Helped most by an Indian named Squanto Brought the Pilgrims seeds for corn, beans, and pumpkins and showed them how to plant the seeds In the fall the Pilgrims had a good harvest, which they called a gift from God. Each year after that they set aside a day to give thanks – Thanksgiving.

10 The Mayflower Compact When you are finished, open your textbook to page 94. What are 2 laws listed in the Mayflower Compact?

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